Thursday, November 17, 2011


Labaran Maku, the Minister of Information, has expressed concern over the increase in the number of social media in the country. Mr. Maku made the observation on Tuesday in Benin City during the meeting of members of the Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ) Constitutional Review Committee.
Represented by Kingsley Osadolor, a legal practitioner, Mr. Maku said the rise of social media in the country was a phenomenon that needed to be addressed as part of the constitutional amendment or in the nearest future. He said the revolution that was taking place in Egypt, Syria, Libya and other Arab states was as a result of the reports dished out by the social media.
Mr. Maku warned that the increase in the number social media might result in some traditional journalists losing their jobs.
``What business should the social media have with the NUJ? That is an important phenomenon that needs to be considered,'' he said.

Umm... I think this has to be one of the dumbest comments ever made by any Naija Minister...especially when you are a Minister of Information for that matter.

So my question is this: "How the hell did this pant become an information minster???? You see this is what happens when you give people positions which they have no experience whatsoever in. Only in Naija you will see a medical doctor being appointed as a Minister of finance, or an accountant being appointed as a minister of the heck does these things relate to each other for freaking goodness sake? Majority of these ministers are given positions that are not related to their field in any way. Just beacuse you want to put your person in the system doesnt mean you should give them any sensitive position, which they have no idea/experience in. This is one of the reasons sh** doesn’t work in that country.

For a whole Minister of Information to come out and say such fuckery...that’s just Ludacris for real. Or this tout no know say na actually im Oga, uncle Johny, wey dey even use social media pass us self. Everytime my guy dey for Facebook laying out one agenda/economic policies or the other. I remember that first time when our lovely uncle Johny opened a facebook account and started putting up positive and optimistic status, everybody go just dey hail am, and praising him for his ideas and plans to make Nigeria great once again. But since people have realized that he's all "talk and no action," na so guyz don dey vex nah. These days whenever he puts up a status, na so people go dey curse am from left right center. Well Uncle Goody, I guess you cannot blame us for all the negative comments on your facebook status shey? Cos no be motivational speech wey we go chop. We need actions jare.

And this fool dey there dey talk about NUJ (Naija union of Journalists)...I never even knew that body still existed sef. The last time I even heard name was probably in my social studies class in primary school. Well  I'm guessing afraid don dey catch these our so called leaders cos they know say one day one day, we Naija people will come out and say "enough is enough." (I dont know when that day will come shaa). You see I was a huge fan of Uncle Johny and I believe he was the chosen one that will change Nigeria for good. But I'm beginning to change my mind small small. So far, there have been no major changes since he entered office, instead things are even getting worse in our beloved country. And the fact that he has surrounded himself with stack illiterates like this one right here, doesn’t even help matters.

Minister of Information ni!!....what a douchebag.....smchew :)



  1. Your last paragraph says it all. They are scared of an impending revolution.

  2. i know another african country that had a retired army general as minister of health and dude only had a higgh school diploma

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