Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So fight don again for Jos again oh This time, dem talk say about 20 peeps were killed, while up to 50 cars were burnt. The yawa been burst when Muslims went to go do their eid-el-fitri prayers for one mosque wey been dey located in a predominantly christain neighborhood. Na so the Christian youths start to protest ohh...dey talk say if the Muslims no gree make dem open church for predominantly Muslim areas, then wetin go make them feel say dem go fit come do their prayers for their own home turf. Before you know it, one thing leading to another, fight don start ohh (as we all know say religious fight no dey hard to start for Naija). In the process, peeps were killed and wounded.

Prior to Monday's clash, there had been a rumor in the state that some people were planning to disrupt the Eid-el-Fitri celebration in the state, especially in Jos, in revenge of the disruption of last year's Christmas, which was marred by multiple bomb blasts which led to many deaths in some parts of the state capital.

Yes, its true that our Muslims brothers messed up our Christmas celebration last yr in Jos. But i dont think Christians should think of retaliating like this nahh. What happened to those Jesus preaching which stated that when a person slap you, do not retaliate. Instead, turn the other chick make im slap am join. Christians are supposed to be peace makers, and should not get involved in all these toutish incidents. But no the other hand, I see their pain jare. For how long will they endure all this brutalities and killings being performed by our Muslim brothers? It has really gotten out of hand jare. Only God will solve Nigeria's problems, cos dem too plenty jare.

And as much as I try hard to be a good Christian and obey the bible, one thing I certainly know for sure be say if person slap me, make im dey ready to receive im own wozah too shaa.....Cos were I from na jungle oh.... filled with only dinosaurs...No Barneys!!!...period



Umm I dont know if you guys have heard that Naija has been ranked as the 14th most failed nations....out 117 countries :(

I'm even surprised that we not even in top 5. Cos come to think about it, most of the countries that topped this ranking were our fellow African countries. At least we know these countries are too damn poor and on top of that, they lack natural resources. But as for Naija, I dont just dont seem to understand tho. We got tons of natural resources, and have the potential of even becoming one of the most developed countries in the world.

Anyways una dey see this Satan wey everybody dey talk about? I'm actually beginning to have this very strong feeling say the guy is originally from Naija :(
We probably one of the most religious countries in the world, but yet, we always inventing some type of evil/negative sh** (eg rituals, blood money, cultic activities, 419) And when people from other countries hear about crazy things like this, dem go think say na fiction.

And una know that our favorite statement we dey always tell peeps say "We Naija peeps no dey carry last?"...ha ha . Well I think we on the right track to carrying that particular last place, if  a drastic change isnt made by our government, as well as everyone of us that identify ourselves as Nigerians.....shikena!!!!


So after the whole bomb blasting thingy, Our uncle Buhari had to come out of his hybernation to blast brother GEJ. These were some of the words he had to say:

“Yes, there is a wave of terrorism all over the world, but serious countries have shown serious efforts to combat the trend. But in our own case, in our own country, there is yet to be any serious attempt by the government and the security agencies to contain or to go after those who are perpetrating this evil.

“Up till now, we are yet to see any footage on the UN building attack. Does it mean that there is no Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) in that place?
“What has happened to the report by the UN officials that they informed the Nigerian government ahead of this bombing? These are serious issues that we must address as a nation.
“All we hear at the end of each attack is either the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) claims responsibility and the President says it is not MEND and cannot tell us who it is; or we hear that it is Raymond Dokpesi because he is supporting a different politician and once he comes back to support the President, he is no longer the one throwing the bomb. They no longer trace anything to his phone.
“When has the President and his media aides become the first line of briefing in matters of arrest? Is it not the IG who is supposed to do that? It clearly shows that there is an attempt to cover up something, somewhere.

“Now, they said that they have arrested some people; where are they? Did they not say that after the bombing of the police headquarters that they arrested some Boko Haram members? Where are they? Which court were they prosecuted?

“These people are reducing governance to a child’s play. They are making us a joke to the whole world. Is this how a serious government should respond to this kind of national embarrassment, national carnage?,” Buhari asked.

Honestly speaking, uncle Buhari's statement dey make too much sense, cos a lot of questions certainly need to be asked.
But on the other hand, ummmm is anybody else thinking what I'm thinking?????  ha ha
Cos this kinda sounds like same ole politics to me for some reason....He's probably motivated the northern youths to go around bombing places.....then try to make the presido's administration look very bad and unable to tackle situations like this. But on the other hand, I may be totally wrong tho. I 've always seen Buhari as a real honest guy tho, and I believe he has a genuine interest for the nation. This is one guy that has always ran for election in a legit way you know. But I would have expected him to provide a solution instead of criticizing our presido. Since im dey talk say our presido dey incapable of finding the bombers, then make im go find them himself nah....after all no be im own peeps?
Infact I just dey confused jare, and its even more frustrating to know that there are a group of anonymous political touts out there who are the brains behind this whole turmoil in Naija.

