Monday, August 30, 2010


Okay I just came across a news on the net today, talking about how an American man, Mr James Tillery (he was part of that whole Wilbros scandal bull***) who committed crime in the US from 2003 -2005 ran away to Nigeria, and ended up naturalizing in Naija.....and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH ..
Anyways he recenlty got arrested by Naija police, working together with the FBI in order to bring him back to Yankee...but reaching the airport, our immigration officials didnt agree, because some necerssary steps needed to be taken in order for him to be handed to the FBI, and taken back to Yankee...and the FBI didnt take these steps..
 Anyways in a nutshell, this is what cracked me up in this story....this was what the lawyer of the man Mr. Tayo Oyetibo (SAN) had to say:

The arrest of Tillery by the Nigeria Police on the authority of a US District Court and handing him over to the FBI is preposterous.“The officials did not show respect for the laws of Nigeria … Nigeria is not a lawless nation. Due process should be followed in the process of extraditing him.” 

lol lol...."NIGERIA IS NOT A LAWLESS NATION"    .............classic :)



"The Nigeria Police has banned checkpoints across the country following several fatal accidents caused by the checkpoints mounted by the police. The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mr. Ogbonna Onovo, who ordered that police commissioners in all the 36 states of the federation must implement the order immediately." 

OH na now wey IGP just dey wake up from sleep?.......ITS ABOUT TIME EHH
Well i guess lets all watch and see if they are for real this time...cos i know this isn't the first time such thing have been said.
 But honestly i think we still need some form of checkpoint in some kind rugged areas ohh....esp in tha Eastern region, where armed robbers full like ma :)      but this is good news tho.



(shout out to Chichi Oji for the link)
I know this happened last week but I just felt it was mad funny eh.
So the African Women in Diaspora, (OAWDN) threatened to go on a seven-day sex strike, if Jonathan does not publicly declare his interest in the 2011 election by Friday, August 27, 2010.

“We unequivocally support the presidential bid of Dr. Jonathan and call on him to declare his interest to contest the election on or before Friday 20th August 2010; failure of which will compel the women to embark on a-seven-day sex starvation and will appeal to every well meaning Nigerian woman all over the world to join with us in the journey of sex-starvation."

SEX STARVATION KE???......HA HA HA HA ...ofcourse why wouldn't  u ladies would go on a sex starvation?... See women wey don reach their menopause dey open their mouth dey talk about sex starvation. In fact what i really want to know is if they are doing it to suffer us men...or they just doing it for their personal achievement?  cos me no just understand wetin dey happen for thia ohh. (and we all know the young Naija girls no go join to do this kind fasting, since their body too dey sweet them.)
Anyways I guess they doing it probably for the later...cos if they doing if for the former, then they don fail exam be that na  cos we men would prove that we can do without u long as our friend, aunty Palmela dey around eh :)
But seriously tho, who are these women trying to deceive?....cos i sure damn know that u can hardly see any of our African parents (late 40's and up) that are still sexually active. I never even saw my parents kiss for one day self.  Lets be for real right here u know... Having sex twice in a month for them is even too much.. I wont be surprised some of these women haven't even been touched by their significant others in a long ass time ehh. So this so called one week sex starvation should be a walk in the park for majority of them :)   nothing do una jare :)



 SHOOOOO.....wetin come be all this killin n be like say this na the season wey guys their blood don dey hot. So this fugly mofo right here, uncle Emmauel, just killed his lover, aunty Paulina
Why?.....just beacuse while they were chilling together in her room which he rented for her, she received a phone call. So now my guy come dey feel say Paulina dey do some kind back yard runs. Na so arguement don start, and later aunty Paulina fell down during a scuffle, and she never got up (according to wetin im tell us ohh). He told police he didnt mean to kill her....they were just playing......LOL..which kind nonsense play come be that one self...i weedah ohh.
And mind u, this same Uncle Emma lives with his wife and his 5 children ohh....So come there's some kind of in-balance guy dey chop two bush-meat at once, but he didn't want the deceased to do the same...ha ha ....we too much ehh :)


 yeah i know u guys prob asking what this pic gats do with the news..well i just felt this was the best pic that describes our forces :)
 So a Naval rating just shot a Police man to death this weekend for Port Harcourt.
Wetin cause the fight? just ordinary woman ohh.. While the police was on duty at Saipem oil (mind u he took the chick with him), the naval guy accosted him and they had a heated argument, and before u know wetin dey hapen, my guy just bring out im gun, come tear the police boy for chest. umm...... lol.... i guess it must have been really serious for the navy guy to go find the police for im work place. And just like that, a life was lost...Una dey see wetin woman dey cause? I Still dont understand why guys be fighting or killing their fellow guys just because of a women......if she cheats on you, or if she no want u, just take am with good faith and move on to the next one. shoooooooooooooo
Anyways the navy guy and the woman were both arrested.. But Nna nawa ohh....Abeg make dem free the woman jare...afterall no be her carry gun.
Anyways, as I always say...this is what happens when illiterates and touts are being recruited into the Police and military......


