Monday, December 19, 2011


So me, my younger bros, and one of my bad guyzes, Big Mike Aggrey.....we went to this Naija/Ghanain Party somewhere in Brooklyn this weekend. First of all it was like 20 degrees that night I swear. As in  the cold no been dey look anybody face ehh. So when we got there, the line was kinda long. But we come dey console ourselves say the line go move quick. After parking and going to join the line, na im my brother come remember say im forget im id card for house. So we had to come up with a plan. I gave him my id card to show the bouncer, and before he went in, he gave it back to me. I had to go stay at the back of the line, so that by the time the bouncer reach my turn, im go don forget say im been see that same id card some mins ago. and Yep, it did work..but the problem now na to enter. I'm sure some of una don go some kind clubs where dem go just dey only allow like 2 people to dey go inside every like 5 mins....and they always going to give an excuse like "there are a lot of people inside, and we waiting for people to leave out, before we let others in." Or "there are a lot of guys, so una go wait outside until babes start to dey come" in WTF?  So yeah the line was showing no sign of moving, and I was standing in the same spot for over 15, going to 20 mins ohh.....and mind u, the cold wey been dey that night ehhn...infact the cold been get teeth, dey bite person I swear.

And as I dey for line there, I ben dey vex die ehh, and so many things come dey run inside my mind. Things like: Why my brother even forget im id card, and I now have to go through all this for this kind non-friendly weather ke? Or why is it even cold like this in the first place. which kind nonsense be this sef? Or which kind useless club be this wey I come so? Or why am I even here in the first place sef?
No be small thing ohh. Na there you go know say cold fit actually dey get partial contact with person brain sometimes ohh. I'm sure people wey don experience severe winter could attest to what I'm saying.
Anyways after almost turing into an ice block outside, I come finally enter inside......I never even take like 3 steps inside, and behold, EVERYWHERE WAS SMELLING LIKE PUBIC HAIRS......esp the ones wey dem never wash :(

The hall was so big, and the place no even full half way sef. Na im I come dey wonder why in the world did those guys keep us outside that long? And also the fact say dem come dey sell fried rice like 6ft away from the toilet no come even help matters at all. Infact ehn, It was just one of those days that you find yourself in a place where you go start to dey question yourself like "WTF am I doing here?"  Damn that place was smelling ehh Its just one of those odors that should be regarded as "illegal". That sh** just messed up my weekend juo. Cos I really dont see why at this stage in life, a certain group of people still no know wetin be deodorant...and if you look well well, na those kind people wey dey like to dance pass everybody...dey open mouth and armpit anyhow :(


  1. LWKMD! Well i know the reason for keeping you in the line. Its to make passersby think the club is a hot spot. Nobody wants to go to the club where they think nobody else goes.

  2. this is some funny shit and I can relate. LMFAO