Anyways shaa, one thing I know for sure be say if to say my man Ribadu was in power, a lot of these bullsh** wouldnt have been going on :)


Monday, August 29, 2011


Hey guys, meet Alhaji Sunusi Bello (bottom right of the pic), a 55 yr old man who resides in Kano with his family. So last week, his 50 yr old mud house collapsed and killed his wife and his five children. How painful. Probably the worst thing that could happen to any man shey? I wouldnt even wish such type of tragedy for my enemy you know :(
But what really drove me nuts about this whole story was that when this bush-baby was being interviewed, this was what he had to say:

 "I have not lost anything, Allah has simply taken back what He gave in trust".

Yo Son, you've lost your whole in your wife, and your whole 5 kids who would have had a great future ahead. And you talking about "you have not lost anything?"
Nawa ohh. I no just understand some peeps sometimes you know. Yes its good to have faith in whichever God you worship. Afterall no be sometime similar wey been do Job for bible? But I'm very very sure as much as Job had faith in God, my guy was depressed, and almost died when God took his family. But thats not the case of this Alhaji wey dey here. My guy no even send on bit say im whole family don kpeme sef.

The tragedy-struck man has, however, continued to display uncommon stoicism about his fate as sympathisers daily throng the home of his next door neighbour where he is presently taking refuge to offer their condolences. Indeed, he maintained a calm and untroubled mien during a chat with Vanguard Metro."

Umm Yeah, this aboki is definitely on some type of drugs or smth. Cos you can't tell me that your whole family just died, and you just chilling, and with no remorse, talking about "Allah has taken what he gave me"......For real son???!! Well, I'm very much sure that if you werent living in an old mudhouse, your family wouldnt have been dead by now. It's that be rocket science or anything else.
You see I dont know why we Naija peeps always want to say "Its God that caused this" "Its Allah that caused that." Its about time we should realize that sometimes, the slightest decision you may take could change your destiny for either good or bad. Thats why God gave each of us freaking brains to know whats right or wrong, and make our own decisions......JEEEZ...must everything be directed back to God/Allah...nawa 4 us ohh!!!

But isn't it funny say na we Naija peeps dey carry Christianity and Islam for head pass for this world. But at the end of the day, we not even prospering, and we still dey the same place wey the onyibo man been keep us :(


Sunday, August 28, 2011


Ok so check this out!!



And this is someone with a PHD???
Okay, I do like Jonathan as a person. But as a presido??? and with all the recent decisions he's been making?? and his very poor response to the various crisis with the nation????  NAAAH!!

Also If I could remember sometime last week, he made this statement

"President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday asked those in a hurry to assess his administration to wait till next year. He described three months as too short a period to assess an administration which only took off with the recent constitution of the cabinet." 

This N***a has been in office for over a year now, and he's made no significant achievement whatsoever. And im dey ask us to wait for one more year again?
Umm come to think about it sef, isnt this the same Jonathan that said he will provide 24/7 power supply before he leaves office. And he now wants us to judge him after 1yr? ...ha ha this my guy just dey delusional jare.
May God help our Country!!!  Thats all I gotta say :(


Friday, August 26, 2011


"No fewer than 16 persons are believed to have died after an unidentified suicide bomber rammed a car laden with explosives into the lobby of the three-storey United Nations building in Abuja at 11am on Friday morning
The driver of the car was said to have been cleared through the first and second gates of the building, which houses many UN agencies and has over 400 staff, and headed straight for the lobby where he detonated the explosives. He died in the blast along with many of the people around the place, in what marked the first attack on an international institution in Nigeria in recent times"

Like seriously, WTF is Naija turning into?.....If Abuja isnt safe anymore, then I wonder where else would be safe in Naija. This is absolutely unacceptable, and something needs to be done ASAP to resolve this whole suicide bombing bullcrap. Ofcourse incidents like this will make the world see us as terrorists. On a very serious note, the Gov't have to find a way to eliminate this whole "Boko Haram" movement, cos they just giving us a bad name for real. I've always believed in one Nigeria..but with the way things are going, I think it would be best for Naija to split, cos these extremists arent just giving up. This looks more like they trying to make a religious statement.

And how da heck did the dude pass through the first and second gate without being searched?  infact ehhn, our security system is just -1. They have failed again, and will continue to fail, if drastic measures arent taken.
May the soul of all those that died rest in peace. This life is just very mysterious and crazy. If dem tell person say bomb go kill am today inside UN building, dem for believe???   :(     

I'm just sick n' tired of these ignorant islamic extremists. Period!!!

click to see more pics juo


So there's this Big Hurricane that should be hitting the east coast area of Yankee.

 "Commuter transit systems in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia will shut down services because of Hurricane Irene.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says public transportation in New York City will shut down at about noon on Saturday. According to the governor's office, the Metropolitan Transit Authority will institute a system-wide shutdown when subways and buses begin their final runs starting at approximately noon."

