Thursday, October 28, 2010


COME's like there's a trend going on in Naija...These days wives just dey kill their husbands anyhow for Naija ohh....the last time, na one girl wey kill her husband just for ordinary N70...and now na this one for here.
Anyways, 18 yr old Molayo, who is a bread hawker had a quarrel with her husband for not giving her N1000 for feeding allowance. So later that same night, she was eating her bread (afterall where u dey work na where u go chop nah) and her husband decided to take a part of it without her permission. Na so the girl just turn to lion...and before u know it, fight don start...gboom gboom gbaaamm so the girl carry knife stabb my guy like say im thief smth. and that was the end of the story. And this was what she had to say:

“I got married to my husband in 2007 and the marriage is blessed with a year old child. But my husband was not taking care of me and our child. He usually beat me up each time I requested money for the up-keep of the family"

Umm oya lemme get it she got married when she was 15 then?...WTF???
anyways at the end of the day, like i usually say.....Our gov't should be blamed for inflicting poverty to the masses, as well as most of the tragic deaths that occur in our country.....a life lost just cos of a loaf of bread? Come On Nah!!!!


Okay so dont knwo if u guys have heard, but this week, security agents impounded 13 containers suspected to be loaded with arms and ammunition at Apapa Wharf in Lagos this in 13 freaking containers!!

The containers contained rocket grenades and explosives.......One thing i know for sure be say the people behind this whole weapon deal were definitely smoking smth when they decided to ship 13 containers containing weapons into Naija.

Yes we all know Naija is bad this and that, so much corruption, as well as all the crazy things happenning in our country...But to bring in 13 containers, and thinking you will just easily clear them out without no worries?....Nawa to the person wey plan this whole thing juo....infact dem suppose stone am to death for being both dumb and trying to cause some type of unforeseen turmoil in our beloved country :)


So P-Square have finally completed their house. Much Kudos to them jare..U know i always use their life story as a good example of hustling. I remember when they fiirst came out, singing and trying so hard to dance n' all that stuff....and every one of una been dey laugh them at then....and I was the only one who had this feeling that they will do it big. And today, dem don blow...U see as life be? Anyways, there are speculations that the house is worth N300million. (Naija media done come with their over estimation)
Umm but as for me, just looking at the front alone, i dont think its anywhere close to N300million. It actually looks like every other big man's house in Naija...real talk tho....anyways click below for pictures and see for urself....


In line with the provision of the Islamic legal code, the Vice Chancellor of the Niger State government-owned Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai, Professor Ibrahim Adamu Kolo, has outlawed hugging of female students in the university.

My guy even went further saying that anybody wey dem catch dey hug any female will be severely dealt wit. I swear this guy has lived up to his name, cos im done really Kolo ehh

Describing hugging and embracing of female students as immoral, the vice chancellor said the management had decided to "forgive" those caught in the act but said those affected had been noted and would be closely watched by the authorities.

 This kind of event just dey remind me of those days for Madonna University, when some security guys been won flog me bcos i been dey chat with woman for one of the empty classrooms (after 6pm).
Nothing wey person no go see for Naija now dem don stop men to dey hug wetin dem want make we come dey do nah?...dey hug our fellow men?...Its a freaking UNIVERSITY for goodness sake!!!!!!!!!!!!
another indirect way of promoting homosexuality juo :)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


"Why are these fowls transported in this barbaric manner? Are there no cages in Nigeria? Animal rights activists in Nigeria should rise up for these poor chickens!"

HA HA HA HA HA ....that was actually what one guy posted in one Naija forum online. I just couldnt stop laughing when i saw his post. Some Naija peeps never cease to amaze me juo
Just for ordinary chicken/okookoh. It's either the guy wasnt brought up in Naija, or he was just joking...But the way he constructed that his lil statement ehhn, u can def tell he was serious about the topic.
So me sef come dey wonder......If we have a country were the human rights is zero, then na chicken right wey person won go act Mandela????  nawa ohh

Monday, October 25, 2010


Okay so this is a local Celebrity yoruba actor known as Fathis Balogun. She has been dating one married man known as Mr Sunday Adeyemo for over five yrs. The worst part be say na the man wife wey even introduce both of them. So while Sunday's wife lives in London, both Fathia and Sunday were do-do-do-doing smth. 