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


(shout out to Hafsa for providing this pic)
You see this is what I dont understand bout all these old ass ibotic Naija men that came to Yankee during the early 80's and 90's. Firstly they want to marry a Naija girl living in Naija, then file her papers and bring her to the States. So i really wonna know whats the difference between the Naija girls already here in Yankee, and the ones living in Naija? I bet they prob feel the chicks in Naija are more reserved and their eye never tear yet...... and also you dont need to spit too much game to them.....All you need do is tell them you live in Yankee and give her some type of $1 Yankee souvenir (even if na plain  t-shirt, opener or keyholder)..then the rest is history..she go trip scatter ehh...
But the truth of the matter be say its the chicks living in  Naija that are dangerous...and when they finally get their papers and enter Yankee, their eye go tear reach their ears, and before u know it, they dump the guy's ass. So now who's the mugu?

"ability to get visa easily would be an advantage"......HA HA ...See requirements ehh

I'm just sitting here imagining what the conversation would look like if a girl actually calls that number :)
ibotic chick: "hello good morning Sa, i saw your posting in to-day paper, so I wanted to know if it is still open.
wife seeker: Yes it is. I'm still accepting appilications. So how wa uuu? tell me about yourself
ibotic chick: I am fine tank u ..but pls i dont have credit. can you call me back? or send me credit?

 u just gotta luv us

Monday, August 23, 2010



"to former vicar Colin Coward, it is nothing short of a marriage made in heaven. But the 65-year-old is expected to raise a few traditional eyebrows when he walks down the aisle with the man in his life – a   25 year-old Nigerian model called Bobby."

U see as you see me so, i certainly dont have any problem with gay peeps. But when it comes to a gay man acting as a servant of God, Come on...thats just absurd and unacceptable!..........Anyways that one concern them....Afterall who am i to criticize my fellow full grown adult male for putting his d**k into the buttocks of another man huh? And we all know for sure this is not the first, or will be the last time hearing about a man of God being Gay and getting married to his partner.

But what caught my eyes in the whole article was the place where dem talk say the Nigerian boy na model :)
cos on a serious note, I would love to know what exactly what, or who she is modeling for :)

and also from the look of the pics, i can already tell who's the bitch in the relationship...ha ha 



I dont know bout u guys, but i grew up drinking kwunu and Zobo. I prob drank them (esp Zobo) like everyday of my life from JSS1 to JSS3 during my Airforce secondary school days in PH.  As of then they used to put them inside the pure water package and sell them in school. Chai, just remembering those days of "Aunty give me one zobo, one kwunu and two wraps of Agidi"....CHAI U GO FEAR NAH

So I was very excited when i saw this new package. THIS IS AWESOME. whoever taught about this is a genuis jare. I can bet u if they market this product very well, it will certainly do better than all those caprison and lacasera dem wey full everywhere, dey give people diabetes anyhow. And the good thing too is that this is a very healthy drink. Pls if u havent tried Zobo before, I suggest u do...abeg i dey take Baba name beg u...i promise u go like am.

U see this is what we're talking about. It would be nice for us to invest more in our home made goods as well as patronizing them. This way we no go dey depend on any country juo, thereby leading to our economic growth ......shikina!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


"Human Rights Watch, HRW, in its latest report stated the police extorted N20.35 billion between January 2009 and June this year at checkpoints.

Emeka Umeagbalasi, the chairman of the International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law who presented the report gave the breakdown as South East N9.35 billion, South-South N4 billion, South_West N4 billion, North Central and Abuja, N2 billion, North East and North, West N500 million each."

