Friday, April 29, 2011


(Shout out to Obiamaka for sending me this bullcrap)


This is actually the name of a movie ohh...shey i been tell una say Naija movies don officially run out of movie titles.

But u know the funny thing is that both our movie and entertainment industries are still in its growth stage...dem never even reach maturity stage yet. Therefore i believe more exploitation needs to be done ehh :)

Yes we have produced gazillions movies, but there's still smth aint right with our movies. Ok lets face the fact, will u watch a Jim Ike movie over a Danzel Washington movie????????????  :( :( :(
Now u see what i'm talking about ehn....maybe the only people wey go watch Jim Ike movie Over Danzel's na those people wey NEPA no dey even show face for their area...and when the light even come sef, na so so Local news @7pm or all dem crazy low budget Naija movies wey de go dey watch.....or all those fake fake actor and boze movies wey plenty people go just gather dey watch from person window...HA HA ..that shit be mad funny tho.

Anyways back to what i was saying...Well, until we start making quality movies with content, and producing quality in quality actors ohh.....then thats when i go clap for our Naija movies.
But until then...........THEY ARE ALL BABASH :)

but on a serious note tho...."I should Abortion?"     WTF IS THIS SH**?