Monday, December 19, 2011


You see I was one of the first people that was supporting this dude, even when everyone was making fun of him :)
This would have been a great interview, if not for this gial.....where in the world did they find her from. She just dey jabo my own Vick.O up and down. And wetin dey pain me pass sef be say uncle Vick.O just dey im own world. CHAI. See life ehh.

You remember when this guy's video came out, we were all wondering if he was joking, or he was for real. And I'm sure even till today, some people still dey unsure whether this guy really dey serious ehh. But as for me, I don make up my mind say this guy na one very delerious guy, and he sees life totally in a different way from us. This guy na genius in his own way ohh. And we can make fun of him as much as we want, but guess what? My guy still dey get our attention.....whether in a negative or positive way, whatever he's doing to us is working...ha ha
But yeah man, My guy Vick.O don dey go places ohh. Before una know now, one day una go hear say Vick.O dey come perform for New York. Infact that day ehhn, I go personally make sure say I buy front ticket seat. Only if the dude knew I was his number 1 fan :(

My favorite moments:
Hello Vick.O..........Hi :)
I'm not rich but I'm not hungry
I style like 2 pac
There are lot of thousand girls

I swear this guy go live long for us jare :)


  1. Vick o wey dey hang near mestre for Venezia? LOL wonders shall never end! hahaha mcheeww!!

  2. ahh so u know Vick.O well well? this guy na my man ehh :)

  3. I personally don't know the dude but i've seen and know where he hangs out on the daily lol.. he's good though no hate at all but its funny he can't see past his blatant flaws lol.. his ego is out of this world and he's so convinced chei umunnamuooo hahaha,,

  4. Happy x-mas alex by the way, enjoy your articles and torri, gets us going..
    keep it coming and stay safe in NY..


  5. abeg tell me where the place dey make i flight down there go interview am to ;)

    @ 2nd anonymous, happy xmas to u too and God bless.....