As in ehhn, they way dem dey talk about the hurricane ehhn, no be small thing ohh. Since morning, na so so Hurricane Irene wey all the news channels just dey talk. and the way dem dey talk am ehn, like say na judement day wey dey come so. Yes I know its gonna be a really bad hurricane that will destroy lots of stuff. But on the other hand, Yankee pees too dey over exaggerate anything wey dem dey do sometimes. Me sef no dey too believe in all this weather forecast sometimes. There have been a couple of incidents where dem talk say heavy rain go fall..infact thunder, lighting and even hail go follow join. But at the end of the day, the weather would be so nice and sunny as f**k. Everytime this people wan dey try guess wetin Nature wan do....nawa ohh.
Well, as I was saying, so I went to my neighbors house yesterday, and he told me he did some shopping so that when the hurricane (which should last for two days) hits, they will have food to eat till its over. Na im I come see torch light inside im shopping bag...I was like shooooo!!! so this thing serious reach? Sotey my guy even go buy torch light and candle join ke? Okay ohh. And he was actually nervous about the whole thing. I ask my guy wetin im wan use the torch light do? And he was like "I got it just incase the power goes off. You know this is scary, cos I dont know what I would do if the power goes off." Na im I just dey laugh inside my mind. I just dey imagine if dem carry all this peeps for here go Naija. By the time wey dem no see electricity for 1 full day, dem go believe ehh...ha ha.
Anyways what I'm trying to imply be say, after the whole conversation between me and my neighbor, I later went back to my place and was like "DAMN....we dey really suffer for Naija (and Africa in general) ohh. Infact we don dey so used to the hardship, sotey it has actually become part of us, and we now see it as normal stuff.
You see as this Hurricane is about to happen, everybody over here are being proactive..people buying food for the whole weekend; people using sandbags to surround their houses; so that water no go leak enter inside their basement; and the government has already provided shelter zone for the homeless. Infact people are just doing everything to make sure there's no casualty whatsoever.
But if na for Naija wey something like this wan happen ehhnn.....infact make I LOL first.......cos the only thing wey u go hear for news be say "very heavy rain wan fall". And thats even if there will be any medium of communication to send out such news...cos i'm 110% sure say NEPA go don take their light hours before..or even days before sef . And instead of everybody to dey inside house, na during this kind period wey local peeps go wan come out dey baff for rain, dey talk say dem dey swim and sh** like that. Na also during this kind period wey touts dey even make money so dem go dey find car wey don quench inside water, make dem push am.....Mehn I swear the only time you can finally agree that we live in a Jungle na when you travel outside Naija to the western countries....CHAI
Anyways shaa, make this "Hurricane Irene" do come dey go jare. Cos I no like when things like this dey mess up with my weekend paroles. But at the same time, I'm kind of excited to experience this kind thing... and as an adventurer (which I am), I dey really hope to capture part of this Hurricane on camera, and show you guys. But incase I no post anything from now till Tuesday, then that one be say I don fall major victim of "Hurricane Irene"  :(
But nawa ohh...."Before na Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Todd, Hurricane Laura. Now na Hurricane Irene" and I bet you na one idiot wey dey give all this hurricanes their names. I no go surprise one day we go hear say "Hurricane Emeka" don dey enter there you go know say wahala don dey nah ...ha ha

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Alright so I'm sure most of us have heard Dbanj's new song called Oliver Twist. Well, to be honest, I think the song is wack tho...but very catchy!!!  But as correct business men and smart entertainers, they've decided to turn it into a dance competition thingy. Basically, in order to enter the competition, all you need do is to post a video of you dancing to the Oliver Twist song. I'm guessing they looking for the most creative video or smth like that, and that would be the winner. Mehnnnnn Its so funny how these entertainers could actually influence our lives in various ways. I saw a couple of the videos people already posted....Even Onyibo babes sef follow post video of them doing Oliver Twist ehh...Infact no be small thing ohh.

Anyways as from today, I'll be posting various Oliver Twist dance videos on the right sidebar of this least make una dey see the kind crazy dances wey people dey do...all in the name of Oliver Twist competition ke. I believe the competition started last week, and I no even know when the thing dey end sef...But till then, lets all have fun with this crazy mess that Dbanj and Don Jazzy and the rest of the Mohits crew have gotten most of us into......And some people are already calling me and telling me to do my own video...but i'm still thinking about it shaa :)


OWERRI—Non-indigenes, especially Northern Muslims in Imo State have been assured that their children will also benefit from the free education policy of the government.

Governor Rochas Okorocha said this when he hosted Muslims in Government House, Owerri,.
Okorocha said: “My administration will not discriminate against non-indigenes but will rather ensure that everybody benefits from the policies and programmes of the state government.”
The governor, who promised to sponsor some Muslims on pilgrimage, said “as a detribalised Nigerian, I will always engage in actions that will promote unity and peaceful co-existence.”