Umm these organizations don come again with their research and assumptions. How dem take know say na N20.35billion (to be precise).  Although i no dey too believe all these organizations their surveys and researches, i think i can def believe this one shaa. I wont even be surprised if the figure is actually more than that. If u wonna see for yourself, go take a road trip from PH to Lagos. Every 2 miles na police u go dey see. Yet the robbery and kidnappings are still taking place on a daily basis. Okay see this one for picture wey carry palm tree for hand, carry tomato basket cover road.... like for real WTF is he doing?



Okay the Cross River State Governent is set to re-install the nigerian flag which is located somewhere in Millennuim park in Calabar. This flag is regarded as the highest and largest national fag in Naija, and it is also the highest and largest flag in Africa. And its the second highest flag in the world.
According to Senator Liyel Imoke , the hoist machine (the thing wey dem dey operate to bring the flag up and down) will cost N4 million, while the flag itself is N100,000. .....BUT NAWA OHH... Just trying to figure out how many yards of material go cost N100,000 ke. (criminals as usual)
Anyways Umm Kudos to the Calabar Govt tho, cos the state is doing really good in terms of tourism n' stuff like that. So i'm guessing and hoping this is for some kind of tourist attraction.

But also I was just wondering......wouldnt it even be better if we were the best at providing smth very productive to the world? First, it was Independence National Cake....Now, nah Naional Flag.....Is there anything wrong with us having the world's largest food, clothing or textile production plant, instead of this BULLSH**  ?????
just wondering ohh



Nna Wetin come dey happen for Naija eh?.... Whats up with this whole suicide sh** going on these days. A 14 yr old JSS3 student just committed suicide by hanging himself at the back of his Grandma's house in Ibadan.

"Sources close to the family of the deceased told our man that he (Mutiu)] was seen with his senior sister in the morning of that fateful day and was said to have excused himself from the sister on the ground that he was going to answer the call of nature, when, in actual fact he was going to hang himself."

WHATTA HECK DOES A LIL KID KNOW ABOUT ANSWERING THE CALL OF NATURE? Do they learn these suicide stuff from western movies or what? How da heck were these kids able to tie a rope to the ceiling or wherever, and perfectly carry out the suicide procedure alone?....I'm beginning to feel there's a second party involved somehow ohh (either in the scenerio setting or brainwashing).

Abeg a thorough investigation needs to be carried out regarding these latest suicide trend among Naija children......Oh Agrrh damn, i 4got we have a decapitated police force that lack investigative i guess we would never be able to find out why :(


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So NewsWeek Magazine announced the World's best countries. And they were ranked on the basis of Education, Health, Quality of life, Economy and Politics. Below is just the ranks of 6 of the 100 countries 

Ghana..................................86th Nigeria.........................................................................99th (AWESOME)
Burkina Faso........................100th

I guess this shouldn't be a surprise to we Naija peeps. I clearly saw this coming, but not this bad shaa....Like seriously, we fighting for last place with Burkina Faso? Burkina Faso wey bicycle still dey like mercedes for them? CHAI...but Nawa OHH.... see this people even rank Poor Romania (39th) before us too ohh. No be just last yr for Romanian football league wey one team been trade one of their football players for a chunk of meat? Dem even rank Oman (60th) before us...WTF!!!..i never even knew such country existed....See even Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Albania, Jamaica...Even Sri lanka KE
This just shows you how the world perceives us. A country blessed with so much oil & mineral resources, but yet most of its citizens cannot even afford three square meals a day. It is just pathetic, and it hurts so bad to know that this  has been going on for over two decades, and change doesnt seem to come anytime soon.
Anyways we fit complain from morning to night, and nothing go happen. So i guess the best thing is for us to laugh about it for now :)

You can check out the full rankings yourself.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


You see after the miracle i witnessed during the weekend, there is no way u can tell me that Baba God no dey look out for im children. If you guys could remember sometime last week, i had a post about how bad i wanted to chop cabin biscuit.
Anyways the next day, i got a message from my  Navy secondary school daughter (shout out to Nneyen Umana) asking if i really wanted cabin biscuit. and I was like SHOOOOO. hell yeah ofcourse who no go wan chop cabin biscuit in the first place? And she was like okay, i should send her my address n stuff. And I sent it to her sharp about 4 days later, i just came back home and guess wetin i see for front door? A well wrapped package, all the way from Canada....and as i open am ehhn, Chai...i come see my two favorite red couple for the front......Infact i was way too excited and felt like a big boy jare. Afterall to ship cabin biscuit from one country to another na beans?.....answer nah?
 Anyways I devoured it real good, and also wanted to soak it too (my boarding school peeps know what i'm talking about). But unfortunately there was no powdered milk. But somehow somehow, while thinking of how to get milk, my eyes somehow came across my son's baby milk (he still had new sealed ones jare) on the top shelf........well ummmm  ummmmm.....and the rest was history :)    

