Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So someone just sent me this pic....At first I was like “yeah there's a lot going on in this pic.” But I was still trying to figure out why this pic was sent to me (since the sender didnt put any description along in the email)

So after much scrutiny, I then realized what is was..........ITS THE FREAKING EYEBROWS, DAMMIT!!! :)

The ibotic chicka shaved her damn eyebrows, and drew them back with an eyepencil on her fore-head...ha ha

You see this is what happens when most of you women be shaving off your eyebrows.And I found this so so ironic cos when my wife came with me to Naija, she was shocked to see a lot of women who shaved off their eyebrows and replaced it with eye pencil drawing.......or women that use lip pencil to line their lips black..or the ones that put very thick eye shadow. That was probably the biggest culture shock she received when she was there.

As in ehhn, since we came back from that journey in 09, every now and then, she will just bring up that question "baby why do some Nigerian women shave off their eyebrow, and also add lip pencil to line their lips?" And as I'm writing this post, I still haven’t given her any correct answer till today....I just keep on beating around the bush….cos I really dont know what to say. Umm nope thats not true. I think I actually told her one time that it was probably a culture thing, or they just used to it, and feel it looks sexy one them. But I dont think that she bought that answer....ha ha....and I dont think I can ever give here any good answer for real. Cos as far as she's concerned, she and every other American women find that act very "funny and crazy"..lol.....And me too also find am to be very "CRAZY" too for real...ha ha :)

So if any of una think say you know the reason why our women dey do that kind thing, abeg make you tell me, so that I go give the woman correct answer jare...he he.

Note to all my beautiful Naija/African ladies in general: "There's nothing as sexy as a well shaped natural  eyebrow.....In order words, STOP THE WHOLE EYE-PENCIL EYEBROW SHAPING.......NOT COOL...NOT COOL!!   :)

I bet you tomorrow nah this babe go come out dey tell people say she be make-up artist :)


  1. That shaving eyebrow thing is quite common in the ratchet neighborhoods of USA (well maybe not as much anymore). And the lip-liner thing...again, not as popular anymore, but it def used to be back in the 90s. Especially with the NewYoricans and chongas lol #NoRacist

  2. To each their own, to some mexican ladies in CA, this is the bizness. :)

  3. LOL LOLZ...una no go kill me jare