Wednesday, April 27, 2011



So while i was in Abuja, and word on the streets was that there are some top notch shops in exclusive areas like Asokoro, Maitama and Wuse II , where u must call and make an appointment in oder for you to come shop at their location

"Insisting that decency and quality service delivery were the hallmark of the clothing hall, Oloyo stressed that “it is a must that you make a call, then we’ll now be expecting you to come here to buy something. Anybody cannot just walk in here like that.
“Actually, if we make it a place where anybody can come, you know, some people will just come here check on the types of products that we have here but they cannot meet up to buy the kind of products we’re having. They will be thinking that it is the type of products that other people are having outside that we have here, but when they come here they find it difficult that it is the type of thing they cannot purchase then this place will later become like a general market place, that is why we make it a system that some standard people will call us before they come. We wait for them to come and buy what they want to buy."

LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.......BUT STILL SHAA, WTF??????  una dey see the kind thing wey too dey cause trouble for Naija?  But u know its so so so crazy to see that most of these wealthy ass guys here are criminals...oops i meant politicians :)  and wetin dey even pain me pass be say when we the masses see these kind people for road with their sirens and convoys and sh** us go dey hail them pass...what a shame and a pity that some ibotic idiot go just manage to make money by stealing from the govt or smth.... and then feel they are way better than every one else. Naija is crazy for real ehh

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