Friday, November 4, 2011


You see my people, e dey very very unfortunate say majority of we Naija peeps still dey fall for this type of sh**. You secretly hire some people to come to your church, and they start acting like wild dogs...all in the name of "holy spirit dey catch them." WTF is wrong with people YO!! No be today this thing start, but yet people still dey believe all these bullsh**. Don’t get me wrong ohh, I'm not saying there are no real situations like this out there ohh. But just as I always say, 99% of Naija pastors are all full of BULLSHIT!!!!..and yes i fully spelt the whole word this time around, cos thats what they truly are.....PURE FRAUDSTARS. Infact I would prefer a Yahoo person any day over these stupid a** self-proclaimed pastors.

What even amazes me the most is that even when some of these fake pastors have been exposed, you will be expecting to see a lot of people leave the church. But lye lye ehh. That’s even when some people will support the pastor to the fullest sef. A pastor is being exposed for either having sex with the married women in his church, all in the name of spiritual uplifting. Or he stole money, or he was using charms....and mind you, there's full evidence to show that he actually committed the crime ohh. But yet you will see grown ass people that should be able to tell whats right and wrong, coming out to support him. And the crazy thing is that most of these people claim to have travelled far and wide, well exposed, got all types of educational degrees and sh**. But yet dem go dey fall zombie just for the basic stuff that even a 5 yr old can figure out. I dont just get it.

For Naija, if you no go church on Sunday, people go dey look you like say you be devil himself. We are so caught up with this whole religion thing that it has really eaten our brains badly. Some people never miss Sunday church service before sef...and yet anytime you see them, nothing has changed in their freaking life. You see them wear same sh** to church every Sunday (with no deodorant on them) they not moving forward...instead they looking hungrier than ever. Why? COS THEY GIVING THEIR WHOLE FREAKING MONEY TO THEIR SO CALLED PASTOR, who inturn, uses it to buy a Hummer jeep and living the good life. And later these so called pastors go stand for pulpit and open their rusty mouth and preach to you that "you shouldn’t focus on the material things of the world." REALLY? LIKE REALLY SON???

Infact I no wan start to vex this Friday, make this whole issue no come mess up my weekend jare :)   It just sucks to see how easy our people can be manipulated by these thugs called pastors, all in the name of Christ. Infact you know what? I think I'll have to make some trips to a couple of Naija churches next time I go back. And I can’t wait for the pastor/prophet/bishop/apostle to call me out to prophesy to me, (U know say dem like to dey target any new member wey come) and anything wey im tell me, I go just dey tell am "my friend I dont think you are getting your prophecy right. The one I can’t even wait for am to happen na if im make mistake wan touch my head or touch me in general all in the name of “trying to put the holy spirit in me”....I will so slap the living sh** out of his hand. And I'm very serious about this ohh...cos it’s about time somebody needs to use one of these a**holes to set an example.

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