Thursday, March 1, 2012


Masses: Vicko You Suck
Vic.O: I know I can sing and rap

Masses: Vicko is a disgrace to the entertainment industry
Vic.O: I'm a son of God and I can rap

Masses: Vicko stope wasting money makinf all these useless videos cos you suck entirely
Vic.O: Money is not my problem cos I'm a son of God and I love what I'm doing

And it goes on and on and on........

But guys on a very serious note, I dey take God name beg all of una....abeg anything wey Vic.O don do una, abeg make una forgive the guy, and you all should try as much as possible to start liking this dude and his songs abeg. even if na by force, make una try am :(

As for me, I've always been a Vic.O fan ever since he came out, and u guys know it :)
And the more I watch this dude, the more I begin to find out that this guy na one very very unique individual. Think about it tho. If it was another individual that everyone was dissing and telling them that they suck....I bet you that person for don quit tay tay. But this guy is just adamant about his music talent, and doesnt give a crap about all the negative stuffs that almost everyone has said to him. Think about it....How many people do you know that actually have the kind of heart and non-giving up spirit wey Vic.O get huh?

Anyways abeg make una like Vic.O for me. He's really putting his whole heart and soul into this his music career thingy...Therefore my brothers and my sisters (in my Vic.O's voice), I dey take Baba God name dey beg una....pls try your best to start liking Vic.O's very unique talent. And he also seems like a pretty nice and fun guy too. I swear if God bless me with money ehhn, I'll throw a huge party in NYC by the end of the yr...... and guess who will be the invited artist that will perform? Vic.O (hopefully if dem give am visa shaa) and we shall have a lot of cool fun :)
But seriously can you imaging Vic.O performing? I swear its gonna be the most entertaining event ever.

ViC.O FOR NOBEL PEACE PRICE !!!!.. keep doing your thing jare..



  2. LMAO @ "noble" ....i"m just a dork!!!...i don change am tho. thanks..ha ha

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