Thursday, March 17, 2011


 HA HA HA ...okay so i just saw this on a daily independent section. So this is what some guy wote to a lady, Mrs. Agatha ( i believe she's and advisor when it comes to all dem men and women relationship bullcrap)...Mehnn thankGod for internet now ohh.....people are now able to express themselves anonymously :)    I just dey imagine where this guy go come dey tell people this kind thing in person :)...mad funny sh*** tho

Dear Agatha,
Kindly tell my wife and I what to do to improve our sex life. As a man, my organ is small and my performance cannot last more than five minutes. My wife, on the other hand, is near frigid. She doesn’t contribute a thing to our lovemaking. She leaves the entire job to me. 
Our marriage is two years old. I am already thinking our marriage is a mistake. This isn’t what I envisaged when I got married.
Although we both got married as virgins, I believe that lovemaking should be more fun than it currently is between my wife and I.
Deep inside me I feel something is missing in our marriage. I am seriously itching to know what it is.
Please help me.

Well, if to say i be the so called Mrs. Agatha, below would have been how i will reply the small pee pee Frank :(

HA HA HA HA HA HA ...............U THIS MORON!!!.....nawa for u ohh....U dey beg me to help u u as in which levels nah?  My friend if na true true say u and ur wife both disvirgin una selves, then why are u bothered about having a small kanda, or not being able to perform at a longer time huh? Cos i'm not sure she would actually care bout all that stuff tho. 
Anyways look here Mr. Frank, no be everything wey u go dey seek for advice.....u suppose dey use ur brain sometimes my friend get ur ass up and go to a porn store and by a freaking pennis enlarger, since i'm sure that would make u happy...and as for the performance angle...havent u heard of Viagra, or if u no too get money to buy am, then i'm sure u must have heard of alomo bitter drink :)   Or u even know what? i think ur performance is bad now cos u are just starting, so the thing still dey sweet u well well...but dont worry maybe in the next 2 yrs, u go don develop stamina and long performance....its like going to the gym nah :)

I'm sure this two things will help in bringing back your confidence and making u happy :)
and tell that ur wife to start to dey use her brain too ohh.....cos staying like a log of wood during sex na one very very uncool and unsexy thing :)


  1. lmao...Alex u no go kill me but na true talk oh.
    The 2 of dem need go buy self help book begin read or as u talk watch porn movies...

    Mr Frank u dey complain say ur wife this or that...Listen MR Frank as u claim say una 2 do am 2gether for the first time una 2 need find way to better una sex life.....Hint buy urself a "Kama sutra" book. It will help

  2. Mr. Frank, what you really need is a practical lesson on how to use your 'thing' and how to make your wife a contributor to the show. The size of that 'thing' does not matter much but how you use it matter a lot. If you would not mind, you can bring your wife to me to give it to her in your presence so that you can learn the practical way. Seeing is believing.

  3. lmao...@surprise- that's a very silly thing to say....haha

  4. LOL. surprise u don dey krase oh

  5. Haba mr surprise!

    Actually, there's nothing like learning on the job so he will give you his wife and watch exactly what you are doing to her and in the bed nest to you guys he will be following suit and doing the same on your own wife!!!

  6. LMAO..and Erm with the right mind frame,U can go long distance even on the 1st all psychology... :P

  7. ur reply is just funny jorrrr
    na wa for internet oo