A few days ago, Adeyemo’s wife, who is based in London, came home and met her husband with the actress in their family home. She was shocked because the light-complexioned actress and mother of two is her friend and she often stays in her residence whenever she (Fathia) travels to London.

Anyways me no really dey interested in whatever any of them did. But there's smth i've noticed (for the most part) when i'm reading Naija news: Why da heck do Naija journalists always like to differentiate our skin colors (especially the light ones)?....What in the world is "light-complexioned actress?" So as dem tell us say she dey light complexioned, make we all start to dey clap, run, smile or what?  Cos i dont really understand why they always do this crap.....We are all freaking BLACK for goodness sake...JEEZ...this na why we (black people in general) no go ever progress



But DAYUM...after looking at this picture, me self come dey even think of all the kneeling down wey person don do for this life.....The ones wey my mama dey give me for house on a daily basis...then talkless of all the ones wey person chop for Military school.

U see this na one very funny a** punishment juo. Who actually taught about all these various punishments self?. and i no go surprise if dem originate for Naija...U fit just imagine were dem dey kneel person down for Yankee?....

While i find this really funny, but at the same time, I'm actually here thinking why would someone take a picture of a kid who is already in sorrow :)   HA HA

Friday, October 22, 2010


If una like, make una dey laugh anyhow....But one thing I know for sure be say this ma guy no really send for anybody. From the look of things, he's enjoying the tingling feelings of the clipper behind his neck, thinking of how many controls im go get 2night.  Na this kind guys dem suppose dey call "FINE BOY NO PIMPLES"
and i know say just looking at the guy alone, some of u girls don dey wet already.  But dont worry, Its allowed :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gucci cakes

Una well done my people eh! I like yansh, YANSH, breast, and more YANSH... I will call off work because of yansh, I will miss my family reunion because of yansh and I can always miss job interviews because of yansh...

As a Yansh-guardian, e dey always worry me when I see women wey no take good care of dem yansh... Na one picture wey I see just vex sotay I come post for this blog...

Why did this woman waste this yansh? I'm imagining her explaining to her grandkids...


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Rolex ke?...19 ohh....dey call himself sexy and cute, and dey find man wey go put am inside im nyash
The second person won enter contract of baby production.

"sexy and cute", "agile and fruitful"......shoooooooo??? Whatta heck?????

But on a very serious note tho...WHATTA f**k IS NAIJA TURNING INTO?????

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


(shout out to Ernest Ekezie for the pic)

You know I've never seen Peter smiling this hard in a pic...Its usually his fans that are smiling real hard when they take pics with him. I guess level pass level for this one :)........You see I'm just trying to imagine in my head what really transpired before Peter and Drake took this pic.

Peter sees Drake from afar, and says "Come ohh na the Drake guy be that ohh" Infact make i go holla am per my fellow musician nah. Peter goes behind Drake and taps him from the back
Peter: Hello..shey u are Drake?
Drake: Whatta??...Who da F**k are u, SON???
Peter: I'm Peter from P-square.
Drake: P WHAT?...WTF!!!
Peter: ah ah nah...Haven't you heard of us? We are like u, but we operate in Naija and Africa as a whole
Drake: Well I'm sorry Bro...havent seen or heard your music before.
Peter: So you are trying to tell me that u have never heard of any of our songs? Ifunanya, Danger?
Drake: NO
Peter: what of "Do me"?
Drake NOPE!!
Peter: "No one like u" or "bizzy body" nko?
Drake: Nah Nigga I'm sorry i dont know these names u talking bout
Peter: Okay oh Sorry. Well i'm Peter shaa. Maybe when you go back home, go to you-tube and put in P-square. The computer will even spell our name for you.
Drake: Aight ma Nigga. Its all luv u feel me.We still entertainers, getting dat money and P***y all day
Peter: Yesi yesi i know what you mean. Okay can we take a pic?
Drake: okay ma Nigga.


Monday, October 18, 2010


(shout out to the Ghanaians, TP & co., who sent me this pic which they took from a local Naija News paper ad during their visit to Naija)

I'm still trying to figure out the 3rd person tho. Man dey answer Hillary? or is just what i'm thinking?......OH NAIJA!!!

And i really really luv how the professor describes himself as "very strong"................HA HA HA HA....freaking a**hole!!!!

Infact u know what?..i think i'll have to call one of these numbers and ask the person "PLEASE TELL ME U ARE JUST KIDDING?......ABEG!!!

