Monday, December 19, 2011


So in Lagos, a father came home and saw a boy screwing his 20 year old daughter. And my guy got so aggravated and he beat the boy black blue. And he felt the beating wasnt enough, so he went ahead to matchette my guy, and finally used the same matchette and cut of my guys middle leg :(

But what we dont know is actually what happened though. Who knows maybe if the guy was really raping her, or maybe fear been catch her as her pupsi been see them, and she decided to save herself from trouble by saying that the guy been dey rape am?

Ogunbanwo was alleged to have sneaked into Akpati’s home when the victim was alone and forcefully Were Intimate with her. The father allegedly caught him on top of his protesting daughter.

The girl, it was gathered, was crying and attempting to free herself from him when her father came in. The father was so angry that he reportedly took a machete and cut Ogunbanwo all over his body, including his joystick.

Infact this story dey somehow jare.......Some questions really need to be asked. First of all if the guy been dey try to rape her, why couldnt she scream for help or smth....and they said the guy sneaked into the man's home....mind you dem no talk say the guy been break into the house ohh...or the guy been enter through for him to have sneaked into the house, then no be person wey open door for am? or the guy na winch? nawa ohh.....Infact this girl story no just dey reason well for my brain jare. But if what she's saying is actually true, then na the guy go find trouble nah. Rape is one thing I do not tolerate, and a lot of women Naija are being raped on a daily basis, and no necessary/drastic measures have been taken in order to prevent these babaric act occur, as well as prosecuting these rapists, and putting them behind bars.

The accused was brought to court by the police to face the charges but when the presiding magistrate, Mrs. M. B. Folami, saw the pitiable state of the accused, she ordered the police to arrest the father of the victim (Akpati) and others involved in the battering of the accused and charge them to court for assault.

She explained that under the law, the accused is presumed innocent until found guilty, adding that nobody should be allowed to take the laws in his hands.

LOL LOL.....but yeah the nukka took laws into his own hands shaa. LOL. Umm but wait ohh... "accused is presumed innocent until found guilty" .........for Naija wey we dey so? since when? Cos the last time I checked, it was the other way round :)

At the end of the day, a p***y has been damaged for life (if it was actually a rape shaa) , a d**k was lost. Which kind news be this sef....Abeg my guys need to start controlling themselves juo....What ever happened to hand n' lotion ehhn sef...the safest and easiest way :)


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