Monday, September 13, 2010


If u look at this pic at first, u gon think its like a group of peeps praying in the mosque. But na lie ohh. This na for person wedding ceremony gon-goh....Yoruba wedding ceremony to be precise :)
CHAI...but mehn, nothing wey person no go see for this world all this one too follow for culture ke? Well i dont have much to say, but...DAYUM is there any need for this session to take place? How man go lie down flat for ground just because im won marry person daughter?...Nna nawa ohh. me self no just understand. Anyways thankGod this kind thing was never in my agenda. But Yoruba peeps una dey try jare. Una dey carry this una respect thingy dey go another level ohh. And to all my Yoruba pals out there...if u know say u go do this kind thing for ur wedding day, then pls abeg kukuma no just invite me...cos I no won come see u dey lie flat for ground like say u dey receive punishment. This na just major F up nah.  
esp when u later find out the girl u did all this for is a mini slut :)


  1. Na so I no invite you come my wedding ooo. Something has to be done about this culture. No be small thing oooo

  2. hahahha... too funny. it's just for a min or so. I don't think it's as bad as you think.

  3. the funniest part is the "fine letter" down below...."..she's a slut".