Tuesday, December 27, 2011


 The Minister of Health, Professo rOnyebuchi Chukwu, has described the oral health situation in Nigeria as unimaginable, disclosing that 44 per cent of Nigerians have decayed teeth.


You see wetin dey amuse me pass about this news na how they came up with that number "44%" ha ha......mehn you gotta love our country juo. Like we have a database that records how many people that go to the dentist for tooth problems quo?. But as far as I dey concern, that 44% dey even small sef :)

For Yankee here, people go to the dentist at least twice in a year. The first time I went to a dentist here was early this yr. As in ehhn, no be small thing I experience ohh. It all started like 2 yrs ago, I saw this lil hole for my back teeth (one of those big big ones wey dey for back wey we dey use chew well well…wetin be the real name again sef…ha ha) and I took it as something little and not harmful. But as time just dey go on, I come notice say when I chop food, sometimes some food particles go just enter the hole, and it was one very uncomfortable feeling. I gats use pin or toothpick to bring that sh** out. And as time just continue to dey go by, I come notice say the thing don big dey expand, and come deep well…. and anytime I chop something, one food particle must to enter inside that hole. And I got sick and tired of staying in front of the mirror trying to get out this little thing. Cos if I leave that particle inside there, it will make me very uncomfortable. Coupled with the fact say if the thing stay there overnight, the next morning ehhn, na so the smell of the food particle go just combine with the smell of early morning mouth wey dem never brush, thereby producing one kind very strange and disturbing odor when i open mouth to talk. You know when person wake up for morning, na so your mouth go just dey ooze anyhow...then can you now imagine if you come get one kind little meat wey don rotten dey hide inside your mouth? Not kool at all. Not kool.

Anyways, at a point it became so unbearable that I had to go see the dentist. When I reach there ehn, as the man look inside my mouth finish, na so im ask me "when was the last time you went to a dentist"? (this na normal question dem dey ask everybody ohh...make una no come dey think say im been dey ask me such question cos my whole mouth don rotten finish..ha ha ) Then I replied to him "umm I cant remember...probably when I was like 10 yrs or so." Na so the man just look me with surprise like say I commit one kind major crime for not going to the dentist. After examining my mouth, na so my guy tell me say all my back teeth get hole and need refilling sometime soon...but that particular tooth wey carry me come there need major root canal. So I later went on to do the whole thing, and I was so relieved after the whole surgery. But I never go do the other ones shaa. I'm guessing I go do am when the hole don dey open well well. May God help me. As a typical Naija man wey I be, I’m not always proactive, and I don’t just know why :(

I decided to give this lil story of mine cos before I went to visit the doctor, I been tell my friends about this my problem....and to my greatest surprise, almost all my friends I told actually had the same problem too. Some told me they have taken care of it, while some talk say dem never go, but dem go soon go do their own, cos the thing don dey disturb them too. HA HA. I no go lie I was kinda releived when i been find out say no be only me dey waka around with rotten teeth inside mouth shaa :)

I think they major cause of this whole teeth thing na because we too dey take so much sugary things, and barely or seldom see the dentist. The only time we dey go dentist na when our mouth done rotten finish. I just wish we could be proactive about issues like this shaa. So that’s why I was thinking, if almost all my friends wey dey here get some form of teeth problem, and they have access to a dentist anytime here for obodo onyibo ohh.....Then what about my peeps wey dey Naija nko. Infact ehhn, majority of Naija peeps never go dentist before. The only time they've heard of the word “dentist” na either during primary school (remember those days dem dey teach us about different professions and stuff like that) or when dem hear the name from a friend or so.
Therefore left with me, I go even talk say that 44% na small sef. I fit guarantee you say that number suppose be like 80% or so. And if una think say I dey lie, then let’s start from this nawa4u community. Ok to all of una wey dey read this post, how many of una don go see dentist before huh? huh? I fit guarantee say na just very few people….including me…he he :)

One thing I know for sure be say at the end of the day, there's nothing kool about waking up in the morning and walking around town with a rotten teeth inside your mouth. And the worst be say na people like that go dey talk and laugh pass everybody. I remember when I never fix my teeth, na me been dey make noise pass nah (although I've always been a noise maker shaa). Na then we go wan open mouth dey laugh anyhow, without remembering say we dey expose other peeps to danger :(

(nigerian tribune)


  1. Only those who can afford sweets have that kind of problem you mentioned. But true sha, the dentists in Nigeria are either underutilized, or raking in the cash if they know their work well. Most Nigeria never take care of their teeth until the thing is falling-out rotten.

  2. lolss. I guess I am one of the Nigerians who dont take care of their teeth.

    My 1st time at a dentis was in my 4th yr at the University....you guessed right to pull a tooth. Root canal ko, root canal ni. In Naija you either fill the hole or you pull the tooth. No panel beating or padding. I'm trying my best to take care of those remaining. I guess a Dental visit should be in my plans for 2012

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