You see ehn, I've always been a big critique of all our so called leaders...but the only peeps I've always, and will always give respect to are the governors of Lagos, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Delta....and maybe Edo. But ever since this Rochas guy came into politics, my spirit just accepted him immediately. I've been a big fan of him ever since then, cos I believe he will come in and make a big positive impact in my precious Imo state (and yes I know i've said this a thousand times in my previous posts about him..ha ha)....and it's all coming little by little ehh. I wish all those other useless governors could learn from this dude right here. Just a few months in office, he has done a whole lot that his predecessor didn't do in 4yrs. I just cant wait to see what Imo state would look like in the next 8 yrs ehh. I no go even surprise if McDonalds or Burger King go soon come open branch for Imo. Shey una think say im no fit happen? Well, make we dey look nah....ha ha

Imo is just setting an example for other States....cos while our igbo people in the north are being killed, we dey offer their own people free education...and even sponsoring their pilgrimage to Mecca ohh.....No Be Beans nah!!!!....Rochas u too much jare....Keep on making all we Imo peeps proud jare......hopefully other governors will take note......oops I forgot they wont, cos the busy looting right now :)

and as per the "pilgrim trip" levels, Uncle Rochas you are on your own shaa....cos me no really buy that idea at all :(


Monday, August 22, 2011


So I'm sure most of una know say OBJ and IBB no dey use eye see each other. They always pointing gingers at each other, accusing each other of this and that...just acting like a bunch of dry p***ies in public. Anyways this was what IBB said about Baba recently "

"Former military president, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (IBB), yesterday took on the administration of his former boss, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, saying the latter’s government between 1999 and 2007, lacked foresight and imagination. The former military president, slammed the eight years civil rule of Obasanjo for wasting the economic affluence experienced in the country then." 

HA HA...pot dey call kettle black...The last time I checked, both of these dudes were, and will continue to be the major hardcore criminals of all time in Naija. They looted billions of Naira, and wrecked our nation. And I dont still understand how these two animals aren't in prison all this while. I'm very sure EFCC go dey act like say these two men no dey even exist for their radar. What a pity.

Anyways I think its very important to continuously remind these touts that they both did NOTHING...and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for Naija, during their various tenures as Presidents. Therefore no right thinking human should ever care about whatever it is they have to say. And since EFCC has become a bitch by continuously licking sucking the balls of these two individuals, then I guess we wont be seeing the end of them anytime soon :(

Situations like this just makes me miss FELA ehh...cos if that dude was alive, I swear these touts wouldnt have even thought of being a civilian presido.....talkless of contesting sef....ha ha

MAN RAPES GOAT..........WTF????

A middle-aged man, Nasiru Ishaku, was, on Tuesday, sentenced to a six-month jail by a Bauchi chief magistrates' court, for having sexual intercourse with a she-goat. The she-goat, according to the police prosecutor, belonged to one Mallam Bala of Federal Low Cost Housing Estate, Bauchi, adding that the animal, valued at N20,000, was rendered useless after the sexual act.

Okay so there are two things i found very interesting in this news......Firstly, that aspect of the goat being "rendered useless after the sexual act" HA HA HA HA ....Anyways I for like know wetin dem mean by rendered useless shaa. Is it that dem no go wan chop the goat again?.....or the goat's reproductive organs don dey f**ked up?.... or the goat now has mental issues/trauma as a result of the rape? Well I'm guessing they are talking about the meat aspect...cos I dont think I would like to eat a molested goat neither :(

And the second thing about this story that I found interesting was the timing. "Isnt this suppose to be the month of Ramadan?" Well I'm guessing my dude couldn't take the p***y drought he had to go find another means of satisfying himself ....You see the kind things wey people dey do ehhn....its just unbelievable. And what kills me the most is that these are just the people that were caught ohh....Therefore can you now imagine how many animal f**kers are out there roaming the streets and acting all innocent?

(nigerian tribune)


Okay I don't know if you guys are aware that Mikel Obi's pupsi was kidnapped in Jos, and the abductors contacted his family and asking for N20 milla before dem release am. But nawa kidnappers don even reach Jos area?...shoooo. And come to think about it, why the heck is this dude's parents residing in Jos, of all freaking places ke? Nawa ohh.
With all the money the kid is making, so he couldnt send his parents to any nice and safe place (that's if anywhere for Naija dey safe now sef) other than Jos?  Its even a shame to hear that his parents were kidnapped in Jos, of all big f**k up nah. There's no way in this world that I will be a millionaire/celeb, and yet my direct family members no dey reside in a safe place...thats some bullsh** right there. Anyways wetin concern me sef. N20 milla should be a change for Obi nah....afterall he makes up to 80K pounds a what are we talking about sef.

