Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This is getting serious ohh. Like play Like play, one day we go dey see intense workout sessions for our African movies.....Well now i guess we in the crawling stage, but one day i bet u we go start to dey even fly self.

Anyways this scene was from a Ghana/Naija collabo film "heartz of Men" which is now said to be a controversial movie. Only bcos the actors were bold enough to strip ..lol. And guess the best part of it all? The actors involved in this scenario did it for FREE :)

Funny thing is that a lot of people are condemning the movie due of the nudity involved. Well I got one word for all of them...HYPOCRITES!!! Cos they are the same people that secretly watch porns behind closed doors....be it papa or pikin
I think its about time we start having some nudity, as well as good, almost real sex scenes in our movies so that it would def become more interesting:) Cos as for me, I'm sick and tired of same old black magic, church, blood money, or cloth on cloth, or fake romance movies. You dont have to agree with me tho

Still trying to figure out what that girl is trying to do behind the guys back. if u have an idea, pls let me know abeg


When I first came across this news, I was like "IS THIS FOR REAL OR A DAMN JOKE?
How on earth can someone mistake this beautiful ingredient on the left, for cocaine huh?
Even a blind man knows that the smell and texture of egusi is way too good to be mistaken for coke.

One of our Naija brothers, uncle Okoronkwo Omeham,73 was arrested last week by the Mexican Boarder Inspectors, and jailed for 2 days for carrying grounded egusi to cross the Mexican boarder, which was mistaken as cocaine.

Anyways I just vividly believe that we Nigerians are just subject to victimization everywhere we go. So we should get used to it, cos na we cos am shaa

But first of all, the Mexican Gov't have to apologize to we Nigerians. Secondly, this should be the last time that our "beloved Egusi," the pride of Naija soup, should also go through such false identity.


After how many years of neglecting we Niger Delta people? Leaving the region in abject poverty and pollution, and yet taking our oil? Well I don't blame you guys so much. Its all our so called Leaders' fault in the first place.



So there will be a celebrity showdown on national television to find the ultimate celebrity in Naija, with 7 million naira prize for the winner

The popular and unpopular so called celebs include: muma G, Chioma Chuckwuka, Emeka Ike, Comedienne Princess,  Funke Akindele, Daddy Showkey, Abbas Akande, Weird MC, Dare Art Alade, and Bob-Manuel Udokwu.

According to the organizers, this show will keep viewers in Naija and around the world glued to their tv for the 11 weeks that it will run on screen. REALLY?

My so called organizers, are you sure of what you are saying? How do you think viewers will be glued to their tv when you have people like boring Bob-manuel and our always emotional Chioma in the show. Hopefully the only reason i will even think of folllowing this show is because of our one and only Daddy Showkey. make I see the kind english ma guy go dey speak for national tv :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Okay i dont know how true this is, but i just had to post it up cos this Sh** is mad funny eh. Anyways whoever was around when both pictures were taken should holla me abeg, make we know the credibility of this photo. So funny how the former looks like he's equipped in two different places.



Looks like our Uncle West will not be crying again cos he has one more chance to win the world cup this time around. HA HA i was just joking. Come on....we all know say this Methuselah no fit even run again self.

Anyways our Uncle/Pastor Taribo just gave our new Nigerian coach, Lars Lagerback a piece of advice, which I'm actually in support of.

Our Uncle told metro sports that Naija coach should throw open the Super Eagles' camp, in order to get competition among the players. Hence its the only way that the best players can be picked for Naija.

He also stated that there is need to encourage our home based-players to be part of the team. After all Egypt won the last Nations Cup in Angola with a collection of players mostly from their local league. So there should be exceptional players too from our domestic league who can fit into the Super Eagles for the World Cup.....How brilliant!!

Uncle, If we go by judging a book by its cover, just looking at your face alone,we can never believe whatever comes out from your mouth. But you seem to be a genius, and very honest as well. You have always been a role model to a lot of young athletes out there. I do support you for sure, and I definitely wonna look... I mean, be like you when I grow up. Keep up the good work and God bless.


