Thursday, April 28, 2011


I dont know why i just like this biscuit ehh........Okay let me be honest tho. Yes i was mad obsessed with cabin during the secondary skul days.....grinding it and mixing with milk and sugar,  and finally soaking the sh** out of it. Mehn soaking cabin was the ish in boarding skul jare....All my boarding skul peeps know what i'm talking about nah.

So when i was back in Naija, i bought one box of cabin. I used better blueband butter with am, and mehnn, that stuff was off the hook. Then few hrs later, i soaked it. See enjoyment scatter ehh. i swear i felt like a million box ehh...HA HA

But for some reason, on the second day, i noticed that i wasnt feeling cabin like i did back in the skul days. I no even know whether na bcos person done grow from that childhood age, or just say man don dey see better food dey chop nowadays :).    Anyways whatever the case might be, i tried so so hard to know what might have made me just fall out of love with my favorite biscuit on earth. All my friends know say i no dey carry cabin play sef. There was even a time i posted on my blog that i was craving for cabin...and before u know wetin dey happen, 4 days later my secondary skul daughter bak in da days sent me a box of cabin all the way from Canada (I luv u my lil baby Nneyen Umana)

Anyways to cut story short, i now decided to find a way to fall back in love with this lovely innocent biscuit.......AND GUESS WHAT????......I FOUND MY LOVE BACK :)

I'm sure u guys will be wondering how...well let me tell u the secret.....After staring at those two red face couple in the front of the packet (i just dey wonder where the heck they got them from, and who actually decided to color them red shaa), and also the way dem put the buscuit for their mouth, and the happiness on their faces as they trying to get their first bite........infact all these just made me fall back in luv jare. Welcome back Cabin and i'm glad to have u back. Thank you for making our childhood, puberty, and adolescent period, fun jare. And i promise i will never let u go anymore....(if ur company no fuck up shaa)

THUMBS UP IF U LUV CABIN JARE!!!!.....regardless of how dry it is....ha ha ha


  1. haha ur so fun. Now i remember secondary skool days

  2. hahahah.. all these for Cabin?? mEHNNN.. I rem Cabin + peak milk sha. O mehnnn.. I want some :(