Thursday, January 12, 2012


A group, Coalition of Niger Delta Youths, yesterday, threatened to shut down oil facilities belonging to various multi-national oil companies in the region if government fails to revert to N65 per litre in line with the yearnings of the majority of the Nigerian masses. ‘We are giving President Jonathan 24 hours ultimatum to reverse the pump price to N65 and failure to do so, we will go back to our communities and when we go back to our communities, we will ensure that all the oil installations in the creek is made not to work now guyzes are talking sense. In my own perspective, this is prob the best way to make uncle Johny think twice about this absurd decision he took.

So this is what I think would happen if these guys really execute their attacks, instead of giving empty threats jare:

Niger Delta youths blow up foreign oil facilities.....Oil production will be shut down.........price of petrol for Yankee go come rise up...then our Uncle Obama and the American people go wan know wetin dey really happen for Naija......CNN and other major networks go come dey show the world wetin dey happen for Naija........then Uncle Obama go come call Uncle Johny dey ask am "Johny how far you nah? I just dey see wetin dey happen for your area. But nawa4u ohh…you no dey try at all. You know say US election dey come up soon, and I dey try do everything possible to revive my economy for hia, in order to get re-elected. So if you know want make serious yawa burst between me and you, then you better put that petrol price back to N65, or to a much lower price sharp sharp. Then after I get re-elected, you and your government fit do anything wey una wan do....You dey hia me so?" And uncle Johnny go probably tell am "Uncle Bam Bam, not only have I heard everything wey you just talk, but I dey also believe you scatter ehh."

Then Uncle Johnny go come announce say after much consideration, he has decided to change the whole subsidy thingy. Then the Nigerian people will live happily ever after.....and everyone will forget about occupy Naija……and our suffering and smiling levels continues :(


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