So Nollywood actor, Mr. Fredrick Akpowene Aseroma was arrested on friday over allegations for battering his wive. What a Fool!! Well I guess this is making news cos it involves an unpopular and unheard of Nollywoood water-boy. He's so unpopular  that you cannot even find his picture on the internet. Anyways back to what i wanted to say. What about all the Niaja women out there (esp in Naija) that are being abused by their husbands on a daily basis huh?

You know i just find this act ridiculous and disturbing at same time because a lot of Naija men do is. And the funny thing about this whole issue be say these Wive Beaters no dey ever do gri-gri whenever dem  they outside with their fellow men ohh. But when dem reach house, dem go dey do John Bull, dey use their wives as punching bag.

All dem Naija Wive beaters out there, Better change ohh, cos Wive Beater = P****  :)
Infact u women self, I no just understand how man go dey beat u everyday, and u go just dey accept am like say you be thief? Cos if to say na me ehn, I for dom kill the man for im sleep since.


Okay I don't know if this guy was prob high on smth when he made his remark, but I personally do commend him for his courage. I really want to believe him, but..but...umm nah I'm good. Maybe some other time.

This week, Super Eagle's Midfielder Sani Kaita sent a note of warning to all our opponents, especially Argentina. I really do commend him for his courage and optimism, but isn't it the coach or captain that should be in the position to say such?



Some years ago when the CIA made the prediction that Naija was going to be a failed state by 2015, I wasn't surprised at all. Although some of our politicians as usual quickly repudiated such remarks at then, it's actually funny to see them support such statement now. According to the Compass, 19 Northern Governors have finally agreed that Nigeria is gradually becoming a failed state.

Power failure, Religious crisis and destruction of lives and properties, inability for the Gov't to provide basic infrastructure for the people, Increased activities of begging and prostitution among Nigerians abroad, emergence of terrorists activities, Fraud..in fact anything appalling you can imagine. Na we dey carry 1st.

We are basically the laughing stock of other countries around the world. Yesterday, 58 Nigerians were deported from Sudan for offenses which ranged from overstaying or holding illegal travel documents.......ARE U KIDDING ME?......SUDAN!!!! I could understand if it was like Italy or Malaysia deporting Nigerians.....BUT SUDAN??  It has reached the level were ugly wretched Sudan is even deporting Nigerians. In fact na this one wey don make me vex pass.

At 50 yrs, we have nothing to boast about. Countries like Ghana, Brazil and India that all started with us are now on the next level. Its a shame, we need a special intervention sharp sharp.


Yesterday, the US court in North Carolina convicted our own brother Ugochukwu Enwerem and brother Kent Okojie for Yahoo Yahooing about 18 of victims resulting to more than $9.5million.
Both men sent spam emails to their victims telling them they had won a lottery or inherited a large sum of money, and blah blah blah blah (we Naija peeps all know how it goes). You see It's so funny how people still fall for this stuff. I been think say this style don reign pass self. But i guess the trap still dey catch bush meat here and there ehh. Anyways one thing for sure is that both chairmen will be spending some good time in prison, and will be  immediatly sent back to Naija on a free air ticket. How awesome....

On another News, 43 yr old Osayuri Eduwen was arrested by US customs and border for providing a fake US passport and documents. Okay he almost got away with it, but guess what F*** him up???...his DAMN ACCENT. This fool  told the officers that he was a US citizen born in NY. But when they noticed his thick heavy accent, that raised questions, cos someone who claims to be born and bred in NY shouldnt have such ibotic accent.

Lesson 1: If you enter the US when you from 25yrs and up, its almost impossible to learn and have a Yankee accent.....Sorry, its not happening!!!
Lesson2: If you find yourself in such encounter with Immigration peeps, best way is to just act def and dumb. Period!!!

