Wednesday, April 27, 2011



Okay so one good friday so, me and two of my friends and a set of twin (names withheld..ha ha ) went to Krystal Lounge. So na so we dey inside club dey flex dey go we went to the VIP and one of the twin was buying the drinks for all of us....we drank up to 5 hennessey that night be small money wey the guy spend. So as we all know nah, wherever there is cheese/crayfish, rat must always find im way there... So na im ashewo dem come dey see wetin dey happen nah, so they found a way to get into the VIP, and my guys come carry them ohh... But the funny thing be say the twin1 wey been dey spend the money been talk say im no dey carry any ashewo cos he doesnt give a damn about them , and he's just trying to do him......HA HA HA HA ...

So time don reach to go house nah, all my guys except me and the twin1 been no carry any ashewo. So as we come reach house, my guys come dey wire these girls mercilessly the way the chicks come dey moan start to dey make the twin1 to the think twice ehh. Before u know wetin dey happen, my guy just commot for im bed to go see if im go follow wire one of the ashewo wey our friends and im twin2 been dey f**k already.......HA HA HA

Before we know wetin dey happen, the twin1 wan enter im brother room, but my guy been don lock door already ehh. Na im twin2 just shout
"o boy why u dey disturb me nah? shey we been tell u to carry ashewo for club, but u been dey do chariman...go sleep jare".........HA HA HA HA

Then luckily im come enter one of the unlocked room where our guy1 been wan start to dey f**k, im twin1 just tell them say im wan join too....but dem no gree am.  before u know wetin dey happen this thing don turn into serious issue ohh. the ahsewo and the guy talk say make im commot, but my guy no gree (he was drunk still).  and the next thing we heard from him was:
"I bought all the drinks u guys drank, i gave everybody a good time, the ashewo them been come meet una cos the saw how the drink was flowing. It is my money, the girls are suppose to be mine how u go dey tell me say i no go fit fuck too huh?"................HA HA HA HA 

Mehn i couldnt stop laughing ehh...and to even make the matter worse, i now came into the room to solve the while the twin1 finished explaining his part to me, the next thing that came out from my guy1 mouth was 
"O boy Alex no mind this fool jare...when we been dey tell am to carry ashewo, im been dey do big now conji don catch am, im wan come carry my girlfriend"
immediately he said that, i was like ........????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

So later the twin1 come call one of our guys wey dey for PH. (mind u this is like 5am in the morning oh) . twin come dey tell the guy say "ye,s guys will always fight, and settle back immediately.....but wetin dey make am go crazy about this whole situation and why he called him by this time of the day na to let am know say guy1 been call ashewo im "girlfriend"!!!

HA HA HA HA HA .....Mehn its way more funnier if u witnessed it in person.....i been laugh sotey i no even know when i sleep sef...woke up the next morning and started laughin.......
"person dey call ashewo im girlfriend"............nothing wey person no go hear for Naija


  1. Guy na wa to you oh!

    E be like say you just go flenjure for the full abj!
    I was ther briefly myself and i no go lie you all dem indomie trips for Wuse after you comot from club, abi for that sheraton side where na nylon dem dey take package dia own indomie, no be small trips.

    But your guys sha, na wa for d kain highness wey go make yu talk say d ashawo na your girlfriend.

    Good to have you back.
    Ngwa more gist!

  2. HA HA my guy i dey tell u really nawa to me and the people wey been dey do all this paroles worry enof gist dey..thanks


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