Tuesday, March 6, 2012


A man suspected to be suffering from mental problem was overpowered Monday, by passengers after he had gained access to the most secure part of the international terminal, the airside, at the Murtala Muhammed Airport Lagos.
THISDAY gathered that on getting into the tarmac, the man, whose identity could not be ascertained, shouted, "I want to go abroad; I want to go to Europe. Please give way for me to go."

You see ehn, its such a pity that even mad man sef don tire to stay for Naija....I guess we can also blame fuel subsidy on this one. Think about it tho, right now I sure say im go dey very hard to find left overs for dustbin, talkless of free meal sef. Everybody just dey hold their pocket very tight. So I no blame my guy jare.

But I no go dey surprise too if this na one normal guy wey just disguise himself to see if maybe luck go dey im side that day. Cos mehn these days in Naija, people will go extra measures in order to get what they want. The last time wey I dey Naija, na so I just dey see different types of people claiming to be mentally ill or handicapped...all just to get money. But the more I come dey look them closely (especially if I see them in  different locations) the more I come notice say these dudes even dey 100% healthy pass me sef. As in ehhn, people will disguise themselves in a way you've never imagined in Naija....all just to get that qudi :(

And as much as I no blame all the people wey wan commot for Naija by any means necessary, but at the same time, I wish these people could only understand say life in Yankee or Europe no be bread & beans ehh. Especially with the poor economy in these regions, life is now tougher than ever. I'm sure majority of our Naija people outside Naija (especially those with no working permit) will attest to what I just said. And I bet if you provide these same people with free plane ticket to come back to Naija, majority of them no go even think twice ehh.  Life is freaking tough everywhere now, and people should start getting that into their skull, in order to avoid becoming a nuisance to wherever they end up at. And its about time we stop having this mentally of "he went to Yankee and he's become successful. Therefore I need to go to Yankee too so that I will become successful too"  PURE BULL$#&%.
We all different, and cos smth worked well for you doesnt mean its going to work well for me.

But wait ohh....Did they just say that the mad man gained access to the most secure part of the airport without been accosted? So what if to say na person wey carry explosives ke?    Chai....Naijaaaaaa :(



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