Tuesday, December 27, 2011


So I'm sure some of you guys are friends with our uncle Jonny on Facebook. As in every once in two or three days, my guy dey update im status, telling the Nigerian people what he has achieved, about to achieve, and dreaming to achieve.

I remember when he opened a Facebook account, plenty Naija peeps been dey very happy, cos they felt we now have a happening Presido wey dey use technology dey communicate with im people. As in ehn, I sure say some people even been dey feel say one day, dem go get opportunity to even chat with uncle Jonny for online. At then, anything wey Uncle Jonny talk for im status, everybody go just dey “like” the status up and down, dey praise the guy like say im dash everybody for Naija N1 milla, or im don provide 24/7/ electricity. But for the past few months, guyzes don dey vex for Uncle Jonny due to his incapability of handling certain sensitive issues, especially when it comes to the security in the nation. Cos as far as I dey concern, our security dey very very naked and cold. So this has resulted to a lot of people getting so pissed off at him. And the whole fuel subsidy thingy didn’t even help issues. So these days, whenever our beloved presido updates his status, instead of seeing all the praise, na so so vexation comments go just full everywhere……as in PEOPLE DEY VEX EHH…..nothing just seems to work in the country, and someone def needs to be held accountable you know. And who else but the head nukka in charge, Uncle Jonny 

Anyways so as usual my guy posted this yesterday:

As we celebrate the brith of Jesus Christ this Christmas season, I want us all to pause for a while and consider what we are celebrating. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus and the commencement of His life of self sacrifice. Upon a further examination of the life of Jesus, we see that His life exemplified qualities that are needful in nation building i.e. concern for His nation, the world and future generations. He put the interest of His nation and humanity above His personal interest and made the ultimate sacrifice. Those of us who are Christians will recall that Jesus did ask us to follow His example and likewise consider the interest of others and our society. So, as we celebrate Christmas, this message should not be lost on us. Perhaps we should consider how best we can sacrifice today so that our families, our nation, our offspring and future generations can have a greater tomorrow. Nigeria is currently at a time in her national life where she requires sacrifice from all citizens in order that the wellbeing of future generations will be a thing of certainty not speculation. I assure you that the required sacrifice will start with me. Let our corporate sacrifice be our Christmas gift to future generations. I wish all Nigerians a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance. May God keep you throughout this season and beyond. GEJ
Yeah and blah blah blah blah blah......Anyways the reason I posted this was because of a reply someone made to his status, and I had to LOL well well....
"You have lost the mandate to rule, please if you cannot overhaul your security apparatus,then just resign! we can be slaughtered every day like xmas turkey and u r speaking english."
HA HA BOYS ARE VEXING EHH......LOL......Naija peeps get bad mouth???!!!! lol.

And if this isnt the gayest pic from Uncle Jonny, then I dont know what is :(


  1. My guy, u need to join twitter ASAP. Ure funny as well

  2. LOL...thanks my man...i dey work on that twitter thing ...cos im get as im be. lol

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