In th UK, one of our Naija brothers, Mr Issac Mathews was sentenced to 6 yrs in prison for  a 6 million Pounds Mortgage scam. Another Mr. Victor Ayinde, who is on-the-run, led a mortgage gang which scammed up to 8 million pounds in 6 weeks....DAYUM

Finally back in our home turf, One Naija guy was sentenced to 10yrs for frauding an Australian for $100,000...chai....Na im own worse pass self....stealing just $100k, and chillin in Kiri Kiri.....it doesnt get any worse than that.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I dey believe say cable television and reality shows don actually give plenty people liver to dey do some kind things.

When I went to Naija last yr, I was surprised about the amount of germinated lesbians and gay that I saw, esp in Abuja. As in dem no dey fear to hide their sexuality again ehh. Good for them shaa

As you can see for yourselves, these two bush ibotic babes are making out in a known joint in Lagos. And by the settings in the picture, we can all agree that they are enjoying it well well. Sotee they even had to push my guy wey dey middle. Chai

I'm just trying to imaging what caused them to take this drastic step. Maybe the guy was trying to toast one of them, and they wanted to prove smth? or was the alcohol on the table to be blamed? i dont think so jare.

Looking from their side view as well as their strong jaw definitions, u fit tell say dem no even fine self. With their local weave join ontop..... make una carry go...nothing do una juo


It's no longer news that Goodluck Jonathan, the acting President of this geographical mass called Nigeria, sacked all the Ministers last week ( i just love the word 'sacked', it's better than fired), lol...
anyways, am happy that people like Aliero Adamu fmr Fct. minister, Sam Egwu, Ojo Maduekwe, Achike Udenwa (why were they ministers in the first place?), and a host of others are now as jobless as i am... :)...lol.. (i know say them get money, bt at least all off us no get work).
Since he took that action, there have been a lot of mixed reactions as expected. while a lot of nigerians are happy with the development, some people have criticised him and even accused him of being unconstitutional (na so so grammer we dey blow for naija).
Perhaps the most vocal of this critics is a man named Tanko Yakassai (who be dat?). I didn't know who he was either, until this whole Yar'adua fiasco and the man has been popping out everywhere.Apart from Turai, he seems to be the only visible member of this so-called cabal or kitchen cabinet.
This Yar'adua yes man, used to be a Presidential adviser on national assembly matters (*sigh*), i don't know under whom he served, bt it says former.
This man is one of those that have openly criticised Goodluck and he insists that Baba go slow is recovering and fit enough to rule us.
His recent antic was writing a letter to the all 109 senators in the national assembly, asking them to stop the screening of the ministerial nominees. This man has filed a lawsuit against Jonathan's swearing in as the acting president of nigeria. (where otapiapia dey abeg?).
This letter was sent last night to the senators and it caused quite a stir.
On the other hand, Goodluck has sent 25 names  out of the 42  needed to the national assembly for screening.


I have seen the names, and right now i can't say anything.
Let's just watch and see how the drama of Nigeria unfolds and i hope our nollywood people are taking note, cos this one reach part 20!

NEW SONG.....Waving Flag (Naija Remix): K'naan ft M.I & Banky W

So Banky W and M.I decided to do a remix of "waving flag" with Somalian artist K'naan, praising our Super Eagles and pumping us up for the World cup.....LMAO.
I'm really feeling this song. (although its not as touching as the original one by K'naan)
But lets be for real here...How the heck are you praising a team that luckily made it into the World cup. Sometimes its good to be very optimistic, but deep inside our hearts, we all know Naija is going nowhere in this world cup.  Their entrance and exit into South Africa should be very close. Hopefully they prove me wrong.


Since last week friday , sources told me that the weather condition in Naija has been very bizarre, especially in Lagos, and the Niger Delta regions. Its so strange that some people actually think that the world is coming to an end any minute from now (u know as some of our Naija peeps dey think nah..so no blame them jare)

Thousands of Nigerians have received text messages, urging them not to go outside when its raining, since the weather was an indication of "Acid Rain" which causes skin cancer. ACID RAIN KE!!!!

This situation has caused many flights across the region to be cancelled. According to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), these measures were being taken as part of safety considerations which must always be the priority.