Anyways the essence of wetin i dey talk be say, sometimes when u need something so bad, all u need do is ask....and it MIGHT be given to you.
and also note that results might vary, depending on how u go about asking too :)

Monday, August 16, 2010


Abeg i would really love to know what happened in this news. I dont have the full info...but with the little i got here, you can vivdly see that this is just one out of 100,000 naija pastors that was exposed. So can u just imagine how many girls out there that have been used by these various vagabonds called pastors..all in the name of "spiritual healing" "God's favor" "devine touch" "fruit of the womb" and all those themes they be using to attract their victims. And what actually pisses me off is that these stuff occur on a daily basis in most of these churches in Naija, and yet the victims barely come out to expose the pastor....Well i guess is either the women are scared to say smth, or dem follow dey enjoy am then :)
But on a serious note tho, i swear if i had the power, i will scrap out 95% of the churches in Naija, especially the individually owned ones.  Cos as far as I'm concerned, most of these so called pastors wey just dey open church anyhow are criminals, touts and illiterates. preach one thing, and do another...smchew


Okay this smallie was sent to Kiri-kiri and awaiting trial cos she was accused of stealing N200,000 from her oga. Mind you her so called Oga was the one who brought her from the village to Lagos, now got her preggo, and when she told him about it, that was when he deined and tried to get rid of her.Why da heck would they put her in Kiri-Kiri of all prisons? This is just pathetic.  You get a minor preggo, begin to get mad when she started complaining about the continuous molestation, and you now accuse her of stealing your money. And ofcourse our decapitated police will believe what you saying cos you dey bribe them. Its so psinfull to know that there are so many innocent people wasting their lifes in various Prisons accross Naija.

Now this one don born pikin for the oga; oga don dey deny; so at the end of the day, the innocent pikin don turn to bastard.
And all this housegial/houseboy thingy need to stop too...cos majority of the molestation and marital problems has to do with them one way or the other. 



Someone just sent me this byday picshure, and the first thing that caught my eyes were the characters (esp the most conspicuous one) ...and i was like "why the heck dont they make these characters look somewhat real?" Like seriously why da heck is that Barney custome head color look washed/faded?
 This made me immediately remember my childhood days. But at the same time shaa, I was just wondering if a lot of kids still fall for this crap. I dont know bout u guys, but when i was a pikin, i remember my mumsi taking me to their NNPC end of year party, or the NTA christmas party which they used to broadcast on TV. To be honest tho, none of the characters ever excited me at least for 1 minute, cos i just used to have this thing back in my mind that they were not the real characters that i watched on TV :)  dem go bring out micky mouse custume wey one of the ears dey fall. And their clowns no dey try at all.....dem no dey even put those red balls for their nose, or even wear white gloves, at least to make them look like the real clowns that I saw on tv. And as for their father fact na that one dey fall my hand scatter. 
Anyways i dont know if it was just me that felt like this...or maybe i just had my own issues when I was a kid :(
But abeg if u also felt the same way, pls let me know. this way I wouldnt feel bad bout myself :)  This way me and you can team up and save our present` and future Naija kids from this obnoxious bootleg character exploitation by our parents :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Make una meet miss Anowa Adjah AKA the Naigerian Power-House. As u can see, she is a fitness Instructor, and she's really doing good for herself. The reason why i'm liking this chick is cos, regardless of her being born in Brooklyn NY,  she's still repping Naija to the core. This is smth u rarely find here in Yankee, especially from some of those Naija boys and girls wey dem born here. Na dem go dey carry Americaya for head :)
Anyways Good to see a Nigerian doing smth sexypositive.
Anyways my ladies if una won loose weight, make una buy her aerobics DVD. it will surely help
And as for my guys, u can also pick her DVD too, either for helping in ur weight loss or for other extra curricular activities :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I dont know if u guys heard about the rumor that Obasanjo was assassinated last two days. Anyways OBJ finally came out today to refute the rumor shaa.

