Friday, April 29, 2011


Okay so one day we were at Krixtal Lounge (i'm sure most of una wey don go ABJ know the joint na)....and one of my boys saw one half cast looking chick outside the club......she prob fulani or smth (that one concern her jare).
Anyways so while my guy was chatting up with her, she was like "i'm about to leave to my hotel, cos i wonna go smoke with my friends...and my driver/friend is waiting for me"
So as a happening and bubbling guy, when u hear the word smoke, the first thing wey go enter ur mind na my guy come ask her "una get weed?"....and she just said the magic word "YES"   :)
So na im my guy no wan loose the he told us that he would follow the girl in their ride, and me and the other guys should just follow them behind to the hotel.  Na so i just carry myself dey drive for their back dey go. Reaching the hotel nah, everyone came out of the we all formerly introduced ourselves....

As we come enter the room, mehn na im gbege don start ohh....there where like 2 other girls that look like her....i swear those girls were fulanis....and from the way they look and the kind things dem been wear, i could vividly tell that they come from a rich family. So my guy just dey Ginga...drinks don come out ohh....guys don start to dey happy cos dem don start to the roll the weed....and yes, skunk to be specific :)    Even me wey sleep been dey catch sef, my eye come dey open small small.

So while everyone was just chatting up, na im two of the two chicks just tell us to excuse, and they went into the bathroom, along with her so called driver/ sef come dey wonder why all of them dey enter there nah....the bathroom door was open, and there was a long mirror hanging on the door. So we just dey use style dey look thru the mirror to see wetin dey happen, before these strangers carry use do blood money ohh..ha ha .... Can u believe that these lil fulani chicks just brought out 2 pipes. me come dey wonder.....Shoooo...which time dem start to dey use pipe dey smoke weed...nawa ohh.....and all of a sudden, she brought out some white looking hard substance and they lit up that joint. and i was like HELL F**KING TO DA NO!!!!! i actually seeing these lil girls smoke crack right in front of me? (well actually inside the ......O boy ehh na im sleep just commot for my eye sharp sharp

After they finished smoking, they came out and started chattting with us...i swear i been think say i dey movie.....even their so called driver/friend come dey ask one of my guy wetin be im name...and after my guy told him, he still kept on asking him like every 1 minute...and kept on doing this over and over and over and over and over and over.....Na there wey i just conclude say CRACK IS JUST THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO ANYONE, I SWEAR!!!....even the girls come dey talk, dey pause, dey talk, dey pause, dey talk, dey pause....inside my mind, i was like "WHERE DA F**K AM I FOR REAL?"

Thats when i finally concluded that all dem things people be talking about "drugs in Abuja" is real. There's just so so much drugs in that land and too bad they get into the hands of all these spoilt rich kids (esp the hausa/fulani ones) Anyways shaa, after the guy come dey act like say spit wan start to dey leak from im mouth, like imbecile, na im me and my guys just run jare......nothing wey person no see for that land i swear!!! i see why there's a saying that goes "crack is wack"


  1. lmao!!
    I'm an Abuja babe. Abeg, which kind of babes are thoe? they didn't even invite you to come join. hahaha

  2. hahhahah...LWKMD! Money is the root of all evils, person wey never see food chop no go dey use money buy drugs. SMH

  3. Welcome missed your stories...laughed so hard at your sure hard fun in 9ja.

  4. @Yinkuslolo dem been wan use style incite me ohh, but i come dey do like say sleep been dey catch me badly..ha ha
    @9jafoodie.......u don see am na....when we are looking for how to make ends meet on a daily basis, then there are some peeps wey just dey use money do toilet paper...its all good shaa...
    @Ibhade yes ohh i had such a great time in Naija...I just love going back home cos there is always smth to laugh at every blessed day that u come out of ur house ehh...HA HA

  5. na wa.

    anyways you had fun in Abuja