Tuesday, February 7, 2012


 Nemesis has caught up with a 26 year old Nigerian man who was arrested after he was seen with cocaine packed in two big tomato cans worth 5million Naira.

Nzeka Christian(suspect) was Nabbed by the officials of the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos where he tried to smuggle this drugs into Malaysia. he was also alleged to have contacted spiritual support after sleeping for days at a church and asking his pastor who knew nothing about his line of business to pray for him for his successful mission.

Yeah this wont be the first and last time we are going to hear about people trying to smuggle drugs out of Naija. We have seen different techniques these potential a**holes use in order to beat the system....And I've always wondered why do people still keep on trying to smuggle drugs out of Naija? Arent they aware that people are being caught on a daily basis at the airport? But now I’m beginning to have this feeling that there are also a good number of people that are very lucky and beat the security system. If not, I no sure say people go still dey get mind to dey do this kind business, especially knowing the fact say your life dey at stake.
Anyways I found this particular one very very funny cos of two reasons shaa:

Firstly, This guy na very smart man ohh. As in he didnt want to use the “swallow” or “butt-hole fixation” technique (cos I'm sure he felt that way wasnt reliable anymore..ha ha) So my guy decided to use "tin tomato"...of all things ohh!! I dont get it tho....I'm just here wondering how he got to put that thing inside the container, and if he resealed it back or smth? As in this na very strong man ohh...ha ha.

Okay lemme see….Mr. genius travelling out of Naija with two massive tin tomatoes. Like say dem no dey sell tin tomato for where you dey go shey? I'm just trying to imagine the kind of ridiculous answer he gave when asked why he was travelling with two big tin tomatoes...ha ha...I bet he already rehearsed his answers prior to him getting to the airport :)

Secondly, wetin dey make me laugh pass na the the way our police dey handle criminals when dem catch them. But our police dem wicked ohh…ha ha. If na person property wey you theif, dem go snap you picture along with that particular thing wey you theif...and dem dey always make sure say you hold the thing well, while dem dey snap you your full picture (f**k mugshot..ha ha)...HA HA...and the faces of these suspects are always priceless.
See as dem make my guy hold im 2 big tin tomatoes with ease....and just chilling, like say nothing dey happen….HA HA…

Anyways the guy suppose dey thankGod say na for Naija wey dem catch am shaa…Cos if to say im for make mistake carry that thing reach Malyasia, and dem come catch am for there? As in Malyasia of all places ohh? Chai!! ……infact this guy suppose change im name to "Lucky" I swear :)


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