Thursday, February 16, 2012


Big shout out to Miss Adaora Akubilo, a 24 year Nigerian-American model from Windsor, Connecticut. Incase some of una no know, getting a spot in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition no be beans ohh. Its something that every model would want to have on their resume. So a big kudos to her for making we Naija peeps proud.

But Damn........Its a bout time we hear something positive about a Naija person, since we dey only hear such once in a black moon. Very much needed at this time jare.

Once again a big kudos to the babe.

Hopefully she no be one of those people wey when you ask them where dem from, dem go open their dirty mouth dey talk "I'm American" and not knowing a damn thing about their roots.Yeah there are tons of them like that over here, and its all their parents fault, and they deserve some very good koboko whipping for real. Im dey like one day now, my son go come open im mouth dey tell people "I'm American" and not acknowledging his Naija roots first. Chai...Well, that one no fit ever happen for my house shaa, so there's no need of me thinking of what I will do to him then

the girl bodi set shaa :)

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