Wednesday, January 4, 2012


You know its only in Naija that you will see a group of people come together to do smth, but when yawa come burst, you are on your own. Thats one thing I dont just understand. If you take a look at previous protests in other parts of the world, when one person is being arrested, other people will do everything possible to save the guy...and if they cant, they will prefer to get arrested too. Thats what I call unity. And this is why Naija will always remain Naija, and will never move forward. We lack unity and spirit of struggle and revolution I swear.
I sure say una hear as one girl been dey say "see what they are doing to this boy" Duhhh, yes they are beating the living krase out of him, and all of una wey dey claim protesters just dey there dey look film...instead of bonding as one and finding a way to prevent the guy from being pounded. Yes I know say out police people their head no good, and them fit shoot people wey come close....but come on, you cant tell me if all those protesters come together and approach those olokpas, they will oepn fire.

Anyways so this is what I believe is going to happen. "Double the fuel price, the citizens will be mad and there will be a major outcry and protests around the nation, then at the end of the day, the FG will reduce the price to somewhere around N100/liter...and we the citizens will feel we our voices have been heard cos we fought a good fight...and then we will foolishly accept this new price....and the whole protest and whining will just end all of a sudden....and we will continue our suffering and smiling usual. 

In my 27 yrs on this planet earth, I believe the most absurd thing I've ever heard is that the 5th largest oil producing country in the world have been importing oil for the past few yrs.....why? cos all their refineries are broken down, and there's no money to repair them. But yet billions of Naira are being stolen every month by the government officals????? This is even worst than when some of my American friends ask me if I see lions walking around in my neighborhood back in Nigeria...... or even when people call afirca a country.
This type of situation really makes me ashamed of my beloved country for real.

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  1. I feel you on this one ohh..

    What can I say...politics in Nigeria is not accountable.....