Friday, January 13, 2012


Guys I swear I don invent new language ehh..jokes aside. So if any of una get link to the people wey dey produce dictionary, abeg let me know, so they can include my new word. At least make im be say Naija man don invent smth nah. Anyways here it is:

Definition: A prosade is the art of combining a protest and a crusade at any given place and time. In the beginning phase, the protesters lead the movement. Then towrads the end, a "man of God" takes over. Such event can only be seen in the West African country of Nigeria.

Okay so this picture was among the many pictures I received regarding the fuel subsidy protest thingy in my homeland, Imo State. So at first, when I was scrolling at the pictures, They looked like a typical protest picture....and I was happy that my people have finally decided to join their fellow brothers across the country and say “enough is enough” you know.

But as I kept on scrolling down, na im I come see the protesters dey kneel down hot korota ohh, dey even raise their hand up join sef. So me come be like "shooooo"...who's making them do this nah, and why why why? So within the 5 seconds wey I been dey look the picture, my mind don dey go plenty places in regards to wetin make this people dey kneel down like this. Then I immediately recalled that the last time I saw a bunch of grown ass people kneel down like this and raise their hands up, na for church. Inside me, I was like “I was like I hope its not what I'm thinking ohh.” Then I decided to keep on scrolling down...and BEHOLD, there's a reverend father in the house!!! .....and I'm sure una already know wetin I wan talk nah ;)

Yeah so I believe It’s only in Naija that you will see these so called "men of God" go just appear in the most random places/events ever. Like lets be for real right here....Its a freaking protest for goodness sake, so why bring in a reverend father in this? Why is he there? Okay as im don come now, anything don change? or dem don give dem special key to Imo State government house? I don’t understand why most of we Naija peeps fail to realize say no be everything wey we go just dey call God name up and down. There are certain situations that we have to take matters into our own hands in order to get the type of result that we want. And this Fuel subsidy is a good example. If we all come together as one, there are certain actions we could take that would make our government to revert the fuel price. There are also actions we could take which would drastically change our government system for good, thereby making all our so called leaders accountable to we the citizens. Afterall a few countries did it recently. So we should start taking necessary actions, instead of waiting and hoping for God to come down from heaven and change the fuel price for us.

And nobody can tell me that he came with the sole purpose of joining in the pure lie be that oh. Dude had this sh** all planned. Even making the protesters dey kneel down for that hot korota wey fit wound person knee cap...But guess what? My guy is standing tall ehh...ha ha. And I fit bet you say at the end of that day, that guy been collect offering money. Believe me!! Mehnn Only if we used our God given brains most of the time....and I swear things will be much much better for us.

Just look at the lady with the cap on the left side, she just dey into the whole thing, like say dem dey give present to the person wey sabi kneel down pass. Or even look at the lady with container of garri for her head….holding her garri firmly with one hand, and raising the other one up…….CHAI…I just feel for my people


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