Well, I wish im papa a safe stay over there, until im pikin decide to pay the ransom.....Cos that boy resemble person wey go stingy die, and im go wan dey do "lets negotiate lets negotiate". and I'm not saying this for saying sake. But I know this cos I've seen him before, and I also know some peeps who have had dealings with him in one way or the other....and what they all say is that he's such an a**hole and mad disrespectful.......what a DOUCHEBAG!!!!!!!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hell yeah with such name alone, thats the more reason I should be shaking..and even shivering sef...!!!!
Don't get me wrong ohh...I dont mind drinking pure water at all. Matter of fact, I think I even drank more pure water than bottle water when I was in Naija. Yeah cos as a typical Naija guy, me no get time for all that efizzy/classiness/fake life wey guys dey do when dem come back from Yankee or Jand. Thinks like trying to drink only bottled water when you in Naija, and you try to defend yourself by saying that your system is now adjusted to Yankee/jand water ,and if you now drink pure water, it will affect your health. REALLY? getta f**k outta here jare....fake a** peeps. Or peeps that try to speak only phoneh when dem go Naija. The one wey dey even kill me pass na those Naija peeps wey never dey Yankee for even up to 3yrs, and when they want to go to Naija for vacation, they'll be talking about going to get vaccinated for malaria before dem enter Naija. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????? Infact lemme not even continue cos I no wan start to dey vex now. But all U naija peeps that are involved in this type of fake life sh** in one way or the other...make una repent ohh.
Anyways back to what I was saying....yeah so I dont think my lips would be anywhere close to this satchet of water. The name alone sounds like it was formed by some group of touts who just gathered together and decided to startup a water business.....................
And please dont tell me I'm seeing a NAFDAC registration number on that thing?    Oh Lord!!

Come on nahh.....these kids wer hungry and had to eat smth. why the whole falling of their hand nah?
You see there are certain things I no like about this whole scenario.

The first one is about the rate at which people be taking crazy pics in Naija these days. Its like everybody got their camera phones alert, and ready to take pictures of any crazy event they find themseves in. Cos when I first saw this pic, laugh been wan kill me ehh...but some seconds later, I was like "Did someone actually stood there to take this picture of these two kids holding an agric fowl"  Like seriously tho? These kids already look petrified, and to now bring out a camera and take a picture of them untop of it? come one nah...ha ha. For their mind, dem don dey think of the kind flog wey dem go first receive, then followed by the main event...."reporting to their papa and mama"
Secondly, if these kids were actuallly trying to steal this okuko, then what were their motives prior to them getting caught? I would have said they were just trying to chase the fowl around the area, and later let it go. I dont know about you guys, but I was one kid that loved chasing fowl. Infact i chased so many chickens that it even became my hobby....ha ha. Definitely one of the main things that makes me miss my childhood days. And I wouldnt mind doing it at this age shaa. Even when I been dey Naija some months ago, I been dey see plenty fowl just dey roam about, and something inside me was like "O boy see birds ehh...wetin u dey wait for sef?....come on go pursue them jare."  But another thing was telling me "O boy shun that thing jare..u be person papa now, and im go dey somehow say u come back from Yankee dey pursue fowl." So after much consideration, I went with my second thought. But if I get that oppotunity again ehn....u already know nah ;)

Okay back to what i was saying....yeah so if these kids plan was to steal and eat this agric fowl, then I was just wondering who was going to do the whole killing, cleaning the body parts, and then do the cooking :(     clearly none of them. Or were they trying to catch the fowl and use it for some crazy experiments (just like I use to do back in the days..ha ha)
Well, whatever the case may be, I just feel these kids have been abused, disgraced and violated.....and they deserve and apology....and I fit guarantee you say that fowl don enter an unknown person belle tay tay.


And if you think you know why, abeg just let me know. Cos the more i dey look this pic, the more my face just dey squeeze somehow. On a very serious note, babes suppose start to dey go jail for looking like this. Cos this is just causing nuisance to the public.

Putting rainbow color on your face...and starting your attachment from the middle of your skull? na na....not cool...not at mm...ehhn ehhn

and for the bush babe mind now, she go think say she sexy....ha ha 


So this is how they usually shoot all those nollywood videos that show when someone dey untop okada...ehhhhhhnnn.....infact why should i be surprised sef. Ordinary safety precaution, we no dey take. Just look at this bullcrap right here. First of all the life of these 3 fools are in great danger, cos if smth happen by mistake now, all of dem go wound scatter. Secondly, this is one very ridiculous and disturbing position. DAMN YO......too much genital rubbing and sh**.......rider getting it both from the back and front. You see  if person wey no from Africa see this kind thing, dem go think say na one kind immoral activity dey go on here.....whereas its not.
But mehn, its crazy how the society in which you live in can really influence you shaa. Before I came to Yankee, I never even saw sitting behind an okada man as anything. But when person don stay for any of these western countries where people are very conscious of all this gay stuff.....before you know it, you yourself go start to dey feel somehow sef. As I dey now, anytime I go Naija and I enter any okada, i go just dey laugh.....cos as much as there's nothing to it, at the same time, its mad funny tho.....HA HA .....But this one right here?...I no even know wetin I go call this one....and the rider seems to very very happy and pretty comfortable too :) nawa ohh

