Tuesday, January 24, 2012


AWKA-THE Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, yesterday gave the Nigerian Army 48 hours to release its members arrested and detained in Onitsha since last Sunday, saying its non-violent posture should not be mistaken for weakness.

Addressing newsmen in Onitsha, MASSOB Director of Information, Mr. Uchenna Madu, also demanded release of corpses of the organisation’s members allegedly killed same day for proper burial.

YEAH YEAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH....Until I see am with my own eyes ehh

You see one thing about igbo people be say dem too dey make too much noise. They are usually the victims of any sort of religious crisis or chaos that erupts in Naija, regardless of the region. Everytime na so dem go dey butcher us up and down like fowl, and yet na so so talk we sabi. Dem don butcher us for Jos, we no talk...Boko Haram come dey butcher our people for North, and yet we never do anything. And now Naija army don enter our land dey butcher us ke. Come on Mehn....

It’s pathetic that igbos can’t stand for their own right. And later this so called Massob people go come out dey talk "we are trying to do a peaceful demonstration". Peaceful my a**. Okay where peaceful demonstration don take una go? Those days of Ghandi and Martin Luther King don pass jare. And even if im never pass, such type of demonstration style cannot happen in Naija.

Everytime na so so Biafra/Massob wharever wey igbo peeps don dey carry for head for how many years now, and yet nobody send for them. See Boko Haram wey just come out yesterday don dey even make our government dey shiver sef....This is to show us say the only way you can make your message heard in Naija is by being violent. Unfortunately that’s what it has come up to. Cos if you start to dey do Ghandi style, even your children-children no go fit still send your message to the government.

I'm sick and tired of a these fake threats jare. If you want to shoot, then shoot and dont talk. Jeez. Anyways make we dey see shaa. Shey 24hrs don pass...so we have another 24hrs left. So make we dey see the outcome. As much as nobody wants violence, but I think its about time these whole Massob guys change this their "peaceful demonstration" bullsh**, go equip themselves and be ready for war. Cos this is just getting out of hand. Our so called army (which we all know is controlled by the north) cannot do this to OPC or Boko Haram....But na always for igbo people body wey dem go dey do gra-gra!!

One thing I know for sure be say if igbo peeps continue this their whole "talk and no action bullsh**," then 100yrs from now, The only time people will hear about Igbos will be in history classes"...cos by then we go don go extinction finish :)

But how can we achieve our goal when we igbos cannot come together as one? If we truly start war now, before you know it, our government will meet some of our ndigbo leaders and bribe them and their boys...and before you know it, war don end. I guess people are right when they say "na we like money pass"  :(



  1. Who no like money? But really, this is not the time for all this.

  2. dont encourage war!its wrong..they shunt demonstrate at all..make den go siddon for mount killimanjaro