3 more to be posted before the end of the week :)


So i saw this news on CNN, and I found it not only embarrassing, but also mad funny at the same time :)

So last week friday, it was revealed that this babe, Folashade Abugan is now the third Naija athlete to have failed a drugs test at the Commonwealth Games in India, where she won two silver medals.

Abugan, who came second in the women's 400 meters last week and the 4x400m relay on Tuesday, has been stripped of both of her medals after testing positive for the banned anabolic substance testosterone prohormone.

So after reading the whole thingy, i was like "if to say this babe no fine ehhn, i for vex for her well well....But i was still thinking in my mind "why would a young fine innocent looking babe like this go dey do drugs?" So being curious me, i decided to google the babe's name, so that i can see pics of her in action....Only for me to find out what she really looks like....SO NOW I CAN OFFICIALLY SAY THAT MY VEXATION DON REACH ANOTHER LEVEL :(

So google "Folashade Abugan" or click below to see her real image.
CNN thanks for feeding us with fake pic.....and u call yourself the World Leader in News???...nawa to una oh



WTF?????????????.......So we now we have two former Nollywood actors in Politics KE?? And the most painful thing above it all is that they are from my State....WHY? WHY? WHY?..What kind of freaking joke is this huh????

Anyways if this clown fit enter politics, then i guess its time for every Nigerian to form his/her own party, and start contesting for different gov't seats too.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Bomb Detonated at Eagle's Square!!!!!!

Yesterday Madam Goodluck show us say, no be only MEND fit scatter bomb for Nigeria.

The President was once a child, all these Senators that you are seeing were once A CHILDREN

abeg make una follow me give am 5 Gbosa for that bomb! Gbosa! Gbosa! Gbosa! Gbosa! Gbosa!

Okay, now on a more serious note, this nah the typical behaviour of stark illiterates. Dem no go ever gree say dem no fit speak english. why she no fit get speech writer? abi she no sabi read?

Another question, nah dis kind grammer she go scatter when she meet Michelle Obama?

This woman nah tout honestly, nah so she go embarrass herself for Rivers State that time...

Oga Goodluck abeg hire teacher for your wife make im teach am english or you fit teach am yourself, shebi you be lecturer?

Friday, October 15, 2010


OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY.....I actually thought this Lady was just being funny at first, or she wanted to just get attention. But its likes she's really taking this thing real serious....SHE REALLY THINKS SHE IS A GOOD ARTIST....WTF......And u see, this is where i will actually blame everyone of those people that she calls her close friends......Like for real I will never let someone i call my true friend embarrass themselves like this....poor video quality, bad voice, unattractive looks (including the extras and backup dancers), horrible choreography, awful backgrounds, absurd theme, redundant lyrics, and worst of all,  -zero sexual appeal

Infact abeg if any of una get this lady's contact info, just pass am to me, and me myself go personally yarn her my mind.... cos if she's thinking that she's gonna be like Timaya, P-squrare, Susan Boyle, and all those other successful musicians that people made fun of when they first started.......Na lie ohh.
I even believe say that woman wey sing that "Genetalia" song even stands a better chance of being famous before her :(


(shout out to my one and only Ada for the info.)

SO YEAH YEAH NAIJA IS BAD THIS...NAIJA IS BAD THAT........we the worst people in the world and all that bullcrap......People can say whatever they wonna say about us, but oen thing i know for sure is that we are vivdly one of the smartest, or if not the smartest people on this planet. Imaging we use our brains only for something positive....we woulda even been way ahead of Yankee now self...
Anyways below is the link to an article from the Atlanta post online which talks about Naija (in a very positive way) Its titled "Ten Things You Can Learn From A Nigerian"
Doesnt things like this makes u proud to be Naija again :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Yes ohh. this nah for all of una wey think say una like money.

Abia State government has announced a N5 million compensation will be given to anyone who can provide useful information that would lead to the arrest of Obioma Nwankwo (a.k.a Osisi Ka Nkwu). The guy  is believed to be responsible for the increasing wave of crime in the state in recent time.
The government urged anyone with vital information that could lead to his arrest to volunteer such to the authorities, assuring the people that the information would be treated with utmost confidentiality.

O yeah? ..N5 million?..not bad at all ohh.
But wait ohh.....umm me no dey too trust our government self....i think people will be kinda skeptical about giving the police any info about this guy...cos by the time u go report, the police go catch u first, interrogate ur ass, carry u go turture room (putting broom stick inside ur d**k hole and all that nasty crap) and begin to dey question u how u take know my guy. HA HA..u just gotta luv our torture system.

