Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Okay so I'm a big fan of all types of dance moves, especially the African ones. And yes I can step really good too. People wey sabi me me go fit attest to my dancing capabilities nah :)

My favorite dance steps...Umm lemme see...Galala, Makossa, Swohh and ofcourse my all time favorite, "alanta" :)
As in ehhn, when Alanta came out, I was going crazy over the dance step...Its just mad kool. Even sef, I dey dance alanta when I go Yankee clubs....and na so people go just dey look me (I'm sure they prob be like "WTF is this nukka doing"?...ha ha)

Anyways I never thought there will be another dance step as sick as Alanta. But I guess I was wrong. Last October when I threw my house party, one of my Ghanaian pals brought his cd and gave the DJ to play. And when the songs came up, he started doing this crazy dance step...and people just gather am dey shout, dey ginger my guy. And I was like "wow this step correct ohh." At first I thought he was just making it up, but when I later went to a couple of Ghanaian parties, I then realized that a new dance has come to light. "AZONTO"
As in I love this dance step so much. Its just mad kool ehh. I think it’s kind of a mixture of African dance mixed with London "migraine skank" or whatever dem dey call am for there sef.

To be honest, I gotta say that this “azonto” dance step (and the songs that go with it) just put Ghana back on the map ehh. We all know Naija has always got the craziest and hottest dance steps. There's even this new Naija dance step called "etighi". Yeah its really cool too. But Mehn I swear this "AZONTO" dance step is just untouchable right now. And sorry My Naija peeps, I'm going Ghana for now. Azonto all the way.


And is it just me or Ghanain artists are also stepping their game up big time too :)
Big ups to my Ghanaian people jare

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