Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Okay so someone just sent me this picture of this dude selling banana in a classy way. As in my guy knack im coat and tie..looking all clean and professional and ish....as in this na the type of guys wey you go see dey work for bank or NNPC sef.
I just hope this is a joke shaa......But if this is for real for real?  THEN VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM DEY OHH :(

But at the same time, if this dude dey sell banana for real for real, then I'm guessing he's wearing this outfit so that people go pity am or smth. Anyways whatever the case may be, its still a good marketing strategy on his side shaa....ha ha
Imagine say you dey for traffic, and wan buy banana.  As usual, enough banana sellers will storm to you at the same time, and it will be hard for you to even know who to buy from sef. And all of a sudden, this dude just appears. I bet you say you actually wan pay this my guy more attention, and even buy his banana at the end. You know why? Well As for me I dont know why ohh. But one thing I know for sure is that there's just smth about this executive banana man that none of us can even resist ;)
And his bananas are looking very fresh and yellow too? come on nah...why I no go patronize this dude then?..ha ha   :)


  1. where have u run off to all this while? over a month and no gist? hope all is well o

  2. Where are you??!! Abeg come back quck o!

  3. O boy where you dey now? Everything alright???

  4. That is what we call a serious professional seller. LOL

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  5. nawa 4 u! I hope that you're okay as it's been a while since you last update ur blog