Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Okay so here is the full detail/truth of why I have not been blogging often as before. Una don ready for this tory? Oya lets go thia.

So like about 3 weeks ago, there was this whole spam thingy that was spreading on facebook (I'm sure everyone of us encountered it somehow) and you see a lot of very nasty, and sometimes grusome pictures being posted on facebook. It was really bad and at a point I even come dey think say facebook don enter partnership with xvideos or Bangbros (thumbs up for those of you that know one of those sites..ha ha)

Yeah so one day as I opened my facebook at work (yeah i used to browse during work period...afterall no be only me dey do am jare) and someone sent me this very ridiculous picture of a guy’s pee-pee being covered with metal, and a padlock on it. As in the picture was so funny that I had to save it on my computer in order to blog about it later. Okay so here na where the whole f**k up begin. You see, whenever people send me pictures, or whenever I see any interesting pic that I would like to blog about, I usually download them and save it into my usb hard drive, then delete it from the computer (since na my office computer nahh). When I get home, I can then do the postings.

But this time when I saw this crazy picture, I saved it on my desktop, and was going to later transfer it to my usb drive by the end of the day. Unfortunately before the day was over, I had an emergency call from home, so I told my oga, and he let me leave early. So na im I immediately took my jacket and vamoosed out of the office like flash....and forgot to shut down my computer :(

So the next day when I been come office, I went to tell my boss how everything went…and when I was about to leave his office, na im my guy just call me "umm Alex please can you have a seat cos there's smth I would like to discuss with you about." Inside my mind I just dey ask myself "Chai wetin happen now ehh…wetin I don do ohh?" Then my guy come tell me "There was something very disturbing that we found on your computer and......" Immediately the man just talk that first sentence, inside me I was already saying "Chai my own don finish today ohh. God abeg come and take special intervention right now before this people decide to pursue me commot here." (you know say na when we enter serious quanta wey we go just remember God sharp well..ha ha how sad) Infact under that short period of time the man been dey talk to me, I no even been hear most of wetin im been dey talk cos my mind just been dey think of plenty things...and I been dey pray make God help me make I no break this man head for hia if he decides to give me the "Donald Trump finishing move"

Anyways, so after im talk finish, na im I come explain to am say na my fault, and that pic was there cos I run a blog and wanted to post it on my blog.....yes ohh, i had to explain that to him, before my guy go come dey think say I be one of those people wey dey addicted to all dem fetish, nasty and weird type of porn dem. (cos that pic was really disturbing shaa...I no go lie).
If no be say the man like me ehhn (because of my crazy and funny self), dem for don pursue me right there. Even the guy been use im mouth tell me self. So later that day, they now printed out a "company computer and telecom policy agreement" and made all the employees to sign it. And it clearly stated that any employee wey use the office computer or phone for a non-related business use, will be told bye bye :)

So since then ehhn, even to even use google (which we can legally use to search for addresses and certain ambiguous words) dey fear me die...ha ha ...i just dey do things jeje since then. I go enter work from 9am-5pm, and person no fit even check im mail...which is so frustrating cos come on, lets face it, every employee do use their work computers for non-work related stuff often during work time. Even some of my co-workers dey vex for me cos I don spoil their show too....I no blame them shaa..me too dey vex for myself, cos this na actually the first time for my whole 27 yrs wey i don become scape-goat, and ITS NOT KOOOL!!! Sometimes I go just dey ask myself "why I forget to turn off this computer nah? Why I come f**k up big time like this sef?" ...he he
Anyways so that’s the reason why I haven’t been blogging lately....and by the time I finish work for the day, me reaching house na usually around 7 or 8pm...and by then I don tire...and that no be time wey I go dey talk about blogging nah. And besides, I gotta spend time with the fam u know ;) .......and even when weekend reach, I no even get time cos I gotta catch up with all the activities and paroles wey dey go on.

But anyhow anyhow....BOYS MUST ALWAYS FIND A WAY EHH.....

So after all the emails from some "nawa4u" members, asking me why I never post anything since, or if I dey alive so...lol...I was so touched by the emails cos it made me see how much most of you guys appreciate this crazy blog of mine. And that’s why I'm back and I'm very very gingered. I'll be posting twice every week this time around. Make I no lie, i missed blogging too shaa.

As usual, nothing does you, me, us, them, they, their, those...ha ha...Merry Christmas to you all in advance, and God bless Naija/Africa.


  1. Cheiii!! Happy you have an understanding boss mehn, that could have been major kuanta.
    welcome back sha. make we all contribute buy you ipad....lol.

  2. LMAo LMAo......u no go kill me h....Oya na true talk wey u talk jare....make all of una start to contribute sharp sharp juo :)

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