Wednesday, November 23, 2011


(pic of Uncle Femi with his last baby mummy)

Our Uncle Femi don give another of im dancers belle ehh. If I could recall, he just had a child like some months ago by one of his other dancers. And this is actually the 3rd dancer that he's planting his seed inside. Mehn this guy na very very strong man, and he shall live very very long ohh..he he. Just to let you guys know, our Uncle Femi already has 5 kids from 4 different women. Three of the ladies each have one, except for the igbo woman amongst them, Munachi, who has two kids for him (ha ha i guess that igbo punani got ma dude whipped…wont be surprised if the babe from Owerri or Enugu..ha ha ). And now this new one now go make am 6 children from 5 different women.

Anyways, as I said earlier, this man na really strong man, and im be like say my guy dey try beat im own pupsi record (although I dont even see that happening, but you never know..ha ha ) This is pretty interesting ohh....This na to remind una say elephant no dey born monkey papa like pikin :)

Well I have nothing much to say, but to hail our Uncle Femi. Everyone has his own life to live, and my guy is definitely living it up jare. As long as money dey, nothing dey happen ehh. But my only problem be say it looks like he didnt learn anything from his father’s death shaa. What happened to protecting yourself with a rubber?

Ummm but wait a minute......No be this same guy wey been dey promote condom at some point back in da days for Naija? I guess someone has been saying one thing and doing another.
Anyways Femi nothing does you juo :)

Anyways RIP Fela....the greatest man to ever come out of Nigeria (in my own perspective shaa)

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