But before then, so tell me why my younger bros wey dey Naija, just called me yesterday for early mor mor, wey man still dey enjoy sleep....and this was the first thing he said to me
bros: O boy im get smth very very important wey i want make u do for me now now now!!!!
me: o boy u dey okay. wetin be the problem?
Bros: abeg u fit go online like right now now now?
me: okay i dey internet now...wetin u want make i check
bros: O boy abeg u fit check internet see if dem talk anything about Obasanjo's death, cos u know he was assasinated in his home.
Me: O boy u don dey krase shey?..So u call me all the way from Naija dey ask me if Obasanjo don die true true. Like say I be im paddy? infact come to think about it self, is there no cyber cafe around that area wey u dey? why u come dey disturb my sleep just because of this kind nonsense rumor...So u of all people go belief say person get mind assassinate OBJ himself?    KAI, that person no dey look face? apart from Lion (wey dey even fear sometimes), how many animals u don hear say kill Gorilla before ehn?
bros: O boy this na important news abeg. i no dey here to talk rubbish
me: Ohh so na me now dey talk rubbish, cos i dey try relate the animal kingdom to the present situation. Nna nawa to u ohh.

Its not like he cant be killed....But i just feel it will be very hard to assassinate Baba. Think about it, we talking about one of, if not, the most powerful man in Africa....coupled with loads of criminality/toutishness inside him...and as ugly as what are we talking about sef :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Okay ohh, Here are the pictures of the the fake NYSC corpers that were caught last week.
Abeg make una look carefully ohh, cos u never know, u might recognize someone here...u know this is such a small world :)

And meanwhile before i even forget, it was later exposed that the orientation camp itself was fake, and it wasn't supported by NYSC.  Infact i no even know wetin to say again. ONLY IN NAJA


Nna nawa ohh. Some kind strang strange things don dey happen for this world u know. I just dey hear say there is now a way that women can turn back to virgins. So all u girls out there that have done so many bad bad things, this is ur opportunity to get involved in this movement (although i hear say na mostly hausa chicks dey do am pass shaa). This way ur future husband will think u are still a virgin. It only costs about $4000 or so...and it just involves a lil surgery in which they will stitch ur hymen , or wharever they call it sef....this way it will tear again and bleed during when having sex again. (after the surgery)
Wait oh..THIS IS AWESOME..... So some women wey don turn to point-n-kill, now have the golden opportunity to be tear-rubber again :)
Well, i guess we should clap for science.... at least for inventing an easier and smoother way for women to start lying and deceiving us :)
and also clap for the male mugus that will fall for this BULL too :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010


My friend just sent me a picture of this hausa couple that had their wedding in Naija. To be honest tho, at first, it was only the woman i noticed. But when i looked further and scrutinized the picture, i then noticed the exotic fruit juice.... and the bottled water....and the glass cup....and the bag...and the ribbon untop the chair  :)

Okay lemme when i looked further more, Behold, I finally i saw the groom :)  and yes you heard me right...THE GROOM

You see this na how you go take know say love dey really really blind, deaf n' dumb. Anyways Congrats to them tho.
If only u guys could imaging the kind of things running through mind head concerning these two clowns for here. Well to my own perspective, while concentrating only on their size differences, I certainly believe this is one very unhealthy relationship.  just saying shaa

NDLEA siezes 450.4kg of Cocaine worth N4Billion!!! Chei!!

In a massive drug seizure judged to be the second-largest ever made in Nigeria, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, (NDLEA) at the Tin Can Island seaport of Lagos, intercepted 460.4kg of drugs suspected to cocaine with an estimated street value of over ₦4 billion.
The drugs were neatly concealed in customized floor wood in a container that was cleared and taken to a private warehouse at Iganmu, Lagos.

Since then the NDLEA don arrest two chinko, Richard Wang 62,Chiusen Fong 54 (shebi if nah dem country, dem for don cut person head) and one naija man Alhaji Inua Mohammed 56, in connection with the drugs.

Chei!!! me i no dey think of the cocaine sef nah the money, N4Bn!!!!! dat nah serious cash!

Anyway on a more serious note,I was happy when I heard this gist, it shows that we still have some agencies that are working and Nigeria no be dustbin wey anything fit enter.

So I want to clap for the 'agents' that worked 'undercover' (hmmm... undercover for naija?) to catch these criminals. Una try eh! Una do well!