Wait a minute... Is the NCAA really talking about safety being their priority? Since when? Cos if it was, I dont think we would have had so much plane crashes in the past decade; the so called renovated Port Harcourt International Airport still having portholes on its runway; Nepa taking light when planes are about to land; and Air France Plane killing two large naamas while landing on the PH airport runway some yrs ago. NCAA just stop the b.s jare. At the same time I'm very perplexed for you guys being proactive for the first time ever. Hopefully you keep it up.

Anyways my peeps wey dey Naija , make una no fear jare.  Acid rain ohh, snow oh, hail ohh, plague ohh....one thing i know for sure be say we Nigerians are strong and resilient. If u think say I dey lie, go tell agboro make im no commot go work because of acid rain....and you go see wetin im go tell you :)


Ha Ha Ha....Okay let me stop. But this news just seems to amuse me so much for some reason.
According to Nigerian Compass, Nigerians living abroad have finally won a major battle as INEC has accepted their request to cast their ballots in their countries of residence.

So INEC Chairman, Prof. Maurice Iwu (the criminal on the left) is saying that we Naija peeps residing in UK, US and other countries should go waste our time and cast our ballots in 2011?


I would really like to know who in Yankee or Jand was actually battling with INEC, in order to get their votes counted, while abroad. LOL. I guess some people really got time on their hands. When people abroad are thinking of how to pay bills and stuff, someone others are fighting to get their votes counted in Naija? When the votes of the People in Naija are not even counted/recognized, then is it us abroad who's votes will?

We all know our ballots will not reach Naija. Even if it does, they probably gonna supply the papers to toilet roll factories or smth.

 Uncle Maurice, please you and your unscrupulous colleagues cannot deceive me, or other right thinking Naija peeps down here......Until You leave office, and there becomes much transparency in Nigerian electoral process, I no dey vote anything ehh.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I know most of you guys don't know who this chairman here is. But one thing you should know for sure is that he's probably the best news that has happened to Naija in decades.

His name is Enobong Umohette AKA "The Nigerian Gentleman." The Wisconsin based boxer has always been a promising rising star in the US professional boxing. And yesterday, he was declared the new Wisconsin heavyweight Champion by TKO, after knocking out the defending champion, Lyle McDowell in the 7th round.

It wasn't a small fight too ohh. In fact I been hear say Enobong beat Lyle like say the poor man thief something.

So he said he promised his fans that he will continue working hard, in order to aim for the biggest price, "the Heavy Weight Title."

My brother carry go ehh. you have made us very proud. We Nigerians dey believe you, and we dey your back. But just wanted to let you know say heavy weight no be beans shaa. You fit use style ask our Unlce Samuel Peter

Before, it was Uncle Samuel Peter AKA "the Nigerian Nightmare," But now its all about  Enobong Omohette AKA "the Nigerian Gentleman" (and for real tho, who the hell suggests these crazy nicknames for these men)

Shout out to Akwa Ibom State for producing Samuel, Enobong and other future boxing champs coming out from Naija. I would personally suggest a mandatory Boxing class in all primary and secondary schools in the state. Real talk

Saturday, March 20, 2010


At first, when I saw this picture on a friend's photo album, I actually thought it was just another funny Naija picture. But the more I looked at the picture, the more I started to notice the 100% focus, commitment and seriousness of this model's face. So i'm kind of hoping this is for real.

Honestly, I don't even know whether to laugh or cry whenever  I see these pictures. I certainly believe there are a lot of questions that need to be answered before I decide on which one to do.

Which photographer took these shots?
Was this for an editorial, commercial, or fashion shoot?
Whose idea was this in the first place?
Where did he find this unique man/model from?
Who suggested the various gay poses? and the outfits too
Why the bush background?

Whoever has the answers to my questions should holla me asap abeg, cos something is not just right here, and the pic is a little bit disturbing.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Okay these clowns are coming to New York. Not bad Not bad. Well hopefully they will be able to make it down here without any excuses. Dont get me wrong, Timaya is one of my favorite Naija artist of all time...but i dont know bout the other two tho.