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Yeah okay so I know i've taken a lot of sweet looking pictures, and I'm happy with them, and also proud of my sexuality... lol. cos at the end of the day, I am not a sweet man in any form.
You know back in the days in Naija, and even till today, a lot of guys hold hands while walking....a lot of guys also have this feminine pose when taking pictures.......and most of the time, majority of them arent gay at all. So this has actually made it hard to conclude that someone is gay, just because of their pose in a particular picture. This has made it real hard to actually identify the gay peeps within our society, since plenty of them don dey wear camouflage). So I then came across this pic on a friend's friend's facebook profile pic...and I must say....IF THIS ISNT THE GAYEST NAIJA PICTURE EVER, THEN I DONT KNOW WHAT ELSE IS!!!!
And I'm sure y'all know say me get a couple of gay friends, and I'm mad cool with them. so i'm not trying to discriminate them or whatever. Its just that I couldnt stop laughing at this dude's picture. Like that hand on his cheeks, coupled with his cheesy smile? Come on nah. This guy sweetness don ripe well well jare...ha ha .

Monday, August 8, 2011


So I came across an article which had in the title that Joseph Yobo's wife was among the sexiest soccer wives in the planet. At first I was like "wow that's intersting and good for both of them."
But when I started to read the article, na im I come weedah somehow...

A recent list compiled and released on July 24 by Bleacher Report, the 4th largest sports media site in the US, indicates that 21yr-old ex-Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Adaeze Igwe Yobo, is the 92nd of 101 Sexiest Soccer Wives and Girlfriends.The lady married to the Fenerbah√ɧe S.K. is also the step-daughter of football player, John Fashanu.
"Her world not only revolves around soccer, but soccer seems to revolve around her also as she consistently flaunts her sexiness in front of the camera," the report says of Adaeze, who is the only African mentioned in the report.

Umm...but nawa how will a 21yr old ex-most beautiful girl in Naija, now become the 92nd OUT OF 101 sexiest soccer wives and girlfriends. Well, I'm so excited that at least one of our Naija soccer player's wife made the list shaa...and she be Naija babe untop am. 
But at the same time, the way our online newspapers dey overhype things ehhn....dem just put the whole title in capital letters, like say the babe dey top 10 sef or even 20, or even 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, or even 90 sef :(
But na 92nd dem give the babe....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... out of 101:(



The falling standard of education in Nigeria was again brought to the fore weekend when in a survey published by Webometrics , the ranking Web of World Universities, ranking 2,500 universities surveyed in Africa, no Nigerian University made the Top 10 Africa Universities.
South African-based institutions topped the continental ranking with University of Cape Town taking the lead. This is closely followed by the University of Pretoria, South Africa in second position, next comes Stellenbosch University also in South.
Africa in third position. The University of Witwatersrand, South Africa comes fourth,while University of Kwazulu Natal,South Africa is fifth. The sixth position is occupied by Rhodes University,South Africa. In seventh position is University of the Western Cape, South Africa.
South-Africa dominance is challenged by the Cairo University in Egypt which is eight in ranking. This is closely followed by University of South Africa ,South Africa in nineth position, and Makerere University, Uganda in tenth position.

Umm okay lemme take a guess...."All Naija Universities were excluded from this poll due to the current terrorism and political turmoil in the country.......ha ha ha ha ......sike!!!

Anyways SHAME SHAME SHAME .......SHAME ON THE GIANT OF AFRICA....even the so called Covenant University wey Bishop Oyedepo carry dey make noise, no even make the list sef :(



The Oyo state governor Abiola Ajimobi and his predecessor Chief Adebayor Alao Akala, moved their battle to facebook....all just cos of wetin person been put as their FB status

A Facebook user stirred the hornet's nest when he wrote as his status update that some members of the state chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria shut down the state secretariat in protest against alleged non-inclusion of real party members in the list of commissioners-nominee and caretaker committees for Local Government Areas sent to the state House of Assembly by Ajimobi.
The status first attracted the attention of a top official of the Peoples Democratic Party in the state, Mr. Kehinde Ayoola, who wrote that the government had just started.
He added, "Cast not your pearls before swines (sic), that is what the scripture says."
But Ajimobi's Senior Special Assistant on Public Communication, Dr. Festus Adedayo, reacted, saying, "It is the beauty of democracy that informed, uninformed, aggrieved and genuine commentators trade comments as this.
"What has not been said yet, however, is whether those Governor Ajimobi nominated are not bonafide citizens of Oyo State and do not deserve appointments."
Adedayo's comment drew the attention of the state PDP Director of Media and Publicity, Dr. Morohunkola Thomas, who wrote "Whether they are bonafide citizens of Oyo State is not the issue. This is a Lagos list.
"This governor has to go back and learn the political ropes. They think it is easy. They have not seen anything. Ole to gbe kakaki oba...(a thief that stole the king's trumpet...)"
Immediately after Thomas posted the comment, Adedayo fired back.
He wrote, "Egbon Thomas, falsehood should not be part of responsible opposition, with all due respect. Even Goebels, in his irresponsible propaganda, would fare better. What a responsible opposition would do, with due respect, is to point at the names. "In any case, how do you mean by, 'Ole to gbe kakaki...' That must be the greatest equivocation of the century!

