Thursday, February 16, 2012


Acting Inspector-General of police, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar has announced in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state capital, southsouth Nigeria that efforts were being made to change the Nigeria Police uniform very soon.

“We are making efforts to change the police uniform to a better uniform to l make you (police officers) to be respected,” Abubakar revealed while addressing officers and men of the Nigeria police force during his maiden visit to Akwa Ibom state after his appointment as acting Inspector General of Police.

Thank goodness. My prayers have finally been answered. Infact if this na the only thing wey this new IG accomplish, then I go clap for am….very small shaa..he he
As much as I’m good friends with a couple of top police officers in Naija, but at the same time, I've always been a big critique of everything that has to do with our police force...especially the toutish ones that they be recruiting from the streets, killing innocents citizens here n’ there just for N20….and I do tell them how I feel whenever I get a chance to hang out with them down here or in Naija….cos me no dey hide my mouth ohh.

Yes I know changing their uniform doesnt make them any better or change their shallow minded selves in any way. But at least that’s a big step shaa. Cos that their black uniform no just try at all.

As I’ve always said, the only way to change the Naija police is to fire all the current ones and start a fresh recruiting, with a minimum requirement of OND or so. Umm okay I take that back, cos firing all the current ones might be too harsh and unfair. How about bringing in international professionals to give them adequate training…And also test all of them for mental illness..and yes I said it. You see when most of us hear mental illness, we just picture somebody with dada hair, naked and running around the streets.....but that’s not always the case juo...cos I know for sure that we got a lot of people in Naija who look absolutely normal, but have some real mental issues deep inside them. (and that’s why here in Yankee, such people are being put on medication. But unfortunately in Naija and Africa in general, we don’t believe in such type of medication...Hopefully our eyes will open one day) And there are a lot of these peeps in our police force.

Yeah back to what I was saying......after passing both written and physical exams, then provide them with the various equipment such as batons, tear gas, handcuffs, walkie talkie...and finally replace that their freaking AK47 riffles to a pistol...cos that shit be scary for real. I remember when my wife came to Naija and she saw our police people with AK47' so fear catch her scatter ehh…ha ha. She kept asking me why our police were carrying such type of guns..or was there a war or smth? ha ha...laugh been wan kill me die that day ehh. The one that scared the sh** out of her was whenever we were driving behind those mopol them, and she will be seeing all of them sitting for the back of their pickup, with their guns facing us. She was like "what is wrong with these people. This is so unsafe"....HA HA

Anyways I guess we go dey use one eye to see wetin this new IG go do…or if he’s all talk..just like his predecessors :)


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