Okay the Anti fraud unit of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC) arrested 30 guys and 39 babes who were fake corpers... chie-yaaa :(
And the worst thing be say their runs don already click oh, and they were already in camp. But na for camp wey dem come nab them. I could remember last yr march, when i did my NYSC camp in ABJ, dem been cacth like 10 fake corpers too. and the worst thing be say all of dem come be my igbo bros and sis  :)

Anyways me no really send for who dem arrest ohh, or how dem take arrest them ohh, or wharever wharever.....but my own quetion be this...... "PLS CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY DA HECK IS THIS NYSC CRAP STILLL EXISTING? this nonsense suppose don reign pass nah.  It has served its purpose as of then...but over the past few yrs, there have been so many unecessary deaths just because of this NYSC stuff. To be honest self, i don even forget the point of the thingy self :)  cos na so so negativity that has been coming out of it over the years.
Anyways if govt want thes sheme to be successful, then they better follow my advise juo.
Step 1: The 3 weeks camp should be increased to 1 month or more.....people wey don go camp before know what i'm talking about :) 
Step 2: Then after the camp, the 1yr service should become optional.......infact wetin i dey talk self?.....The entire 1yr service bullsh** should be eliminated entirely jare :)


"Nigeria is expected to make history on October 1, when its caterers build and unveil the world’s largest cake. The 65,000kg cake, will be unveiled at the National Stadium, Abuja, is expected to beat the current Guinness World Records." Mr. Jonathan will cut the 6ft high cake and Nigerians will have the opportunity to have a share of the ‘national cake’ literally. “This project is supposed to turn the national cake that we always talk about to reality. It will give Nigerians an actual cake to feed on,” Paul Sambo, the team’s head of Strategic business said.

Umm if i'm not mistaking, isnt it so ironic that its the same "sharing of national cake" mentality that has kept us in this condition today :)

shey dem tell them say na cake be our problem?....well i guess after chopping the cake finsh, majority of the people will go back home, to darkenss, dey look for matches wey dem go use onn their lamp.


NAIJA TO REACH 300,000,000 IN NEXT 30 YRS........NAWA OHH.

"A REPORT released by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) yesterday indicated that Nigeria’s population would double in the next 30 years, hitting 300 million."

LOL............U see these research organizations don come again with their lies. They never come out with any realistic so so exaggeration dem sabi.... So how on earth do they want me to believe that we go reach up to 300 million in the next 30years huh? Like seriously i think a new organization should be created, with the sole purpose of checking if the people working for these organizations do smoke Indian hemp while conducting these so called researches and surveys in Naija.

Like Come On.....So now we don turn to factory wey peorson go fit dey estimate and forecast our production level?.
Although i'm sick and tired of these surveys and stuff, I still believe say if u include all the Naija peeps both home and abroad, our population go don dey reach 200million as of now.....cos only London alone self get like 10million Naija peeps :) 
 So make una 4get all that 150million people wey dem don dey tell us since 1990


Monday, August 2, 2010

NEW STATES AGAIN.................. BUT WHY NAH?

Some months ago, I heard our Gov't was thinking of creating new states.  I was like WTF!!!!   New states for wetin? When 98% of the already existing ones are extremely underdeveloped, lack basic social infrastructures and all that good stuff. And yet they talking about creating new states, instead of even eliminating some of the already existing ones, and finally providing good governance....which kind coutry be this self....CHAI

Well, sources has it that the new states would be announced by our Presido on October 1st, during our 50th bai-day

"Some of the proposed states include Lagoon state from Lagos; Oke-Ogun from Oyo; Oduduwa from Osun and Savannah from Borno."

HA HA ......These people must be kidding me right...... WHATTA HECK IS "LAGOON STATE" FOR CHRIST SAKE??? 



Okay a man in PH just sold his 42 days old baby for just  N100,000. He later got arrested by the police and he explained to them that the reason he sold the baby was because his wife's parents were asking for their daughter's bride price, and also threatening to take both the baby and the wife. So it was better for him to sell the baby.
Wetin dey really baffle me sef nah the way the guy been even they talk say the baby na some kind of merchandise or so. Well at least he didnt bring up the "it was the work of the devil" bullsh**, cos I'm sick n' tired of hearing that from all these people who are being caught after they committed some kind of crime :)

Anyways thats Naija for you. Every bad thing happens in Naija.....But at the end of the day, i will still keep on blaming our useless Leaders. Cos if u think about it, na poverty dey cause all this crimes n' stuff. If we were in a situation were the wealth of the nation is being shared among its people n' stuff, we no for dey hear all these negative news here n' there.  I certainly believe we are not bad people at all. Just that sometimes, if poverty hook u for throat ehhn, u could begin to do some things that u never imagined doing.. May God help us shaa.