Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Okay i'm sure most of una know say Abuja na the headquarters of ashewos in Naija....As in ehhn u cannot even go out and see a girl who just likes u for who u are...instead they are liking u for what u can offer for them.....I been dey ABJ for almost three weeks and i can comfortably tell u say 95% of the chicks in ABJ be runs girls. (the remaining 5 na chicks wey their parents get money well well, so dem no send for all dem crap....and funy enof sef, most of them are already out of the country sef.

But on a serious note, the ashewo rate in that land is alarming.......i swear i tot there was a time that they chased all of them away...but i guess na the main political chairmen dey patronize these chicks, so they just had to let them back into the state....and it looks lik ebusiness has been booming for them lately...HA HA
Its so funny too that all these ashewo girls all come from the East coast....as in PH, Abia, Imo, Anambra, Enugu, and how will i forget Calabar & Akwa Ibom ;)   

After scrutinizing the whole Ashewo scenerio, I've cme to conclusion that just like Yankee, Abuja can also described as THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY. Cos all these girls come from different parts of the country, Some come from good homes while some dont, some are already professionals in the game, while some just dey do apprentice...some of them are university students while some are not....Infact ehhn, their problem plenty jare.  But in a Nutshell, they are all there to make money, and since ABJ is a place where there are a lot of big boys in town, then i'm very sure before these girls go out at night, they always pray for God to send the right man that has the paper to take care of them......Yes nah...afterall which babe wouldnt like to be spoilt with money huh?...and also make una no forget say Ashewo dem get feelings too ohh, and would like to settle down too one day ;)

Therefore the influx of ashewo into Abuja has even reached unprecedented heights sef, cos a lot of these girls have heard of how their fellow girlfriends wey been dey share bed with them for skul, are now driving range rovers, infinity, Mercedes, bmas etc.....so dem go wan follow too nah....HA HA HA

But what i'm still trying to figure out is this tho....So these babes will keep on sleeping with different guys every night until the find the Mr. right guy?   :)

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