UMM ...And these are the people we elected to lead us? Arent these Nukkas too old to be doing this on Facebook? You see one thing I detest is seeing grown a** peeps fighting and dissing each other on in real grown a** crazy looking (i'm def sure of that one) dudes....cos that thing no just sexy at all.
Anyways I guess thats what happens when ibotic peeps start using facebook. Before u know wetin dey happen, u go hear say both men been dey fight for road. What a bunch of touts and hooligans :)



So a nun in Enugu took a Catholic Bishop and Chief priests to court over alleged fornication.  She said she couldn't endure it anymore cos the wahala was getting too much and she no wan enter am. She talk say no be today wey the Bishop and other priests don dey try to bang her....but she no gree for any of them. Na so this guys come vex, dem come dey find different ways wey dem go fit take eliminate the poor woman so that she no go report anybody about wetin these hungry men been wan do her behind closed doors.

You see the kind nasty nasty things wey all these so called reverend fathers them dey do ehhn...its just disturbing you know. What's the essence of trying to do reverend father work, and at the same time, conji go just dey hold you up and down, left right center :(
Na by force to be Father ke? nawa to people ohh. If the Father work dey hard you (cos u no fit miliki any woman) then why living such a deceitful life huh? My friend just take off your white garment and quit jare...that would be better and safer. Or I guess dem want to eat their cake and have it too shey. Na exactly this kind thing dey kill us for Naija......what a bunch of hungry baboons claiming to be priests.

To my own perspective, I think there are three types of priests. The ones that are actually clean, and they probably make up for about 1% of the priest population in Naija....The second type na the ones wey dey kill or chop p***y in a very coded way...and I think they make up for about 70%. Then the third types na the ones wey dey fear say dem go catch them if they go after any p***y...therefore the only wey for them to satisfy their sexual fantasies na to dey jerk off behind closed doors during their free time....and they prob make up for the remaining 29%....and if care is not taken, they are very very much likely to join the other 70% as time goes on. HA HA   crazy people.

(vanguard online)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


You see there are some similarities and differences between this dude and my guy VICK.O

Very strong/rough facial features. Infact ehn, they are the type of peeps that when they get arrested, even if they are innocent, your mind go just conclude say na them commit the crime jare; Extremely ibotic looking individuals; Miraculously found their way to travel out of dey Italy, the other one dey NewYork; Ridiculous/painful music videos; making very uncoordinated sounds here and there; Both n*ggas got no facial hair whatsoever...ha ha; 

Vick.O na calabar man...while this one na without doubt, a real Nna bros; Vick.O used a female model wey resemble person wey stroke been do for every part of her body.....while this dude actually used some nice chikitos in his video shaa (me sef even dey surprised ohh); This dude is actually having fun in his video and you can tell he's a funny guy too......but Vick.O on the other hand, takes his music videos and his music career in general very very serious ohh;

I do find this type of stuff mad funny. But I'm sure some people dont think that way cos they feel songs like this are just messing up Naija's music reputation...ha ha 

Ok I know this is so random, but..ummm....isnt it funny how when most Naija boys manage to travel to Europe or Yankee, the first thing wey dey shack them for head na to get onyibo girlfriend. and dem go just dey happy, dey pose with the onye ocha gial say dem win lottery...ha ha 


You see in all these under 17, 20 or 23 football games, some teams actually use players that are below the specified age limits. While some teams might put like 2 older peeps there and give them an under 20 ID and passport. At least one or two older players wont be that obvious. But you see this una country dem dey call Naija ehhn......we sabi take any illegal act to the extreme i swear.

Look at this picture and tell me there's nothing wrong about it huh?   The last time I saw the caption of the pic, it said under-20 team :)
The worst thing be say some of these men will actually put 16yrs as their age on their passport. CHAI....see men wey their piss dey dig dip hole for ground dey call themselves under 20 ke???...Okay oh. Make we dey see nah

Monday, August 1, 2011


(Betty nawa 4 u and these pics ohh)

And am I supposed to be surprised about this pikin's reaction?......HECK NO!!!!!

