Friday, November 4, 2011


(Shout out to my sis, chichi Orji for providing this crazy a** pic)

Animal Cruelty...check!! Over loading....check!!  Fuel exposure....check!!
 Okay ohh.....people wey dey go village….I don see una nah. And I can guarantee u say if u look inside that moto, you go see nothing less than 7 humans sitting in various uncomfortable styles, but I bet they happy shaa.......with an extra ram on someone’s lap.

One of the major problems about Naija is that we have zero safety measures. Every time, na so so gov't we go dey blame for everything. But the honest truth be say we too no dey help ourselves at all. The last thing you will see in any Western world is a car that is terribly overloaded...talkless of even having an animal inside boot. Why won’t our cars life span be too short, when we dey pack things wey heavy pass the car, inside the car itself? Now if this car come get some kind of serious accident, or fire come catch am, everybody go come out dey cry, dey talk say na usual.

My peeps as much as I put some of these pics for fun, but at the same time we should be aware that most of these crazy stunts we be pulling in Naija is very dangerous, and a lot of people have died as a result of having that "I dont care" or "nothing go happen" or "God dey" attitude. Abeg if you dey Naija, and u see an overloaded bus or car, no enter ehh. Cos if we keep on having this "God is in control" attitude, then a lot of us will continue to disappear from the face of the Earth very early. Afterall heaven dey help those wey dey help themselves jare. You cannot put all this sh** in your car, and have the nerves to open your dirty a** mouth to tell me "God is in Control" THAT'S SOME SERIOUS BULLSH** FOR REAL!!

Sometimes I dey tire for we Naija peeps ohh.....U know say u dey do smth wey fit cost u ur life, but yet you dey talk say “God is in control” ke? Other people that have died through accident as a result of things like this....who been tell u say God no love them too? So what makes you think u special, and believe say Angel Michael dey for front of your car with sword, then Garbiel, Uriel and Raphael dem go dey for back and corners dey protect your wrecked a** car? Cos u don turn to Daniel for den shey?

That saying "Common sense is not common.” Na now I dey see say that quote really make sense, and I think it should become a subject that should be taught in all our educational institutions across Naija. Hopefully this way, we will slowly eliminate the ignorant and animalistic/babaric behavior that most of us possess.

And I'm pretty sure that ram was like "make dem kukuma come kill me nahhh..which kind extra torture be this one ke?...f**k this sh** jare.  ha ha


  1. chineke!!!!! O_o This is unfair oh. Like its not bad enough that the ram is going to die, they have to make him suffer too. SMH


  2. Lolz very true talk. Everybody in Naija thinks they are all some sort of super hero. Smchew.

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