I think i actually have a better suggestion to the Abia State Gov't......How bout N10 milla to anyone who can provide useful info that would lead to the arrest of  former governor, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, who is the architect of this whole mess going on in Abia State. Lets start from there first, then later Peter Odili, IBB, OBJ and all others... then we can later worry about this Obioma guy or whoever the hell he is :)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Okay i dont know if some of u guys know, but the common wealth games is on now and its being held in Delhi, India ......Anyways back to the main story

Samuel Okon, 24, who was sixth in the 110m hurdles won by Andy Turner, tested positive for the same drug as women's 100m winner Damola Osayemi.....Okon and Osayemi both tested positive for methylhexaneamine, which is a stimulant that was added in 2009 to the World Anti-Doping Agency's list of banned drugs.

Umm HA HA HA ....Is just me alone that finds this news to be mad hillarious? Cos to be honest I actually dont think this should be news at allll at allll...

Cos seriously, what i dont really understand is this........HOW DA HELL ARE U GONNA BE HIGH ON DRUGS, AND STILL TAKE LAST POSITION HUH????....SO WHAT DA HECK WAS THE USE FOR GOODNESS SAKE???......infact this guy don F**k up big time.




OKAY OHH....My peeps there is good news ohh
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has  announced that Nigeria is the third fastest growing economy in the world after China and India, as a result of the growth of the nation’s economy from 6.9 per cent in 2009 to 7.4 per cent  this year.

THis is real great news, and I would really really really love to know how my beloved country which is literally the headquarters of corruption, and lacks all the infrastructures such as good roads, hospitals, electricity, high unemployment rate and importing fuel....and it's now the 3rd fastest growing economy????
Anyways IMF I believe u have officially been scammed by our Minister of Finance and CBN Governor. 

Anyways in my own perspective, i dont really see any change at all..cos the said growing economy seems to have little or no effect on we the citizens. Everybody is still suffering and things are getting even tougher in Naija everyday. 

Oh OKAYYYY.... i now get it. Our economy is growing cos of the continuous dumping/importation of used and fake electronics, cars, clothes, phones form abroad...there u go :)



Okay this facially challenged young lady right here, Omolayo Rasheed, 18yrs, allegedly killed her husband Afeez Rasheed over N70 daily food allowance.  Anyways she has been arraigned before a Magistrate Court in Ibadan, Oyo State, and she has been charged with murder.

But a life was lost just because of ordinary N70, wey no even reach up to $1......AND THE IMF IS TELLING US THAT WE HAVE THE 3RD FASTEST GROWING ECONOMY IN THE WORLD?



Okay i was reading the news in u know how they have this forums where u can speak about ur personal life and all thet fuckery. So this was what one girl wrote:

I am an undergraduate and married. My husband hardly gives me attention because of a 14-year-old girl. He lied to me that he only wanted to help her, but I caught him making love to her in the same compound where we live. I saw  them in the girl's room. He was almost speechless and ever since, life has been anything but peaceful at home. Anytime I complain, he doesn't listen. Yet I do everything possible o make him happy and I have prayed to God to take control. One night he woke me up and declared that he had stopped sleeping with her, but I knew it wasn't true. Now, he wants my love. What do I do?  

First of all which kind stupid question be that?.....and secondly i wont even waste time answering such question...cos if this babe no know wetin to do at her age, then she's a FREAKING IDIOT!!.
You see this is the problem with a lot of married women (mostly the uneducated ones) in Naija and Afirca in     general. Okay if he cheated on u with a fellow woman is one thing... at least something could be worked out,       like going for counseling and stuff....But with a freaking 14yr old?  and u dey there dey ask "what do I do?" I hope this babe is really joking.......SILLY THING                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Recently, this Idiot right here had the nerves to open his big ass lips and say that home based players were not yet ripe enough to play for the Super Eagles.

WTF  yo....First of all your old ass dont need to even be on the team....Secondly U have sucked for the past few yrs now, and thats why Everton Loaned you out....and thridly, U STILL SUCK, and for ur info, nah u be the cause of our early exit from this world cup wey just pass.

