Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So since our government have been unable to take care of its people, I'm guessing some guyzes don dey go find various measures in order to make ends meet. And our northern brothers have once again proved to us that for the fact say you dey see most of them dey do meguard/aboki/indomie/tea...that no mena say dem be dummies ohh...ha ha   So some people came up with a plan to build a house with bottes..........!!!!?????????? yea u heard me right..bottles..as in all those coke and eva wine bottle them wey all of una dey drink dey throway anyhow ;)

“This is the first house in Africa built from bottles, which could go a long way in solving Nigeria’s huge housing need and cleaning the badly polluted environment,” project initiator Christopher Vassiliu said during a tour of the building.

Okay ohh....Bottle house ke? Ha ha ..I like how they trying to make it look like "yeah bottle house is gonna be the koolest thing in years to come."  Like say the house will be looking so modern and ajebo-ish shey? Imagine someone telling you "I live in the bottle house estate." I dont know bout u guys, but as for me, my response go be "bottle gini? WTF are you talking about"
Anyways great concept tho...and this na the kind things wey suppose be news jare..at least smth positive...kinda :)   Good to see that some of our people are using their brain for smth positive.
But at the end of the day, its still a freaking "bottle house" Kudos to whoever brought about this idea juo..nothin did you :)


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