Thursday, November 17, 2011


 So this Nollywood actress Rukky Sanda (I've never even heard of this chick till today sef) underwent a plastic surgery....and she went on to twitter to defend herself about her decision.
Okay so before I used to be against people doing plastic surgery, implants, lipo and every other surgeries in order to make them look good and appreciate their body. I remember me and my wife used to argue about this topic. But over the years, I've changed my opinion and decided not to judge people. Yes we should all be happy with the way God made every one of us, but at the same time, I now feel there's nothing wrong in trying to correct a particular part of your body, especially if it's something that makes you feel uncomfortable with the way you look. Lets be for real here, I'm sure most of us have one particular part of our body that we would change, if we were given the opportunity to do so. I feel one of the worst things that can happen to anyone is not being comfortable with your own body/looks, which inturn, makes you always self conscious and inferior (esp when you surrounded by correct guyzes and girlzes). So if you have the money to correct that particular flaw of yours, then why not nah? Or will you continue to remain self conscious and mad at your body/looks for the rest of your life? for wetin nah. If you not happy with yourself, then I wonder what you gonna be happy about then. As for me, if to say I get one particular part of my body that I dont like, I go change that thing if I get money...but unfortunately I dont. So thankGod I dont have to deal with such problem..he he

Well back to what I was saying.....So this was what she recently posted on her twitter account. (And speaking of twitter account, I'll soon be opening one ohh....thanks to all the pressure from my friends. So I'll let you guys know when I open one...and abeg make una follow me. This way you will be getting the latest stuff about all the crazy sh** that be going through this my brain on a daily basis)

Umm okay ohh aunty Rukky take am easy...nobody dey fight you nah. Yes I totally support what you saying. But in my own perspective, I believe it only becomes a sin when:

This is my advice to my people who are thinking of doing some type of surgery in the future: If you cannot afford a reputable/experienced plastic surgeon, then fogerrrrit. Cos you dont wonna come out of that operating room loooking like our aunty Rukky. You dont wonna have that reaction when they give you a mirror to look at your new self, and immediately inside your mind, you gonna be like WHAATTAA F**K??. But at the same time you go dey console your self, saying "Its not bad shaa." And you try to convince or force yourself to like it. But you know deep deep deep inside your mind, you still saying WTF DID I JUST DO?!!... ha ha.  I'm sure we've all had this type of "consoling ourselves" experience before in various incidents. I usually get this mostly when I get a haircut that I dont like. ha ha

Anyways I felt she was a very fine chick before the surgery. Dont you guys think so? But now, I think she's more of a beautiful man..ooops sorry I mean she-male, after the surgery :)
Aunty Rukky abeg no mind wetin these haters dey talk. Carry go. Nothing do you and your plastic face jare.


  1. You're right. She was very pretty before, but now, she looks very artificial.

  2. She looks like a bootleg Tonto Dikeh barbie doll, which is a shame because she was pretty beforehand. Instead of wasting all this money on surgery and such, folks need to just start loving themselves a bit more. it'll change ur life!

  3. Erm EWWW...She looked better without the surgery..hmm we sure are in the endtime...

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