Nna ehn, the way people dey talk sometimes i no just understand. I know there are so many Naija players playing abroad, but how many of them are even that good enough to make the team?  This is like the same mentality about people who schooled abroad have a better opportunity of getting a job quicker than people who schooled in Naija. Yes thats true, but that doesnt mean they are smarter than the people who schooled in Naija for goodness sake

Why i dey even waste my time dey talk about this fool self...smchew


So Kanayo O Kanayo, one of our favorite ibotic actors (who reigned like 3 decades ago) was spotted at the House of Rep...So people who were inquisitive decided to ask him wetim im dey find for thia...and this where his answers to some the questions being asked.

He told journalists that he is an aspirant for the House of Representatives and came to submit his nomination form.
He wants to represent, Ahiazu/Ezinihitte Federal Constituency in Imo State.
In this interview with Daily Sun, he justifies his foray in active politics as predicated on his mission to be an agent of change.

Abeg na today wey person don dey here all this fuckery?.....smcheww

Whatever you are doing here right now, you are acting. If you present the wrong side of this news, they will come for your head tomorrow, therefore, we are all actors.

Umm well i just hope u guys were in an acting scene when u actually went into the House of Reps shaa. Hopefully the movie would be coming out soon

So, when you ask why I am getting into politics I just answered that I am getting into the mainstream right now. Number one, represents the yearnings and aspirations of my people;

Nukka Please....we all know u trying to go enjoy the National cake too..Jeeez. 
Anyways i'm not in no way critisize actors going into politics...After all see Schwarzennegar wey no even sabi speak english..but na im be Governor today.  But why me dey vex be say i know these guys are not going to do crap. And if u notice, he's living on past glory now cos his acting career don die tey tey. Soon nah u go see Genevive and Omotala dey enter too. ....abeg Mr. K.O.K go sit down somewhere juo.


Friday, October 8, 2010


Ok a certified hooligan posted this pic on Facebook, and had the nerves to tag people in it...and I'm still trying to figure out why someone would post this on a public site??
I'm prob guessing this was his babe b4..but they now had some quanta, and he decided to put her naked pic online in order to disgrace her or smth.
ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS......anyways i hope this go be lesson to all of una wey like to dey take naked pics up and down...or even allowing ur boyfriend or girlfriend to take naked pics of u......cos one day when problem go burst, this might be the outcome.
  So pls my people if u have a boyfriend or girlfriend that is either wicked, quick to temper, say hurtful things to u, or even potrays some sort of retardation at some point (whether before or during ur relationship).......then dont let him/her bring a camera close to u whenever u naked.
Nice tataas tho :)           But as for her face? i dont know bout that :(


Striker Marvin Olalekan Ogunjimi of table-topping Racing Genk has opted to feature for adopted country Belgium and not Nigeria, where his father is from
Mind u, In January, this same idiot had expressed disappointment over the Super Eagles performance at the Africa Cup of Nations in Angola and offered to play for Nigeria.
Anyways shaa, whether u play for Naija ohh...or u no wan play the end of the day, life still goes on... and more talents will be scouted.
U see this is usually what happens when all these Naija guys go overseas, marry a foreigner and start up a family...But fail to instill that Naija culture into their kids right from when they were born. Even if dem no get money to buy ticket and fly back to Naija once in a least try teach the kids their culture and every other stuff associated with it while overseas.

Anyways Mr. Marvin I know there will always be one word that will keep on resonating in our minds whenever we see u anywhere.......SELLOUT :)



So this man or boy (i no even know self) speaks English in 24 different accents, INCLUDING NAIJA ACCENT......See minutes 6:51 for the Naija accent :)

But if u watch the whole video, thats when u go know say some peeps really get talent for this world ehh.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Okay we all kow that 9ice has been having some crazy marital issues. u know the whole thingy about Rugged Man servicing his wife (Toni) n all that bullsh**.  Anyways this was what our Uncle 9nice had to say in a recent interview
"Toni and I are separated and a divorce is already in the pipeline. We can never come together again. If people are being fed by wrong sources about the possibility of reconciling, they are hearing from me now that it is not possible. We can't come back."
Ma guy even went further to say that he will never get married again (make we clap for am jare), though he plans to have two or three more kids.

