Wednesday, November 23, 2011


For this my nna bros mind nah, im don take picture with Nnenna Minaj. You see I no just understand some guys ohh. Cos you don see bolombolo, your brain go just dey malfunction anyhow.
After listening to so many different conversations over the past few yrs (and yes I was only listening ohh…I wasn’t contributing abeg..make my wife no come kill me juo...ha ha), im be like say Naija guys don dey like boobs pass nyash ohh. And if care is not taken, boobs go soon give nyash a run for its money…ha ha . Cos these days, na so so boobs wey guys just dey talk about whenever they gisting about women.
But make I no lie, afr
aid go dey catch me to take picture with this my aunty for here ohh. Cos the only thing wey I go dey think for my mind be say something fit just enter the babe head, and na so she go just turn to my direction, then come bite my ear or do something very nasty-scary to me :(

Umm..shooo...oops..looks like someone was using her keg as table platform shaa....Una no dey see something like salt untop am? They were probably using her bolombolo to lick the salt and lime after taking some tequila shots :)

umm but Dayum that’s some big a** boobs for real....Chai, only if the face could go through some major re-adjustments here n' there......then she go make sense wellu wellu.
Umm wait...whatta haeck did I just say? ehhhh..urggghhhhh...nnnaaahhhh.. Okay I take that back...maybe I should have replaced that "wellu wellu" to "somehow" or "kinda"