Monday, December 19, 2011


Not less than 12 percent of public secondary school students in Nigeria practise anal sex while 12.1 per cent of university students and 15.2 per cent adolescents in northern Nigeria engage in the act.

Shoooo.....As in anal sex ke? nawa ohh. You see ehhn, growing up as a little kid in naija now dey very very dangerous ohh. The length at which children dey learn bad bad things these days ehhn..its very alarming. I was so surprised to see say primary school children don dey f**k sef. Which is very very ridiculous. Back in our primary school days, we werent even thinking as far as chooking a girl sef.  You see "Tapping current" (the act of having some type of body contact with a girl, and acting like you no know wetin dey happen at the same time) was okay for us, and we were very satisfied with that. I remember those days for class wey when I sitdon with girl, and if our laps just dey touch each other (since na short nicker wey we dey were for school then), I go just dey very excited and aroused,...ha ha. That tapping current was enough for me, and I wasnt even thinking of anything more than that sef. But these days, its seems like tapping current is now for nusery school children...and the primary school children don graduate to chooking. What is this world turing into ehh?

You see here for Yankee, we Naija peeps dey see all these american kids as spoilt. why? Cos most of them start having sex during their teenage age....they even have boyfriends or girlfriends at that age, and their parents are aware of it (ha ha you fit imagine even person wey dey for SS3 for Naija dey go tell im papa say im get girlfriend? im chop krase? ha ha). In a nutshell, most are very open about their sexual activities. And I don notice say we Naija peeps like to dey criticize them pass. But the irony of the whole thing be say the kids in Naija are 100 times worse I swear. Parents dont even know what there kids do when they not around.

And to be honest I think these events will keep on going on due to the type of parent-children relationships we have in Naija. As for me, I don make up my mind say I go dey discuss with my children about everything that has to do with boy girl relationship and sex. This way dem no go dey hide dey do things behind my back. (although the cant sef, cos me be old soldier for all those kind things nah..he he) All those our old a** Naija parents think say na to dey enforce strictness wey go make their children not to do bad bad things...ha ha. Na the more reason why the pikin go wan go try am sef.....esp girls ;)

But this news need to be taken very serious ohh......If to say na just normal sex dem dey talk about, me no for dey surprised nah....But we talking bout anal sex right in chooking in the nyash hole......thats some real disturbing sh** for real....

(nigerian tribune)


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