Tuesday, November 8, 2011


A 51 year old Nigerian-born UK resident nurse, Omolayo Abayomi, has had her Nurse's licence withdrawn by the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council for throwing her hands into the air and begging for Jesus to help, as a baby she was supposed to be taking care of suffered a heart attack.

According to Daily Mail UK, Omolayo Abayomi 'panicked' when the child, who suffered from a chronic lung disease, turned blue and stopped breathing in his cot at home. The nurse called for divine intervention more than 20 times before the vulnerable boy's mother told her to 'shut up'.
The nurse was constantly saying "Jesus help him" and waving her arms around,' a hearing was told.

ATTENTION to all my Naija peeps in Naija:

When you about to travel out of Naija in order to go find greener pastures in the Western world, you better drop some of your ridiculous religious beliefs back at the airport.....cos dem sh** wont save your a** once you cross that Atlantic ocean.

You a freaking resident nurse and you see your patient dying, and instead of you to take necessary measures in order to prevent further disaster... u dey there dey call God name. Like he's gonna come down and perform a miracle, just cos your lazy a** didn’t know what to do? Ofcourse there are some situations where you have no option but to leave it to God to take care of (after you have done your own part ohh). But I dont know why we just have this mentality that God must come down and do every freaking thing for us. Then why did he give us brain then? He might as well have put fufu inside our brain nah...or made us all airheads. But he knew that if he didnt give us brain, we go just become his parasites forever....which unfortunately most of us still are :)

At least if she tried to act fast and take necessary measures in order to help the child survive, then I'm sure this wouldn’t have been news. But the woman dey there dey call God for expedited intervention. And I could just imagine how she was doing it too. Probably closing her eyes, walking up and down the room, snapping her fingers, making very serious/ugly facial expressions, praying loud and spicing the whole room up with saliva (such a typical Naija prayer format)

Anyways time don reach wey we gats dey use our brains for real. No be every small thing wey happen wey we go just dey call God up and down. I wasn’t surprised when I saw this tho. This is what you expect when you can get a Doctor or nursing degree in Naija in just a few yrs, when compared to getting it in the western world. We got no adequate training whatsoever. Instead to hand out degree na the only thing we sabi. So why wouldn’t she start praying to God, since she doesnt know WTF she's was gonna do.

For Naija ehnn, when you see some of these so called doctors or nurses, and when they open their mouth and speak, sometimes I'm like "how da f**k did this nukka get his degree for Christ sake?" I remember when I was in secondary school, I had this crazy pain on my lower left part of my stomach. And when we went to see the doctor, do you know my mum didnt even finish telling him my experience, and this doctor immediately concluded "Its appendix and we will take him to the operating room asap, because the thing is deadly" ?????????????? Mind you no test whatsoever was taken on me ohh...and the guy don already conclude say na appendix. If no be say I'm lucky to have a smart a** mum, dem for don go tear tear my belle finish that same day... all in the name of appendix kwo? But she was hesitant and we later found out it wasn’t even anything close to appendix. It was just an unusual stomach pain.

Its so painful to see that we are brought up in a society where we dont wonna use our brains to take certain decisions anymore. Instead we feel God is always there to do smth for us...NA NUKKA. Sh** doesnt work like that. And trust me, that’s one of the major things killing us in Naija. This woman don go fall our hand for thia now. Well If she’s a citizen, then she go enjoy some good time for Jail. But if she’s a non-British citizen, then she should be happy cos she will be getting a free transportation to the airport, and a free flight back to Naija. How lucky she will be..especially now wey ticket fare dey very expensive :)


  1. get your facts right she was not sent to jail she only had her licence revoked. British or non british that is not a deportable offence. and yes i live in London you sound retarded in this post very uneducated point of view

  2. *RME* Regardless of whether or not she got arrested, detained or deported, if she's a licensed nurse (or RN or even a freaking CNA) and her patient stopped breathing and the only thing she could think to do was call upon Jesus rather than do her job...there's a huge problem! Especially considering CPR training (which is the most basic thing you can do) is available to even the most common folks for free in some places and a small fee in others.

    No comment on the other commentary about Nigerian medical training and such.

  3. HA HA @anonymous.....why the thing dey vex u nah..or na ur mama be that? Well, the last time I checked, this is my blog and I can say whatever the f**k I want....So if u dont like it, then sharap and get out of my site..foolish kid :)

    @Ladyngo u don talk am finish jare. i second what you just said