Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WHATTA!!!!!!..............NAWA OHH

HA HA .....I swear nothing wey person no go see for Naija ehh. Where we go start with my guy now ehn? As in I no even know wetin to talk again sef. As in this guy na bad guyzes ohh. Ok tell me how many men do you think will be willing to dress like this (on their freaking wedding day ohh). This guy get liver jare. As in my guy get cape, crown, mini gown, ninja turtle back ribbon....infact I believe this would have actually been a perfect picture if he had a sword on the other hand,...ha ha. Anyways nothing do this man juo...as long as his wife likes it, then I guess that’s all that matters shey? Or ummmm……….whatever!

But one thing I know for sure be say if any man wey wan marry any of my female cousins (dont you like how I had to add the word female to be precise? cos these days ehhn, anything can happen..ha ha) decide to show up in a ballerina costume or some other type of crazy looking sh** like this......then na there wey people go no say krase dey worry me once in a very very while.....Cos at the end of the day, its a freaking wedding and not a Halloween day.

From his appearance, to the way im dey hold im wife hand sef, you can certainly tell say this guy don watch too much love cartoons dem....all those Cinderella, beauty and the beast and sh** load of others.
And look at his best man in the background....see as im just resemble criminal...ha ha . Nothing do any of these people jare...God bless their marriage.

But wait ohh…..is it just me or this guy looks flaming :)


  1. lol, very very funny, i just don't believe this..

  2. WoW..Finally ,Superman is getting Married.

  3. Una don see am with una eyes ohh.....we got a whole ot of characters in Naija ehh...ha h a

  4. this was in ghana nt naija check the guyz facebook location...he works with some credit company.......