Saturday, May 22, 2010


Okay I no even know how this topic just turn to headlines self. Or even what brought about such topic. Or even the essence of the topic, which we should be asking :) But to my own perspective, this is such a wierd and akward question, which will result to having akward answers too. Anyways these were the responses which were gotten from the question "How many time do you suck your wife's breast?"

See question ehh...Why dem no kukuma ask additional questions like ....Is the breast worth sucking? what is the size of the breast? Im don dey sag or wrinkle already? Do you like sucking breast? Do you love breast milk :) ? Do you have a pet name for her breast?......BREAST.. BREAST... BREAST go suck, pikin self go follow suck ehn...why una no fit leave this breast alone self, make im rest jare?...Jeez :)
anyways check out some of the normal, funniest and most ridiculous answers:

Nnamdi Chukwu

I do it everyday. Before I sleep I fondle it, kiss it, play around with it and sleep off. It lures me to sleep. But if my wife is breastfeeding, I stop for a while.

Obinna James

I suck my spouse’s breasts four times a week-Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Victor Uwaezuoke

I suck my wife’s breasts only on Sundays because that is when I have time. If she is breast- feeding a baby, I wait for another nine months. If the baby is sucking, I would ask the child to take it easy and remain the remnants for me.

Adekunle Adelakun

Haba! I have been sucking boobs since cradle. So, with my girl, it happens every time we meet, though I’m yet to be married. A woman’s boobs is a gateway to every other activity. You can imagine why womenfolks harass the men with their breasts on the street, in the office and on campuses. They flaunt it and they don’t care. Sometimes you wonder if they care at all if a guy harasses them in return. Meanwhile, I’m so good at playing with breasts that’s why most girls find it hard to leave me.

Emeka Anokwuru

I suck as often as I want even though the shape has gone down because the children have played with it. It still gives me satisfaction as often as I go there.

Emma Okoro

Our own has no formular. It can happen anytime depending on the mood. If I give you the number, it might be over or short of the number.

Jude Okonkwo

I do it the way the Holy Spirit leads me. At times, if I am in good mood, I can start fiddling with it. Before my wife started having children, I was always sucking, but now that she is having children, I don’t really feel like doing it because I believe that white thing is still there.

Jossy Idam

If she is not lactating, I suck everyday. But even if she is, I can still play piano with it. At normal time and the best of time, I can’t ever be with her without sucking. It is part of what I have paid for. I have privatised the place. I can use it as pillow, wage or jangolova because they are all mine. When things are rough, I go there to console myself. I have my day and night dreams there.

Innocent Nwankwo

Even as a medical practitioner, I always cherish fondling my wife’s breasts. I derive a lot of joy doing that. Even after having kids, I still feel excited whenever I have the opportunity to suck her breasts.

Daniel Eteng

My wife has very lovely breasts so I like to play with them. We have no children yet, so I have them as long as I wish until the kids come. Even at that, I get inspiration when I suck them. In fact, I sing songs when doing that.

Tochukwu Udeh

If you desire your wife, you will desire every part of her body and the breasts are not exclusive. I suck my wife’s breasts everyday because I appreciate every minute I spend with her. The only barrier to that is my last baby who has refused to leave the breasts and I have told her that she is not a man that sucks and refuses to leave breasts. The earlier she realizes that I paid for the breasts the better for her because I am not ready to stop sucking until death do us part.

Sunday Dan

If a man is not happy, he would not think of sucking any breasts. It is only a happy man that does that. Apart from that, it has no time as it depends on individuals and how close a man is to his wife. For me, love making entails everything including sucking of the breasts.

Arinze Adigwe

It is not for me to tell the public how many times I suck my wife’s breasts in a week. She is my wife and there is every tendency that I make love to her and you cannot exclude that.

Nzube Obidiaso

She is my wife and I enjoy making love to her, so it is not news that I suck her breasts as well. But for the number of times, I cannot tell because I don’t count it. But I know I enjoy sucking her breasts when they are available for me. I cannot be struggling for breasts with my children.

Onwuegbule Matthew

The Bible says that husbands and wives should not deny themselves their bodies which include even the breasts. I just got married and I have the privilege of enjoying my wife before the arrival of the children. I don’t count the number of times but each time I lay with her, I make a thorough use of her.

Tochukwu Onwuba

My sister, leave that side you are going. If I don’t pronounce it, does it mean I don’t suck it or that I do? She is my wife and whatever I like, I do with her body. Please, let the mature mind think of what and how many times I do that because one thing I know is that I love my wife.

Ohenhen Obeni

I suck her breasts twice a week. This is the time I feel free and relaxed. I can’t close from work and begin to disturb her but on weekends, I feel free and have the chance.But if she wants me to play with her outside this time and I am not too tired, then I will adjust for that purpose. When she is breastfeeding, the breasts don’t attract me. You won’t even get the mind to go near there. I return to the breasts only after two years.

Umm still wondering why majority of the people wey answer this breast question be igbo men :)


  1. i read it on sunday and i was so disgusted!
    they didn't know what to ask obviously...

  2. lmao i remember watching a report on nta news some yrs ago, the reporter was asking men if they suck their lactating wives breasts
    this particular bros was asked the question,
    if u c d indignant look he shot at the report (b4 nkoo look) and proudly proclaimed "Of course,the milk is for me and the baby!!" i shock.......till today am still scarred frm dat news report.

  3. Lmao....ROTFLMAO!!!!!!seriously?... i noticed at first glance that the majority of the interviewees are Igbo men too...what a joke!!!! i can so like to have my boobs sucked, lactating or not!!! i do not see any reason why it should be a sucked when not lactating abd then abandoned when lactating becos of "that white thing"..shio.... the ladies/women who now swallow nko?... are they foolish?...nonsense n ingredient!

  4. Breast Breast,why asking if a man like breast when you know it is hard to stop what he knows best,sucking breast is a natural thing for every man

  5. Purpliecious Babe (DOZ)March 29, 2011 at 4:42 PM

    looooool.... its too funny... wow women we have really tried... imagine the boobs is now candy.. oga ju...

  6. OMG i now know where to get my weekly laughter lolzzz