Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Looking at this picture alone, you no even need agbara Okija to tell you say something inappropriate dey happen inside that room, and these kids are up to no good too :)

Either dem dey watch one of their guyzes doing bad thing with one girl (make I talk like small pikin..ha ha ), or dem dey watch one naked girl sleeping....Or each person dey wait for their own set :)

This na one of those things wey most boyz suppose don experience somehow during our teenage period (and if you didnt, then sorry for you...cos ur time don pass) ha ha . I remember when I was like 14yrs or so, and I used to go to our boys quarters to go and watch our drivers acting yellow film. I been dey always look through the keyhole, and although I couldn’t see everything through that little hole…but hey, half bread is better than chim-chim ehh. But mehn this life ehhn...its just funny to remember how curious we were during our teenage age. Those days, to watch all those bad bad things go dey sweet us for body anyhow (whether on TV or live), but our only handicap be say we didnt really have access to the right resources you know. Except for some cable channels wey been dey try small during that period (shout out to all my people that used to watch Bravo channel for night back in da days) ha ha. And even when we did have access, somehow somehow there will be an older person (uncle, aunt, guardian, papa, mama, bros sis, nanny) for house wey go just kill our moral finish. And inside my mind, I'll be like "ohhhhhh make this guy commot here nah make I watch this yellow film with ease and happiness" :)

Oya ohh, Back to what I was saying. So even if I guessed wrong about what these guyzes are looking at, well one thing I know for sure for sure be say whatever they are looking at must be something very very interesting and intense too....and definitely something they are not supposed to be looking at. Even sotey dem don dey even touch each other for bodi sef....Nawa ohh.

And there's no way you can tell me that these boys aren’t up to something fishy...if not, person no for take this picture in the first place. And also looking at the scenario, you can see say na batcher house....and we all suppose know by now say nothing holy dey ever happen inside batcher house ;)

(ever watched or heard people having sex? Mehn that shit can make one mad horny ehh....ha ha)

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  1. i remember the day uncle Lambert been catch me they peep thru that keyhole. The guy been just wan start to handle one babe. Even that Bravo on saturday nights na something else lol....