Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This happened in PH a couple of days back. People trying to go deposit a huge amount of cash in a bank, and all of a sudden armed robbers go just corner you for somewhere, and its a wrap!!!

What i'm just trying to say is that everybody's life is in danger in Naija, regardless of your status. Okay let’s look at it this way: If you get money, then you better believe that there are some people out there that would want to rob your a**, and even eliminate you at the end. If you work in our law enforcement sector, you can be targeted or set up at any point in time…and their life is even dey critical danger especially when dem carry that their kpai kpai kpai gun to go fight armed robbers wey their gun dey sound like doo doo doo doo doo doo. And na very special intervention go make you even survive such incident. And even if you be citizen nko, wey no even get money, your life is still in danger.

 Imagine you were the driver of this car, trying to go deposit cash in the bank along with the police? Imaging you were the female cashier in the back seat accompanying the driver and police to go deposit una oga money? So this na to show you say we all are in danger in that our beloved country called Naija. As in Human being dey die like chicken on a daily basis for that country......how sad :(

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