If I could remember when I was in England Last year October, Timaya was suppose to perform in a club in Birmingham, and the whole thing was all hyped up n' sh**. We even had to get tickets in advance, and at the end of the day, Timaya no come show ehh. And the organizers telling us Bull crap like "Sorry Timaya will be here soon, their car tire bursted on their way here" Only to later find out that Timaya couldnt make it to England for the show.
Na so these peeps turn us to Maga.

Anyways back to this beautiful flyer here. If I'm not mistaking, "do i actually see $175 for VIP and $300 for ALL ACCESS?"

FOR WETIN NAH? Well, that $300 better include a private pickup limo from your house to the club; drink anything you want for free; access to everywhere in the club including male and female bathroom; and finally being able to physically touch our Egberi-papa and Yori Yori kids in all appropriate and inappropriate places, without them complaining (that one's strictly for the ladies and gay naija boys)

Anyways, I guess "Money aint a thang" for some Naija boys eh....esp those Yahoo-Yahoo ones, and others wey their papa don thief Gov't money finish.....you all know yourselves ;)  And the others that will do everything humanly possible in order to make sure they pay that $300 and get noticed.

You see i kinda like these so called organizers. They know how to get some Naija boys to spend money ehh. You see how they already posted the flyer a month earlier,  so as to mount pressure on some of our immature Naija boys to start saving their money from now. This way they gonna show up prepared, dressed to impress, and ready to pop champagne without any excuses

I have an idea. Instead of you guys spending $300 on tickets, and additional hundreds, and even thousands of dollars on drinks....why dont you guys use that money and pay some bills, give to the homeless, Or even give it to me so I can help you invest or smth :)

Anyways make una enjoy shaa. I go dey with una in spirit on that day....

Thursday, March 18, 2010


To my own perspective i think this NECO crap is a joke. I don't really blame people who fail NECO, cos who in their right mind actually studies for NECO Exams? Lets be real here for once. When WAEC is over, the last thing you want to think about is studying for this unpopular exam.

Anyways a Whopping 98% of the 234,682 students who sat for the exam failed to clinch 5 credits, including math and english. DAYUM. 

This is unheard of. I know I wasn't the smartest kid back in my secondary school days, but come on...."failing to clinche just 5 credits?" There is definitely smth wrong somewhere. Maybe the computer malfunctioned while marking the papers or smth. Cos you cant tell me that 98% of the students that took that exam where all dummies.

But i believe I certainly have an idea that could resolve this issue once and for all. Firstly, NECO officials should go investigate on what caused such mass failure. Then secondly, NECO examinations should discontinue. This way we know that all we've got is out kinda reputable WAEC exams.

Ohh but wait.. if NECO discontinues, then our so called invigilators and expo suppliers (the ones printing out the exam papers, and the middle men who supply it to the students) would not be able to make money through bribing. That sucks ehh

Anyways this is just an indicator measurement of our great country, Nigeria as a whole. What do you actually expect when our Gov't itself is a total failure, so how do you expects the citizens to translate that.  Our education reforms must be open and transperent.

But 98%?...WOWZERS


It just doesn't get any better than this. If I could recall some yrs ago, some group of touts/turned politicans were involved in a fist fight which was aired nationally. Although they were disgraced badly, I guess some peeps didnt still learn from their lesson.

Yesterday, Honorable Bello Ahmed Agwara and Honorable Ibrahim Abubakar Magayaki (both members of Niger State house of Assembly) decided to bring out the animality in them.
It all started out as an argument about a topic being reviewed in the house meeting (which I really don't care about). Then there was exchange of words between both girls...Ooops i meant men.... and before you know it, Person don tear first punch ehh, and the fight started. But other members rushed to separate them.

Smchew why did they even separate them self...I don't even know why people keep on separating fights these days. I wish they should have left them to fight till they tear of their 1500 and go home butt naked.

