Wednesday, April 27, 2011



So me and some of my peeps where chilling at one indomie joint near Wine shop in ABj.......We just dey our own ohh, dey wait for our sexy indomie to come out make we chop.......Na so one guy from no where just enter the place in a hurry like say person been dey pursue am...he immediately told the DJ there to reduce the song immediately that he wants to say smth very very important that just happened now. Mehn everybody come dey wonder maybe the guy been escape from robbery or so.

Na im my guy just open mouth talk "Make all of una listen, Jesus is coming in the month of May, and 21st to be specific. Everybody just dey look am, and my guy still dey talk.  So we now asked him why im be say na on the 21st im wan come.....why not another date? guy no fit answer. some people come ask am say how im take know? guy no fit answer. All he did was to keep on repeating it the we shall see what will happen on the 21st of May. Na im some people for there come wan slap am sef...even the DJ come turn im radio up. Yet my guy still dey there dey insist on wey go happen.

So while im just dey talk dey go, one guy wey been dey next to us with im babe no been dey talk just been dey observer the noisemaker since. So after like 5 mins, the messenger still dey argue with some boys for there, na im the guy wey dey next to me come tell the waiter to give the messenger 3 indomie with 3 eggs make im chop. So i come ask the guy why is he trying to give this guy im my guy just tell me
"o boy this is naija and a lot of things dey happen wey people no dey notice. if u look this guy eye well well, u go see say no be am dey for here. Only very few people wey know the koko go see say na hunger dey worry this guy.

I been think say this guy just dey talk ohh...but as dem bring out that indomie ehhn, i swear i've never seen someone finish a food so fast like this so called messenger did. After im chop finish, im tell my guy "My Chairman u too much. Thank you"


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