So yesterday, me and my younger bros were just talking about how the bible says that "money is the ruth of all evil." And to my own perspective, I believe that's one of the realest phrases in the bible. If you just relax and think about it, everyone on earth wants to make money somehow...cos if u no get money, then that mean say hunger and poverty go be your real tight men. Think about it, we all go to school so that we can be able to graduate and start making money in our various fields.
You wake up every morning from monday to friday, and go to work......and at the end of every two weeks or month, u get paid. Every damn thing boils down to money. If u no get money, u are f**ked. If you come get nko, ur own better...but you still mad greedy and looking to make more.
I swear this whole money hungry situation is just so much in Naija....As in people are ready to do anything these days without caring if they will actually live to spend the so called money or not.....especially my igbo peeps :(

Ha ha be honest tho, I fit conclude say na we Naija peeps like money pass jare...whether young or old. I remember back in the days when visitors go come visit my parents for our house...and when they're about to leave, I dey always make myself very available so that they will remember to drop smth for me. Even if they dont notice my presence at first, by the time I start to dey shout "uncle ba-bye, aunty ba-bye"...them go see my by force nah :)   Sometimes some of them go just dash you like N50, while some would be generous enough to give you up to N500.... which was good pay back in the primary and secondary school days ohh......and my mumsi will be like "oya tell uncle/aunty thank you." And as soon as she comes back from escorting the peeps, I already know the next question coming up....."where is the money they gave you?" And Aa young as I was then, that question used to piss me off so bad....just cos I don already dey plan how I go use take the money buy some kind stuff for myself. And the worst of all na when ur parents (esp mums) take the money, and they begin to preach to you about how they are saving the money for you, and they will give it to you at a certain age when it gets to a reasonable amount. And I'm telling you guys that till today, my mama never give me any of the money wey she collect from me when I was a kid. Anytime I bring the issue up, she go just give me her finishing move question....."Where do you think your provisions and pocket money in secondary school came from?"..........and inside me, am like WTF????? thats some serious bulllllsh** (I was saying this inside my mind ohh...ha ha ) Anyways I bet we've all experienced this type of sh** from our parents somehow. And I cant wait to do this same sh** to my son....ha ha
Anyways in a nutshell, we Nigerians too luv money, regardless of how young or old we are. As I always say, "money isnt everything, but money is everything."


Jos-The Plateau State Government has said the barring of females from wearing trousers at the state secretariat and other government offices was part of the campaign against indecent dressing.
Head of Service in the state, Mr. Moses Gwom who gave the clarification in an interview with newsmen said it was also in line with the 10-point agenda of Governor Jonah Jang's administration of which ethical re-orientation was one.

Okay so thousands have been killed; hundreds of thousands are either homeless, or have relocated to safer regions; people are living in fear; religious and political uncertainty still exists......Different solutions need to be brought up in order to tackle the present situation in Jos. But instead, the govt feel barring women from wearing trousers na the most important thing for their agenda right now.

I dont just understand these our so called leaders/govt sometimes. Whats wrong if a lady wears working trousers to work. It so unfortunate that there are some poeple out there wey wan turn Naija to Sudan, or Saudi Arabia or Iran, where the rights of women dey limited.

There are some things I just find really crazy tho. Just like last week I heard on the news that one of the countries in the Middle East was going to penalize a lady for driving.   ?????????????????????????????
As in WTF is wrong with some people for goodness sake. These our Arab brothers ehhn, sometimes i no just understad where some of them actually think from...brain or nyash??...Umm prob nyash i guess :(

But yeah this whole women barred from wearing trousers is TOTAL BULLSH**......Mr Governor pls lets talk about how we gonna build back the city of Jos...and stop talking about what women should wear and not wear.....
I believe people should be able to wear whatever the f**k they feel like wearing, as long as its appropriate at their place of work....PERIOD. Soon now, we go hear say some silly idiots killed a woman because she was wearing trousers...and before you know whats going on, its gonna escalate into a religious turmoil as usual. I just tire jare



The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Olugbenga Ashiru, on Tuesday said Nigerian Missions abroad would henceforth undertake reciprocal treatment regarding the issuance of visas.The minister said in maiden meeting with members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Nigeria that Nigeria would longer not tolerate the shabby treatment of its citizens by foreign missions that appeared to have developed a habit of frustrating Nigerians with genuine reasons to travel.
Ashiru said it was no longer acceptable for missions in Nigeria to make Nigerians suffer just because they were seeking visas.
"I wish to assure you of the readiness of Nigeria's diplomatic missions to undertake reciprocal treatment.
"Where visas are delivered promptly within three to five days, we shall reciprocate and where there is a delay, we shall apply the same measure.    REALLY????

BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH....ohh so na now wey we dey wake up?  goodmorning ohh.
Anyways as we know, all our govt do is talk talk talk talk, and no action. But if we start seeing action, then we go start to dey believe our govt. But till then, una story na lie!!!

Okay first of all if these idiots want make we believe them, then the first thing they should do is deport all those Asians wey dey come our country dey do big boyz...cos most of dem clown a** looking peeps are illegal in our country. But yet we dey treat them like paramount rulers...ha ha
and secondly I know this doesnt relate to it, but I believe every damn person working at the Naija embassy in New Yok, should be sacked.....I don tal my own finish shaa