Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Congrats to the one and only Duncan Mighty. My guy just purchased a Rolce Royce Phantom, and marked it with a plate number "PH 1st SON"

Nothing does you jare. Enjoy ur life. Afterall you worked for it. But this life dey funny ohh. This was a guy that a few yrs ago, he had absolutely nothing. This goes to show you that you should never look down on anyone. Today you can be nothing, and the next day, you don blow scatter.

When I was in Naija in March, I had the opportunity to meet this dude one day in PH, for one of my guyzes studio..... I remember him telling us he was just coming from gov't house, and Governor Amaechi gave him N150 milla, in order to organize the concert in PH which he brought in all the famous Naija artists to come perform. He's indisputably one very talented artist, mad mad kool, and very humble too. That was the day I even found out that he actually produces his own songs. Which means he makes his own beats, writes his own freaking songs and produces it all by himself. Therefore the more money in the bank for him :)

And I can guarantee you that this is the only guy in PH that can come out and drive this Rolce Royce in PH with no security whatsoever…and no one will even think of kidnapping or harming him. Why? Cos he's loved by everyone in PH. You need to see the way people luv this guy in PH ehh. Even during the concert night, the crowd was trying to fight the security guys and cause serious wahala. Different People came on stage trying to calm the crowd, but they got even more violent. But immediately they went to bring Duncan Mighty to come out and talk to them….mehn everybody just listened to him. I remember when he came out on stage to address the angry crowd, the first thing he said was “If I do you do you” then the crowd just went bananas and replied “if I do you wrong before, sorry ehh, I no dey perfect ehh.” Mehn that shit just made everyone calm down. That sh** was so powerful and it really gave me an insight of how influential musicians are. It was just a memorable night for real. So as I was saying, my guy is really PH 1st son ehh, and he’s good to go eh.

Keep up the good work and keep on making hit songs for us to dance to juo. God bless you my man...with your crazy crazy crazzzzzzy looking self :)

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