Friday, February 3, 2012


You see ehhn, anybody for Naija wey tell you say "crime doesn't pay"...that person just dey im own little empty world :)

But this life dey funny ohh. See this guy ehh...tout of all in real bad guy ehh... na now the person wey dey travel overseas anyhow dey inspect training facilities for our Federal government.
Incase some of you guys dont know, Boyloaf was one of the militant leaders that dropped his arms and embraced the amnesty program by our Federal gov't.

And abeg dont get me wrong ohh...cos i'm actually proud of him and his other militant colleagues like Tompolo and co.....and as much as I wasnt a fan of Yaradua, i really give the man props on his amnesty program for real.

But to my own perspective, what I really find disturbing about this whole situation is this.  "what happened to the whole emancipation that these various militant leaders were talking about?" Or can I can I come to conclusion that all these guys were all fighting for their own pocket, and not for their people? Secondly, what type of message is this type of news actually sending to our youths?"
Go to university...get your degree....barely find any job....remain unemployed, till.....who knows :(
f**k school....find a reason to fight the gov't...become a nationally recognized tout/freedom fighter...and our gov't calls you for negotiation...and before you know it, you are over-laughing straight to the bank.

Anyways I've always supported these Niger Delta Militants right from the get go, cos I felt it was about time they stood for their own right. But I just hope they're still focused and never forget to see their various Niger Delta communities as their number one priority.....shikena

But money sweet oohh....see a whole boyloaf wey dey stay for creek, no dey wear shirt, no dey na im dey fresh like this...come resemble better person...HA HA .....who talk say money no good ehhh :)

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