Umm Uncle 9ice i hear ya..Well lemme start off by saying thanks for giving us great songs like Gongo-aso, photocopy and my favorite one, "pass me da ganja" :)......goood good good thanks thanks thanks (although i dont even understand whatta heck u be talking about in most of ur songs tho)
But on the other hand, i for like know how this ur situation come take affect our current and future endeavors nah? cos the last time a checked, nobody really blow about whether u marry ohh, or u no marry ehh.
Just keep on making good music for us to dance to....thats all we care about...and we def gonna be cool wit u...shikina :)
and the toni chicka no even fyne self..all i see is lips and nose :)


UMM......I guess this is certainly what they do best. In fact dem be even better pass FBI and CIA when it comes to protecting bags of rice and other food stuffs from the citizens. U fit Imagine a New york Police or London Police dey drag bag of rice with civilians....and even dey carry the thing untop im head. See the other one for far right don drag rice, sotey im shoe don tear. And Pls pls pls, dont even tell me those people wey dey for the left side be Road Safety officers.....arent the suppose to be on the road checking for stolen vehicles n' all that crazy sh**? WTF are they doing there? Una dey see wetin ordinary bag of rice dey cause.

Anyways u see at the end of the day, na still our govt I go blame...if everyone lived a comfortable life (including these foolish officers) I dont think u will see this mess happening. But the truth of the matter be say majority of the masses are struggling and people be mad hungry eh..... and at the same time we Naija peeps too dey like Awoof too :) 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


HA HA .......So Mrs. Jonathan gave people that attended the parade bags of u suppose trust our people nah....cos when there is sharing of any type of food or gift among Naija peeps, that nah when the real animality and barbaric act in us begin to manifest. See as people just dey fight because of bag of rice, like say we dey drought season. Even the (foolish) police people even tire to dey flog ehh.
U see this is just pathetic and disheartening . I guess this is another reason why we not moving forward....cos when u give a group of people (who are usually uneducated and oblivious of their full constitutional rights) lil things like this, they begin to feel u've done the best for them, and they will be ready to support u for life....without them knowing that, by right,  they actually deserve smth a million times more than a freaking bag of rice for goodness sake .....
And from the look of the pictures, im be like say na even the police people been carry majority of the bags dey go their house....Anyways are we surprised?.....cos thats basically what these illiterates/touts in uniforms do best.... Eat, drink, sleep, kill innocent citizens, and finally, always on alert to flee whenever they see armed robbers....Jeez I just cant stand them yo

click below for more pics

Monday, October 4, 2010


(click below to checkout the bigger picture)

This probably one of the best and funniest moves i've seen in a while.
So during Naija independence day, someone hacked into the Naija Senate website and put this on their homepage. a whole national assembly website ohh. I would really luv to know who did this and even give the guy correct handshake juo. Although i believe it wouldn't make much headlines, cos people barely visit this N6 million crappy site. But at the same time,  THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!
I just hope we keep on seeing things like this. U see everyone is just fed up, and its about time we start attacking the govt somehow, hence this strategy might  make some peeps sit up, and stop all the fuckery
but "FUCK THE GOVT"??........ha ha....PRICELESS :)

check out bigger pic below


OKAY LEMME GET THIS STRAIGHT RIGHT?.....As we all must have heard, there was a bomb blast in the Eagle's Square in ABJ, which killed 8 peeps and injured dozens (may their souls RIP). Even one of my bff even lost a good friend and a future leader of our country (Tahir-Zakari), a real young charismatic guy who was beginning to make headway in EFCC. And now he's gone, leaving his wife and his 6 month old daughter behind (you can check him out on Facebook Tahir-Zakari).
Anyways MEND openly came out to claim responsibility. But 5 days prior to the attack, they kept on sending warning to the govt and everyone else to stay away from the eagle square. Even hours before the attack, they still kept on sending warning, but our so called Security forces didnt take any necessary actions, hence they felt it was just a mere joke, or maybe dem even been dey fear too (once again our so called security forces have failed to protect the lives of the citizens) And our Uncle Goody Jonnathan came out hrs later saying that MEND wasnt responsible for the bomb thingy.
So now bomb don blast, 8 people don pemeh, MEND don claim responsibility, and recently apologized to the family of the victims of the blast. But our Presido still dey talk say no be MEND plot the bomb. ......
This Uncle Goodluck self ehn, me don dey get double mind bout this ur presidency oh. I used to be a big fan of u, but to be honest, i really havent seen any drastic change since u dey office. Na so so firing and hiring wey u don dey do since...still same ole bullsh**
in fact F**k all the people that were involved in this bomb plot one way or the other.