Pls Naija Govt start appointing people who are well educated, professional, well mannered and seasoned enough to represent our respective communities and constituencies. I don tire for all these Hooligans and Vagabonds that use connections and election rigging processes to get into office.

Hopefully both kids will learn their lesson after they come back from their suspension. Thats if they were actually suspended self, cos Mehn, anything is possible in Naija.


So far, Muammar Gaddafi is the only guy who has been bold enough to come out and suggest that Nigeria should be split into two regions, in order to avoid more repeated bloodshed across the country.
Although this krase man is fond of making controversial statements, I still believe he kinda makes sense on this topic tho.

All of a sudden, Senate President David Mark and some of his corrupt colleagues have already started attacking my uncle Gaddafi for making such remarks. The truth hurts ehh

I know they running their dirty mouths just for their own selfish interest. Although I don't fully support my uncle Gaddafi's suggestion, I still commend him for at least coming up with a solution. Unlike Senator Mark and co. who are barking like a bunch of wounded dogs, and yet haven't presented any helpful solution to the present situation in our country, starting from the constitutional failure to religious violence..

Uncle Gaddafi go on with your bad self jare.... nothing do you ehh


So Omotola Jalade, Charley Boy  and Dele Momodu where among the notable Nigerians who joined the Naija Coalition of Youth Leaders from across the country to protest in Abuja. They demanded the removal of all heads of security agencies for failure to stop the recent Massacre that occurred in Jos. 
Oh before I forget, They also demanded that Yar'Adua should be removed from office if he could no longer perform his duties as the President. Oh, you know for a minute, I even forgot our Vegetable Presido still dey alive self. 
Mind you this is like the 3rd protest/rally, and yet nothing has changed. To be honest, if i were one of these protesters, i would just shun going for this whole rally thing (esp with the kind sun wey dey shine for Abuja), and let God handle this matter, cos I think he's the only one that can save our Nation at this point.  Anyways I still support our Youth Coalition peeps. Wish I was there to join you guys and see if we could manage to make an impact under that Abuja heat....
Umm but wait a minute.....Why the heck was Charlie Boy there in the first place? who even invited him to such rally? Do people still take this man serious? Cos as for me i dont. Maybe his presence even made our Pro Yar'Adua group feel the protest was probably a joke or smth.. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Okay Here's The Real Story About This Horrible News

Just wanted to make it clear about this crazy disturbing picture that has hit the web for the past two weeks or so. According to Mr. Osayande Idahosa (upper right) who happened to be the driver of the truck that squashed the victims, the incident happened July 31st last year in Ogun State while on his way to go deliver bags of garri. He told Sun Newsmen due to a heavy traffic/go-slow in Ore (as usual nah)  he diverted to a lonely road at night, where he accosted a flashing light from afar. Thinking it was our usual "Oga find us smth" hungry police peeps, he slowed down and also saw what seemed like barricades of logs of wood on the road/korotaa. Unfortunately he never knew he was running into a trap set by armed robbers numbering up to 50. But as my guy come dey hear gun shots and people firing at him, afraid come catch the poor man, so he ran over what he assumed were logs of woods. Somehow he lost control, ran into the bush and jumped out from his truck and escaped into the bush.  Only for him to come back to the incident in the morning and found out he had crushed 19 innocent lives.
The driver of the luxury bus that carried the innocent victims blamed the tragedy on the Bad Road Conditions.
You see back in the good old days when Naija was Naija, a trip from Lagos to Port Harcourt (which includes resting at benin and buying all those correct fresh bread at Sapele area) would last for approximately 7hrs.  But with the recent Bad Road conditions, as well as our lazy local police force having their checkpoint at every 1 mile, we should be looking at a 10hrs trip at least. Every yr in Naija, thousands of lives are lost on the highway as a result of the bad road conditions.

In A Nutshell,
Naija Gov't abeg make una repair our Federal and local roads, and stop awarding these road contracts to idiots who are incapable of performing the job....Jeez
Or i guess not, since the Minister of Transportation, Alhaji Isa Bio and other Gov't officials barely travel by road.....CRIMINALS