Thursday, February 23, 2012


Okay so this was recent video of this my guy trying so hard to explain to us whether jerking off na sin or not...ha ha
And a lot of people have been criticizing the dude over his remarks....calling him a false teacher and so on and so fort. lol...ha ha

Okay as much as I no like this guy at all doesnt mean I will come here and oppose him even when he says the right stuff. And to be honest, In my own perspective, think what he said is true tho. Masturbation is an unclean habit, but not a sin against God." true that true that . As in this na very sensitive issue ohh, and I think he actually handled it in a smart way.

I think the jerry curled hair dude is right on this one tho...afterall things like drinking, smoking, or drug usage are some unclean habits that may not necessarily be a sin unto Baba God. Anways shaa this is one very complicated issue juo, and it all depends on how it is been viewed. Okay make I ask una, why should beating your meat be seen as a sin ke? Afterall I'm using my own hand and my where did I go wrong na? I really wonna know wetin make some people dey call jerking off a in is it because of the fluid wey dey come out after beating your meat, or the brain storming that is invloved? ha ha...I wan know oh :)

and pls pls pls dont tell me that that guy next to Uncle Chris also permed his hair too. Sometime last yr, I remember hearing that a lot of male die-hard pastor Chris fans are engaging in perming their hair too.....CHAI....Bunch of clowns..ha ha

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