Wednesday, August 22, 2012


CHAI.......First of all before I say anything, I just wonna say a big thanks to all of you that have been worried about my whereabout. Its people like you guys that make me just do what I do. To be honest, this is my first time logging into this blog for over 4 months now. As in ehhn, It even took me three times to put in the right username and password....I know what an a** I am :)

Anyways I've been MIA since March due to various reasons...and no be everything wey man go talk about for here nah. To cut story short, Grandmumsi passed away in April, so I had to go to Naija for the burial in May. And as we all know, trying to blog all the way from Naija na sucide misison, cos before your internet load finish die ehh :)
And did I forget to mention that we had a beautiful baby girl in April everything don complete for me ehh....So now I don get my boy and girl...As in everything don complete for me ehh...ok I'm lying.. I never get my Bentley GT coupe yet..And yes I said it, "Bentley GT coupe"  :)

Ok, so came back end of May....and for some reason I dont even know why I never decided to check my blog....Ok ok ok I know why shaa.....Well boys have been on their hustle/grinding ohh....Una suppose know every nah when it comes to making that money. Trying to open up a business in Naija, and mehn, thats one of the most frustrating things ever. You see I always wonder why im be say na only for Naija wey nothing dey ever go the right way. To register company anywhere in the world no dey take up to 1 day, or highest a week. But if na for naija in people wey dey sail around the world don go two laps finish, and yet you go still dey wait make dem do ordinary registration for your company.

Anyways I'm back and I promise to be updating this blog at least twice a week. If no be say na because of bruial wey carry me go Naija ehhn, I for don snap plenty crazy pics and taken epic videos of things wey i been see with my koro-koro eyes ehh...Everyday in that country is an adventure.God bless us for real.

Abeg make una tell all your friends about my blog, and try invite people to come check it out too. Both Naija and Ghana peeps..cos I'll be blogging Ghanain stuff every now and then...Cos is it just me or Ghana be having the craziest and weirdest news all the time. Dem people are crazy over there ehh. Acting porn movies and sh**........ha ha I love my Ghainan peeps all day juo.  Azonto for life.....And to all of una wey don run finish, abeg make una come back jare.. Charity begins at home...ha ha
God bless all of us, God bless Nigeria (he he), and God bless Africa

Pls if you come across any crazy news or pic that is worth sharing, abeg no hesitate to send am to my email ( and I go post am and give you credit.