Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So I been hear say our first lady recently went to AU summit in Addis Ababa.....and guess how many aides accompanied her? 32...as in Thirty-freaking-two.
Umm if I can remember, didnt our uncle Johnny just promise us that he would reduce waste in governance? Or na only me hear am? or was I dreaming or smth? or didnt I also hear am say the only way to save money go be through subsidy?

You see, what annoys me about Naija be say we too dey do like say na we better pass every other African countries....raising our chest and shoulders high, moving around with nonsense pride...despite the fact say we actually have nothing to show for, if you come to think about it. And I bet you other African countries go just dey laugh us anytime we wan start our usuall noise making. I still dont know why we still living in past past past glory.
I'm still trying to figure out what does our aunty Patience need 32 aides for? I'm guessing its our tax payers money that will be used for this trip shey? Umm just wondering ohh....me no talk anything negative shey?  ;)

Anyways, its so unfortunate that during this fuel subsidy protest, we were unable to seize such a golden opportunity to start a revolution. All because of some bunch of NLC leaders/faggots who betrayed us. Well, I guess another time. But till then, lets keep on doing what we do best..."suffering and smiling :)



  1. where u there?as long as i condemn the flamboyant lives of our politicians, i is not everything that the media puts up about them that I agree with

  2. LOL...I wasnt there in person, but my spirit was...ha ha
    And this isnt the first time such thing has happened u know...so why doubt our media nah