Wednesday, June 23, 2010


You see there some complaints when the world cup started, that some South African girls have been seen walking around the streets topless, with breasts dangling up and down n' sh**..Well, me I no know wetin to talk shaa, cos if u think about it, thats their culture..and they love it too :) I'm happy even westernization hasnt made them to stop it. thats what i call "culture preservation & maintenance"....So that even in the next 20 yrs to come when cars don dey fly by then, South African babes go still dey maintain their breast flashing tradition :)

But..umm u really need liver to do this kind thing ohh.....I think I really love this culture cos it teaches a whole ot :)  like being confident in ur own body n' stuff...cos as u dey see, every babe breat for hia get their own characteristics... the ones wey dey sag ohh.... the ones wey dey stand ohh.... the ones wey dey sleep ohh... the ones wey hair just surround the nipple area.... the ones wey their nipples dey like cigar stick...and even the ones wey no get nipple at all self :)   In fact God u too much eh

Imaging say this kind thing dey happen for Naija :)   would be great for tourist attraction tho


  1. which kain tradition be dis sef!

  2. 1stly i think you should learn propper english Gramma and secondly do some research about South African Culture of Reed Dance and 3rdly this was a March on the Cities CBD against the banning of Reed dance,Girls dont just walk around Topless anyday they feel like. we South African maybe the most modernised country in the continent but we still preserve our Cultures and traditions and please learn to respect that.

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